ABCD 2 Poster featuring Varun Dhawan and Shraddha Kapoor

The first look poster of ABCD 2 featuring Varun Dhawan and Shraddha Kapoor is out. The Disney movie also stars Prabhu Dheva.

The poster was first leaked on to the internet on Monday. Both Varun and Shraddha made their displeasure public on Twitter.

Varun tweeted “Okay guys the poster of #abcd2 has been leaked but here is the official #abcd2 poster. Me and Shraddha Kapoor worked very hard to make this poster, specially Shraddha so whoever leaked the poster and tried to break our spirit, I want to say to that individual that #HatersGonnaHate but we gonna keep on moving ahead #ABCD2 is a very special film and Remo (D Souza) has put his everything into it. It’s India’s first dance based 3D film based on a true life story. But this has got me more aggressive. This film is bigger then me or any other star. It’s about dance and dancers. Me and Shraddha and the crew Have broken our backs trying to do justice to this film so it feels really crappy when someone leaks Ur poster. This film is not about any star it’s about dance and dancers so everybody who loves dancing Pls give us your support.”

Agreeing with what Varun said, Shraddha tweeted “Yes it is really upsetting that the poster leaked before we were supposed to share it with you guys… We have no idea though who is behind it and why anyone would do such a thing but… It hurts more when Remo sir, Varun, myself and each and every dancer and team member has put their heart and soul in to making this film. This film is a very big step not only for us but for dance in India, dancers in India and how we express ourselves through it. We really really want nothing more than your support and hope that you all will give it to us ”

The trailer of ABCD 2 will be out on April 22.

Varun Dhawan, Shraddha Kapoor - ABCD 2 new poster

Varun Dhawan, Shraddha Kapoor – ABCD 2 new poster



  • Just Wawoooo

    Really Rocking Poster

    Blockbuster is on its way

    2015 2nd highest Grosser after Dilwale

    Good Luck @Varun & @ Sharaddha

  • Its shahrukh khan who leaked the posters on monday after his surprise visit to the dilwale sets. he wants varun’s abcd2 flop so that he can take entire credit of dilwale if it is a success

  • ohh… all perception changed by poster himself… now evry 1 think Its bigger scale bettr film… far bettr actors …. collections gone be surprising now they need jst 1thing
    GREAT DANCING TUNES. …6 in 6 for varun
    after dilwale 7 in 7…. ranbir tu toh gaya….

  • Nice poster,Superht guaranteed!!
    Both varun n shraddha r my fav.

    Btw,what’s the big deal in leaking,they were anyway going to reveal it soon!

  • Back to Back 5th Hit Streak is on the way.
    Best of luck Varun Dhawan, eagerly waiting for ABCD-2

  • As I said earlier , we Bhai-fans want FAN poster …
    so that we may get a chance to bash SRK !
    After all , we have nothing else to do .

  • @shalu Khan

    Lol. Really? I ain’t any fan of Srk, but comparing him with varun is hilariously crappy. Take Badlapur out, what’s his career so far? Main tera hero, SOTY, Humpty sharma lol. SRK has achieved many milestones in his life. Varun can’t even dream of them (sure he has the support of *genius* people who prefer Main tera hero over DBB.)

    Make sensible arguments at least! Varun is no where near Ranbir forget SRK!

  • Good poster..hope it’s better than its prequel which was an average movie..
    Hey all.. Have been busy off late due to studies..

  • @engineering genius again a very humiliating comment about varun i think I should return to trolling u

  • My prediction for varun’s upcoming movies….
    1. ABCD2- 70-80cr.

    2. Dilwale- 150-160cr.

  • @sid original, welcome back.

    @sum buddha, he just said king is bigger than varun and u found it wrong. Thats meam u think varun is bigger than king….!!!

  • @gj007. hahahaha Lol that was meant to be a joke buddy and queen khan & some of his fans are the ideal people to make fun of, they deserve to be trolled :D

    @shalu khan , u r spot on bro , not queen but his fans would definitely say the same :D

  • @tiger

    Ignore this youngistaan ka pappu. I genuinely like Varun and Sushant. They have spark. But this pappu from youngistaan feels everyone should say only outstanding things about them. I being a fan of Aamir, comment against him sometimes. That is my freedom of expression.

    This pappu openly says he will troll me just because I expressed my voice. This champu forgets how he deliberately uses hate speech against Akshay, Salman and Ajay.

    @youngistaani champu

    So you openly admit that Varun is bigger than SRK? That’s why they call you chameleon!

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