ABCD 2 First Look: Varun Dhawan, Shraddha Kapoor

The first look of ABCD 2 (Any Body Can Dance 2), the sequel to last years ABCD has Varun Dhawan and Shraddha Kapoor as its lead stars. The film, directed yet again by Remo D’Souza, has a unique  dance theme that found appreciation with a section of the audience, which is probably the reason why UTV Motion Pictures has decided to launch its sequel with a much bigger star cast.

The story of ABCD 2 will be set in Las Vegas and the film will go on floors in the month of July 2014, said a press release while officially annoucing the film with its first look.

Dancer, Choreographer and filmmaker Prabhu Deva will continue to reprise his role in the sequel.

The first look of ABCD 2 features Remo D’Souza, Prabhu Deva, Varun Dhawan and Shraddha Kapoor. Have a look!

ABCD - AnyBody Can Dance 2 First Look: Varun Dhawan, Shraddha KapoorABCD – AnyBody Can Dance 2 First Look: Varun Dhawan, Shraddha Kapoor

Movie: ABCD – AnyBody Can Dance 2 (2014)
Director: Remo D’Souza
Starcast: Varun Dhawan, Shraddha Kapoor, Prabhu Deva
Producer: Siddharth Roy Kapur
Banner: UTV Motion Pictures
Release Date: 2014
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  • Varun & Shraddha will make a great pair. I love both of them. But I didn’t like ABCD(1st part) much. I wonder why the makers thought of remaking it. It was not a a big hit to warrant franchise.

  • Shrraddha will dance? ? ? Our innocent arohi is going to dance! ! ! All the best arohi. .meri ashiqui ab tum hi ho.

  • Readymade hit for Varun and Shraddha. Being from a bollywood family has lot of advantages. Self made actors like Akshay are rare. Even srk was fed by yashraj.

  • varun is excellent at dance and comedy more expected from him becoz he is not just another good looking guy…

  • Shraddha looks hip…. Naturally beautiful n looking dashing here too….
    First movie was not all that big a hit so a sequel with a bigger budget (guessing) may not be such a successful franchise when it comes to profit.

    Hope it does much better than the first but scope to grow the franchise is limited I feel.

  • @rowdy,don’t forget varun’s stardom is now bigger than your 60crore club actor flop kumar.after giving so many flops he got many films due to his father in law MEGASTAR RAJESHJI.I don’t know how many times flop kumar fed by priyadarshan,abbas-mastan and many such directors,all are now feared of flop kumar all of them along with distributor who lose huge money.that’s the reason why even anees bazmi also kicked flop kumar from all of his successful franchise by taking what remained near this garbage superstar is successful south remakes.he is just a fake/garbage star just like his name which is also not original,lol.

  • @sss Dude yu nees help….Dre is a mental asylum near Meerut…..I have forwarded yur Request…..Dey are ready to take yu in aftrr yur reading comment……Akshay is fed by dse many directors…….Dude yu have named half dirctors of our industry….Akki has given numerous hits wid nee actors…And SRK is spoon fed….Take away Yashraj frm SRK…..Yu will HAVE SRK minus DDLG,CDI.KKKG,KKHH,DTPH,BAAZIGAR,DAR,KANK…..If yu like critising other stars dre is a polite way of duin it…..Before questioning othrs lpok into yur own pants…!!

  • And he got films due to his father is law…….what dumb logic is it….And abt 60cr barrier….60Cr will b the weekend collction of Holiday….Mind it….And mate 2500cr and coutng….is what turnover Akki has given…..He is the one man army standing against the Khan Brigade…..He has the guts to release his movies durng Ipl….Non Holiday Weekends and is the only star to test his luck 3-4 times an year…..He is a true Megastar……He never calls media or over hype the charity he does…..And thts his best part….!!

  • And buddy garbage south remakes…..Chennai Exprees was an innovative script wid world class action were a 5’7 can kick ass of a 6’5

  • really liked the first one but with Shradha this one definetly would be one of the bigest musical movie ever

  • Dear Aarush,
    Now listen 2 me carefully……..O.K. what u told that he s the only one 2 stand against the Khan brigade……….. its totally wrong bro.
    Do u have ever heard d name of Hritik Roshan?
    He does not belong from Khan bground bt he s a lot more successful dan Akki.
    & yes. its true dat u cnt deny that he got a lot of support from his father-in-law Sir Khanna.
    Its b’coz of his testing attitude, he always delivers flops. If u have guts dan show it by acting well & making u’r film a atb. Nobody has told u 2 release ur films during the ipl.
    & for ur information I shld make u remembr dat, 9th august 2013 was d date when the whole world saw his guts when jst b’coz of SRK’s release of Chennai Express he shifted the release dates to 1 week post.
    & dear rowdy, yrf didnt made srk . It s d fact dat srk made yrf.
    Bro m nt criticizing Akki, he’s rlly a gr8 actor wid a lot f skills & ability & talent. But, plz dnt insult srk bro. It hurts our Sentiment.

  • Saikat hrithik is a superstar…..buh buddy he came in d scenario from 2000……I was talkin frm 1990-till date…..And I lv Hrithik too

  • Saikat hrithik is a superstar…..buh buddy he came in d scenario from 2000……I was talkin frm 1990-till date…..And I lv Hrithik too…..And mate what world say what…..Akki stepped back cause as a true gentleman maybe he thout tht unlike SRK’S ego he needs to shift his movie so tht producers dun suffer lossed cause of him….And abt volumes of movies…..Mate we love him….and wait for all of his movies…..whethr its 1 an year or 10……About his skills…..He has prooven people wrong frm tym to tym…..He is among the few bollywood actors who can actually act…..!!

  • And bro I dun insult peeps jus lyk that…..Strtd by yu guyz…..Calling sum1 garbage or stuff like tht wont proove any1s point …And jus a sying that if yu point a finger at other dre r four fingers pointng towards yu….We lv Akki…Thats all matters

  • The Prequel had budget 12 crores and bagged 44 crores..Now ABCD 2 shooting is to be done in las vegas, also due to known stars in the sequel, the budget of the film will surely going to increase tremendously..Surely ABCD 2 is going to make a great hit at box office in terms of money..But does anyone feel that it would cope up with the bar of dancing raised up by lauren, salman, & dharmesh in first part?..

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