ABCD 2 Day 3 (Sunday) and Weekend Box Office Collections

ABCD 2 has shown excellent growth in business on Sunday, with net collections of around Rs 16.5 crore, as per early estimates based on collections from a few centres. The collections could even be higher and closer to the 17 crore mark, because some centres, especially in the Mumbai circuit, have shown phenomenal growth on Sunday. The 3D version of the film had very high occupancy throughout the day.

The first weekend business is around the 45-46 crore mark, which is excellent for a film like ABCD 2. The collections are comparable to last year’s Ek Villain, a film that collected Rs 49 crore in its first weekend.

While Ek Villain finished with lifetime collections of Rs 103 crore, ABCD 2 has a chance to collect more as it has 3 open weeks at the box office.

As far as films released in 2015 are concerned, the weekend box office collections of ABCD 2 is way ahead of all films released this year. In fact, ABCD 2 is the first film to cross the 40 crore mark in its first weekend, beating films like ‘Gabbar Is Back’, ‘Tanu Weds Manu Returns’, ‘Dil Dhadakne Do’ and ‘Baby’.

Check out the comparison, we have also included the two major Hollywood grossers of 2015:

  • ABCD 2 – 45-46 crore (early estimate)
  • Gabbar Is Back - 39.45 crore
  • Tanu Weds Manu Returns – 38.15 crore
  • Dil Dhadakne Do – 37.05 crore
  • Furious 7 – 36.55 crore
  • Baby – 36.07 crore
  • Avengers – 36 crore
  • Roy – 28.69 crore
  • Piku – 25.22 crore
  • Badlapur – 24.25 crore


  • 45cr is good but not great. Ppl r hyping it up as if it’s huge BB like yjhd.

    If 1 film is everything then Sid is no1 among young actors due to ek villain opening n lifetime.

  • Wow outstanding collections ! These r exceptional numbers considering the fact that its releasing on the first week of Ramzan !
    Hope it will score more n became a big hit !

  • 45 cr weekend is great. but the real test will start from Monday.
    but as bcz there is no such big release next week so it will continue its good run & will cross 100 cr easily

  • My rating fr varun films
    1badlapur 7.5
    2 hskd 7.5
    3 abcd2 7.5
    4 mth 7
    5 soty 6.5
    i njoyed all 5 of them

  • ABCD 2is a series of dance videos, not really a movie
    The movie is flooded with dance performances by many dance groups across the world. But, it fails to convey the story and the central plot of the movie. Shoddily acted, poorly scripted, half-baked film.

    1/5 stars for shraddha Kapoor’s costumes and her face.

  • 1) Saddled with a half baked plot and lacking the required dramatic density, ABCD 2 comes across as contrived and predictable. The faux climax involving Vishnu Sir seems silly and the dance routines tiresome. One of the dancers in the group has been shown coughing blood but we are never allowed to know his story. The fact that other world class dance teams also cheer for the Indian contingent and chant ‘Bharat Mata ki Jai’ and ‘Ganpati Bappa Moriya’ is bizarre! The forced patriotism is manipulative and doesn’t help the cause of a film that is clearly in want of some nifty editing and solid screenplay.
    The end result – all the high from the wonderful choreography of the first half evaporates, leaving us exhausted and bored. It’s like watching a marathon session of DID and JHALAK and So You Think You Can Dance without a break. The 3D glasses seem burdensome and ABCD 2 somersaults into the dark pit of “see it if you have nothing important to do”!
    While the D of Dance will surely keep you engrossed, the ABC of good film making is nowhere in sight. I’ll have to go with 1/5 QUINTS.

    ABCD 2is a series of dance videos, not really a movie
    The movie is flooded with dance performances by many dance groups across the world. But, it fails to convey the story and the central plot of the movie.

    1/5 stars for shraddha’s costumes and her face!!

    This are real review of abcd2…..!!…
    And not indicine’s PR made review…..!!…

  • My stardom ranking of youngistaan stars aftr abcd2
    Captain -ranbir
    1 varun
    2 ranveer
    3 siddharth
    4 arjun
    5 sushanth
    6 aaditya

  • My acting ranking of youngistaan stars aftr abcd2
    Captain -ranbir
    1 ranveer
    2 sushanth
    3 siddharth
    4 varun
    6 aaditya

  • @sambudha…..

    Bookmark this article…. Meet u after 5 years….. Neither your team will be there nor u will be there…..!!…

    My predictions hardly go wrong….!!…
    Arjun,varun,ranvver will soon evaporate in thin air….!!… No talent… No survival….!!..

    Ranbir can survive becoz he has some Kapoor tag attached….!!…

    Mark my word.. 5 years…!!..

    I hardly go wrong..

    I was the only member here who predicted ‘All time Disaster Tag’ for Bv… Flop for Roy… Flop for DDD… !!… The same happened…

  • Amazing, even during very heavy rains people are goin eagerly to watch ABCD 2. Varun and shraddha have beaten Akki. Gabbar was released during summer holidays and no rains, but people said no to Akkis film. They are tired of his flops. He is not useful in bollywood.

  • Hey Indicine, did u watch the full movie ABCD-2? or just gave a review by copy/paste? U guys wrote that its the story abt how they win the world hip hop competition, right? Bt actualy, they didn’t win the competition, they just show how to overcome the criticism n move forward to next steps. Plz watch the full movie n give review.

  • Nice movie varun have everything dance like hritik body like salman so in my point of view another salman khan on is way

  • @nipun i agree with you this collections are just because of shraddha,abcd brand,dance genre,other supporting dance members like lauren,raghav,dharmesh because when i saw movie all of them get thunderous applause in their entries except varun and it was shocking that even dharmesh got thunderous response in his entry where as Public was silent on his entry and you can,t give even half credit to varun for this collection.

  • Our audience is kind of unpredictable. To b a superstar is not an overnyt task. Release date is very vital 4 d youngistaans now. D genre of d movie as well and WOM. Some movies before their release r indirectly attesteted as flop! Some. after d content ticks with d Moody audiences. Look @ kangana. 4 years ago who wldv known she wld reach greater heights? Look @ Shahid who thought with releases of Salman Srk Aamir Ajay Akki hritik that same year he will bag Best actor filmfare? Who thought Varun will give 100% success RATIO? Who thought Arjun/Sid to Deliver 100crores so soon? Who thought Eemran who one time was dubbed d next superstars with non holiday supper hits will have a bad phase?
    D average audience today needs certain blend of spices in a movie. Something new,different n classy. D youth on d other hand wants their favourite hero heroine to release a movie n have cool songs n show New versatility. To balance all these again I will still attribute release date and star power along with something innovative n above all total dedication with passion wen doing their movies. Thus special mentions to Shahid Varun and even Ranveer for scaling tru these phases but that’s not d end. Can they like d Bollywood Big 6.sustain? Let stardom not override their brains n become lazy like RK n Eemran though RK is still very talented.
    I think wen d Aamir Salman SRK Ajay Hritik n Akshay retires,d FESTIVE PERIOD will b an OPEN GROUND for the present young brigades to have better chances to blossom. Only time will tell but so far I must say credit to Varun Shahid n Ranveer(I rate him high despite some of his childish offscreen anticts but cannot deny d bunch of natural talent d dude has) to some extent. For now they shd forget about d 100 crores fantasy n just concentrate with their passion n choice of script.
    Congrats Abcd2 crew!!

  • During Ramadan i did not watched ABCD-2 but i will watch it after EID sure.
    Collections tell that movie is awesome, it will go beyond 110 crore

  • Inflated figures mark my words all them are paid site. simply one example, site like bollywoodhungama would always have first day first show but with this movie they did not had one why? Because its paid to show us wrong wom that the movie is great and blah blah. The movie has worse word of mouth show they don’t really us wont too see. And the figures are defo inflated.

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