‘Aaye Ga Na Darega Toh Nahi’ asks Hrithik Roshan in Kaabil promo

In yet another short promo from Sanjay Gupta’s Kaabil, Hrithik Roshan asks ‘Aaye Ga Na.. Darega Toh Nahi?’. We also get to see closeups of the two lead villains – the Roy brothers – Ronit and Rohit.

Watch the promo and tell us what you think.



  • Now some srkians will come and say ,how can a blind man can do action …how can he dance how can he speak ,how can he laugh ?? get a life ….
    Ur gujarati don miya bhai is talking in non gujarati accent pehle wo dekho ?
    All Dialogue promos of Kaabil r awesome and the best one is yet to come (it was released in tamil but removed)
    Kaabil will rock!!!..

  • Those who r talking abt Sanjay Gupta ,remember Raees director Dholakia has Directed 3 films in his career and all three r Disasters at BoxOffice…
    He has just won a national award 10 years back that too for an art film ….
    So ,jyada uchlo mat srkians.

  • Don’t know abt box office but this movie will be better than Raees in terms of Content ,Thrill and Performances….
    All the best to both!!!

  • I’m back …
    Kaabil going to be another flop for Hrithik Roshan. Roshans had the chance to save Kaabil from becoming another box office dud but overconfidence killed their Consciousness …
    Roshans will regret this clash !!!

  • Crap same repetitive dialog he is delivered disaster MD now Kaabil flop Raees will definetly trash him .

  • What a dumb concept Kaabil has !!!
    Hrithik plays a blind character in the film…
    He can’t see but he can dance, he can’t see but he can fight, he can’t see but he can romance yami blah blah blah …
    Roshans should remember that public isn’t blind like Hrithik . They know which film to watch and which one to reject.

  • Wow!!
    I am loving the promos of Kaabil !!
    I mean just look at the expressions of those actors!!
    Kaabil really deserved a solo release!

  • From d last 2 mnths dey r showing d same promos , same dialogues , nothing new .
    Hope d film does well
    25th jan

  • If someone doesn’t like the terrific promos of Kaabil, then be sure that he/she must be a retard or an insecure blind fan of any actor!

  • @rajesh kulkarni this promo is crap bcoz it’s same as the 2nd trailer
    But battery sala and miya bhai ki daring promo of Raees r fantastic bcoz they were not shown in the trailer lol ??
    U r really frustrated man ,u need rest…

  • Lets take a republic day pledge
    “wil watch Only sweet film Kaabil”

    that other loud movie is only for mafia peoples

  • This promo is being made only to degrade Raees . Who will get scared , it will be decided on 25th Jan .

  • “all of Hrithik’s film are clean family oriented, though Kaabil is revenge saga it is not excessively violent. It is a very emotional film & we feel it should be watched by everyone. It is the best revenge story since Ghajini”

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