Aarav inspires Akshay Kumar for charity

Akshay Kumar’s son Aarav is just 11, but he is into charity work and inspires his actor father to indulge in such activities.

Apparently, Aarav regularly visits charitable institutions and donates clothes and toys to underprivileged children.

“Every now and then, both father and son clean up their cupboards. Aarav gathers all the stuff that they don’t need and heads to an orphanage in Andheri to donate all the things,” says a source close to Akshay.

The source also adds that “apart from that, Aarav often takes toys and clothes and goes with his driver to distribute them among street kids”.

And every time Aarav hears of some social cause, he nudges Akshay to contribute.

“Once he heard about an initiative to educate poor children. He asked Akshay to find out more about it and make a contribution to fund the kids’ education,” the source added.

The youngster is eco-conscious and tells everyone to plant trees and not to litter streets and public spaces.

“When a news channel started an initiative to save the environment, Aarav coaxed his father into supporting it,” said the source.




  • its a great news that,indicine posted an article about akshay.
    anyway waiting for outim2 release.
    indicine;is the news true that trailor of outim2 is releasing on may1

  • These news is a part of akshay sir’s PR exercise, that were mailed to prominent media personalities. Some carried it, others (who had better authentic news) ignored it.

  • virat kohli
    akshay dont need to promote outima.
    srk will promote outima with his cheap tactics.
    dont spoil the name of virat kohli

  • @virat kohli, oh come on now. I always see ur same comment. It is charity and not promotions of ouatim2. Why are u so jealous of akki’s charity.

  • Akshay and salman are only 2 actors which are indulged in charity. Akshay sir also devoted 52 lac to being human foundation.

  • Haan bus yahi bol lo ab sab that yeh ek publicity stunt hai……..Ek Toh itni mushkil se kuch likha hai Akki ke baare mein and usme bhi prblm hai sabko…….And jo poore tym SRK ki Chennai Express…..Chennai Express…….hoti hai…..Uska kya…….Akshay is a great human being….He nver remains in news for charity cause he never wants to…..!!

  • Though some magazine has stated that last year SRK had maximum wealth and income but it is our Khiladi Kumar, who made maximum contribution to the Tax.

    All white hai bhai, no kaala.

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