Aarakshan Ban: Loss for producers, money to the underworld

The Aarakshan ban in three states of India – Uttar Pradesh, Andhra Pradesh and Punjab – has resulted in huge losses for the producers. The film will end up loosing atleast 5 – 8 crores from these important markets.

While the stupidity of the government has affected the investors, the underworld is rejoicing. Says a member of the D-Company, who is closely connected to the trade “This is a golden opportunity for us, since the film is hot and not releasing in Uttar Pradesh, which is a prime territory. Pirated copies will be sold like pancakes and generate profits worth Rs 8 to 10 crore in couple of days.”

One member of the trade says “Nepal, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka have already begun churning out pirated copies, which affects the box office collections by 15 to 20 per cent.”

The 2 month ban on Aarakshan has indirectly, encouraged piracy and according to Amitabh Bachchan, the weekend collections have already been “destroyed”.

On his blog the actor’s frustration was pretty evident “UP, Punjab and today Andhra Pradesh have given notice to ban the film and not allow it to be projected for another 2 months – a provision given administratively to each government. After that period is over the film can have exhibition and the Producer is not obliged to carry out any changes that the administration in governance may have found, because the film technically and legally has found certification without a single cut!! What good will 2 months do then in the law and order situation – the reason given for the non showing of this product ! So the same film is a law and order problem now and today but shall not be a problem after 2 months?? You will destroy the commerce of the producer and all those that have invested time blood tears and money into this film, when even after waiting for 2 months there cannot be any change that will be accepted to be done”

“What is the need then, of the Censor Board, a statutory body instituted by you, the legislatures and Parliamentarians that govern this land. You nominate what you believe, to disbelieve what you nominate !! Better to remove it altogether rather than give it disrespect. I do not care and never have cared about the fate of any film of mine, and I never shall. I do not care if this film does well or not, but I shall admit this… this film has shown a mirror to the country and to one of its conditions. This film has shown a path that needs to be taken for a better and more secure future of this country. And if God forbid this film fails at the box office, it shall demonstrate to a large extent the failure of the reality in the country, that today it struggles with.”



  • the government has made amitabh angry…don’t understand y d film was banned…it is really affecting the income of the film…pls gov. lift the ban

  • Aarakshan collected more than 26 crores despite ban in the biggest state of India (UP) …it could have collected more ….Loved the performance of BIGB after BHTBaap…Such a versatile actor and talent he is…..KBC 5 is rocking and so is BIGB !!!!………..

    Agar muchhe ho to nathulaal jaisi ho varna naa ho…….Agar anchor ho to BIGB jaisa ho varna na ho

  • dont believe this guy kk.. after having admitted on glam sham that it was a bad film here he returns to praise the film whereas indicine has completely trounced the film and so have i .. when two stalwarts have pooh poohed the film the film must tank at the box office which it has so no need to go and spend money on this shit you will regret it ,,so it best that we accept its failure and give it a tear filled farewell

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