Aankhen 2: John Abraham replaces Akshay Kumar in yet another movie!

After replacing Akshay Kumar in films like ‘Welcome Back’ and ‘Hera Pheri 3’, John Abraham will be seen in yet another franchise that was made popular by Akshay.

John will be playing a blind character in the film that will be directed by Anees Bazmee – who himself replaces Vipul Amrutlal Shah (director of the first film) for the sequel.

A source close to the film says “Aankhen 2 will start from where Part one left off. Amitabh Bachchan getting released from jail and recruiting three new blind men, one of whom is John Abraham”


Anil Kapoor also has an important role to play, he will be the only male character that won’t be blind.

Anees confirms the development “Yes, we’ve specially written in a new character for Anil to play. While John and two other heroes would play blind, Anil’s won’t play a blind character. He has the energy level of a 24-year old. I had to have him in Aankhen 2,”

Two new heroines will be signed for ‘Aankhen 2’ as Sushmita Sen and Bipasha Basu, who played important characters in the first film, won’t be a part of the sequel.

Produced by Gaurang Doshi, Aankhen 2 will go on floors in May 2015. The film is expected to release in 2016.



  • Though I’m an Akshay fan but looking forward for Aankhen 2. Without Akshay Aankhen 2 will create less buzz & hype. Aankhen was a very nice movie. If Akshay was present then it would’ve been a very big movie.

  • john says watevr he knows about acting he learned from AKSHAY… he called him AKSHAY GURUJI… bt akshays energy …naturl ability n screen presence is unmatchable… best luck john …

  • Big Big Mistake to take Jhon in stead of Akki in all these movies.
    Akshay was the Reason why these movies were what they were.Widout Akki they will be just another Slapstick Crass Comedy movies.
    Ankhein was a Great movie and Replacing some like Akshay with Jhon isn’t acceptable at all

  • I don’t see why it needs a sequel. I think hera pheri 3 and welcome back will have nothing to do with the preceding films apart from the same name.

  • The producers are missing the trick by not casting Akshay.Had he been a part of Welcome Back and HP3 these film could have been huge considering the fact that he has an impeccable comic timing and great recall value.But nevertheless Aankhen was a brilliant heist movie hope Anees is able to recreate the same magic

  • John Abrahm is a great actor but under-rated.
    Dont laugh. whoever watched Madras Cafe will get my point

  • aankhen is one of my fav movie..better than all crap movies of khans. ty vipul for making aankhen movie. nobody can replace akki. Akki rocks

  • Bad Decision By Makers Akshay Kumar Gave One of Finest Performance In Aankhen John Can Never Pull Off Such Roles I’m Feeling Pitty For Makers Of Welcome Back, Hera Pheri 3 & Now Aankhen 2
    he can just replace Akki but he can’t the magic which Akki Created

  • All 3 Were grtt movies nd Very popular movies ! hope john doesn’t ruin these movies !
    A sequel to an Akshay starrer in which akki again played a lead is guarantee of a superhit like in the case of hera pheri nd Housefull .

  • What the hell is happening !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I like John but he cannot replace Akshay in every movie . First Welcome Back then Hera Pheri 3 and now Aankhen 2 . Aankhen was a brilliant movie . It is one of the Best Heist movie of Bollywood . I just loved the concept of Aankhen . It was successful but it could have been much more successful if it would have been released in the Multiplex Era . The reason why Vipul Shah is not directing the sequel because he had a dispute with the producer Gaurang Doshi . If VS would have been in Aankhen 2 then Akki would have been in this movie 100% because Vipul and Akki have a great bond . They have worked together in Aankhen, Waqt, Namastey London, Action Replayy and Holiday . Amitabh Bachchan was absolutely superb in Aankhen . He was brilliant in the Negative character of Vijay Rajput . Anil Kapoor is also a fabulous addition to this movie . Anees Bazmee has given very good movies such as Pyar Toh Hona Hi Tha, No Entry, Deewaangee and Welcome . I hope Aankhen 2 is as good as these movies . With this movie John has one of the best lineup in the next 2 years .
    Upcoming movies of John :
    1. Welcome Back
    2. Rocky Handsome
    3. Hera Pheri 3
    4. Force 2
    5. Aankhen 2

  • There is no need of akki in aankhen 2 becoz all the fun lies in planning and execution of robbery

  • Welcome Back may be become a Hit just because of Uday and Majnu Characters.
    Hera Pheri 3 will also become a Hit movie because of Babu Rao Ganpat Rao Apte.

    But Ankhen 2 hahaha believe me i am saying truly that one will show a disaster because no one wants Ankhen 2 with Akki without Akki

  • John is turning into Akki’s shadow now. Come on John, you dont have to do this. Let producers do not make sequels of such good movies or retain the original cast. I can understand if they Paresh Rawal as he died in Aankhen but please retain Big B, Arjun and Akshay if you are making a sequel. These 3 characters are core of the movie !!!!!!!!!

  • Great news. Rip 60 cr stars career. Akki should retire and start begging. No one wants him in films.

  • With John on board all three films could become 70cr smash hits instead of the usual crap 60cr hits Akki Sir delivers consistently….

  • Hope John also does Baby and Holiday sequel as he looks more a special service type personnel than that greedy Gobar Akki Sir whose mundane mannerisms were a huge drawback for what otherwise were good films…!

  • Why John is doing only sequels of someone else and only replacing them????? First he replaced Arjun rampal in house full 2 and ruined it with his bizarre acting. Then he replaced akshaye khanna in race 2 and everyone knows what happened.he couldn’t match akshaye’s acting at all and turned out to be only semi hit. Now he is replacing king of comedy akshay Kumar in welcome 2. WTF?????? He will ruin that too. John can’t act at all. Are producers drunk to keep casting him on sequels of talented actors????? God save us

  • John is a great actor …bt d thing is evry actors r best in particular kind of films …John is gud in thrilr or action kind of movies …whereas akshay is a comdy king …John can replace him in action movies …it dsnt mean he is betr dn akshay bt anyhw he can replace akshay …bt in comdy movies ..he can evn do a single role as like akshay do …….John is also my fav bt we all knw his strength ……so if u dnt want akshay in comdy movies or if u want tu replace him wid sm1 else dn betrr tu choose sm1 else like govinda or any odr actor bt not him ….

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