Aamir’s response to Salman’s message for fans of the 3 Khans

Recently, Salman Khan had poured his heart out on Twitter and had lashed out at his fans who disrespect the other two Khans, that is, Shah Rukh and Aamir. The actor also went on to say that all the three Khans are together and that there is No 1, 2 or 3 rankings among them.

Responding to Salman’s tweets, Aamir said, “It’s Salman Khan’s love and feelings towards us, and even I have same love and gratitude towards him. There is actually no number game between us. I think Salman Khan, Shah Rukh Khan both are big stars and since a very long time.”

“I, Akshay, Salman, Shah Rukh, Ajay are working with success and our work is appreciated. I am happy. People keep reacting on social media websites, we should not react over it” he added.

This message shows that even Aamir doesn’t quite like the idea of comparing the superstars as they all have been entertaining us for two and a half decades now.



  • It’s true.Pulling somebody’s leg or trolling is okay but abusing your favorite stars competitor is unnecessary.
    But I personally feel Aamir fans are the most hypocritical ones.They always talk about quality and support Salman’s movies

  • 3 khans,ajay sir and akshya sir these superstars are ruling industry since 2 n half decades and some stupid morons compare akshya sir with kal ka chokra ranbir kapoor .. nevertheless these 5 superstars will be ruling still more decades !!

  • Such a wonderful person! Although he said that he doesn’t love ranking, but I will say he is the biggest bollywood star and no. 1 in India and worldwide. Way ahead of other two khans. He has the biggest fan following in India although moronic Sallu fans keep barking that sallu has. Aamir’s stardom is unmatched.

  • It cant control, there r 3 type of ppl in every society, first class, second class n third class, so on in evry superstar’s(evry superstar has these type of fans). Some say salman s lallu, amir s chutiya n shahrukh s s r gay. They need to b used of this.

  • khans can do anything for publicity. their fight is also fake. they r jealous of non khans. they r nothing without holidays. media created and overrated khans

  • @Indicine I have asked you a question. Will any movie starring Aamir is releasing in Bangladesh as he is incredibly loved here. Any of his recent films will do 1million$ here. Wanted is a historic disaster in Bangladesh as it could not even collect 1lakh Bangladeshi Taka ie 75K rupies. Is was removed from most of the screens after first weekend. Nobody cares Salman like most of the world don’t.

  • Where is our Greek street boy’s name? Amir once again proof Now we have 5 superstar but we shouldn’t include srk and replacing Greek Street Boy. Good gesture by Amir khan!!!
    Now no more fans war expect srk.

  • Strong Dramebaaz!

    during omg remake in pk he refused to say anything abt pk during its making.. evn alien role he dint revealed…
    Now for Dangal he is telling evrything abt it like wrestler, 90kg for 5m, 55kg den onwards..

  • If stupid!!! fans of other actors accepted the fact that salman n aamir rules bollywood i think this fanwars will be over!!!

  • Salute to Mr. Perfectionist with a brilliant and perfect Superstar he is an amazing human being also, love u Sir Aamir.

    1- Aamir
    2- Salman
    3- SRK
    4- Akshay
    5- Ajay

    Aamir Sir did not took the name of Greek God Hrithik definitely some reason behind this that Aamir recommended 5 Superstars names.

  • Distributor: hey Chinese, I have heard that in your country, movies earn much.
    Chinese: yes, you heard right.
    D: than I have a movie named ‘Kick’. It stars Salman khan. You have heard his name, na?
    C: salman! Is it an animal film starring a gorrilla?
    D: no, he just looks like gorrilla, but he is now being human :v
    C: oh! Than we don’t need to watch his films. Cause we have lots of gorrila in our chiriya house ie Zoo.
    D: but he danced like bandar in this epic film.
    C: we have lots of monkeys but they don’t watch films. :v
    D: but there is an upskirt scene…
    C: oh yes. Than this will be shown in red light areas.
    D: you should have ready ambulances, cause watching him dancing can cause many people heart attack. Bhais dance steps are so strong!
    C: ok bhai, I will try.

  • good reply from Aamir. Those who talk bullshit on that salman article blamming on salman fans – if somebody abuse/desrespect to your star you should bash him but instead doing this you come to salman page and talk foolishly about him. Do you know salman dont need a liplock scene to create romance that is acting power of salman a superstar who is acting from 25 years without any erotic or liplock scene.

  • Bhaijaan….and
    Aamir khan….
    Born to be a megastar….they are from.. A different planet..simply the best…love them… Alot

  • Lol. Aamir didn’t mention Hrithik’s name. Looks like he is also angry for their manipulating k3 figures. And also bong bong manipulation. That’s why he contracted with rentrak.
    This time salman needs k3 calculator desperately.

  • Ignore this pr article of bajrangi bhaijaan..

    Just in Hamari Adhuri Kahani has beaten Jurassic world at box office…

    Jurassic is 1st big hollywood flop..

  • Amongst the five, only Aamir is capable of making complex films work critically and commercially. He is the true superstar, baki sab bakwaas.

  • I loved the line “people keep reacting on us on social networking sites, but we should not react on it”. I don’t think salman need to lash out his fans, but we all know Salman thinks from heart.
    Its been hearting that finally got names Aamir,Akshay,ajay,salman,srk in one sentence that too from Aamir is awesome, its great if these stars keep showing Gratitude’s towards each other irrespective of their fans reactions.
    #pk rocks

  • Simple as ABC. Honestly even being a SRK fan never have I actually ranked any ahead of each oda n it’s simply cos these 3 Khans for 2.5 decades have been putting smiles on their fans face. It’s unfair to abuse or castigate any of them! Even in Hollywood I don’t think there has been 3-5 actors that have not even given chances for new actors(THOUSANDs) to supersede them eida in terms of box office collections number of hits and always a wish list for any Big mainstream director!!
    Am happy Aamir listed d 5 biggest superstars in Hindi cinema today n acknowledged them. Cos I normally use to feel gutted wen Akshay n Ajay r being criticized esp here by fans!! I respect them big time!! and surely after d 3 KHANS Ajay n Akshay hard work n consistency too deserve some acknowledgment.
    If My KING BADSHAAH KHAN is a BRAND so wat if AAMIR SALMAN AkSHAY and AJAY r also called BRANDs??? by their FANS n then gets Lois of sticks for praising their Stars? Wat ryt do we have to say who belongs to category A or B or C.
    D issue is @indicine also have contributed to these trash monthly Ranking of superstars which I never bought for 1nc!! For Me it’s d 3 Khans in d top 3 while Ajay Akki completes d top 5 list b it 4th or 5th.
    It’s wen these 5 ACTORS retire we will keep on referring to an era called 1988-2016 17?? Era whereby 5 Huge stars impacted d Hindi cinema.
    Obviously among d YOUNGISTAN u can’t see a solid top 3 talkless of top 5 ..?? U think after Hritik Roshan who r d competetors? Ranbir Ranveer ? Sid ? Varun? Shahid ?? No way! Even in just a decade can u rate d top 5 youngistaan? Have they been any great competition wit Ranbir wit Ranveer or Varun? No way! Even Rhanbir has been In consistent. Can any one predict Ranbir or Sid box office collection in next 10 years I bet ya all nop!! But here we have d KHANS n KuMAR DEVGN still running d show SINcE 1989!!! Jaise ki unke BAAP ka PROPERTY hai Bollywood. Wait a minute actually it seems like YES unke baap ka raaj hai cos they r still running d show?? . Jai Hind Salaam ltr friends. Pls no unnecessary fan war respect SHAH rUKH I respect your Akshay or Aamir cos I don’t have an option deep inside my heart

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