Aamir, Ranbir, Deepika at NDTV Awards 2014: Photos

Aamir Khan, Ranbir Kapoor, Deepika Padukone and Kangana Ranaut were at the NDTV Indian Of The Year 2014 awards.

The actors were here present to collect their respective awards. Deepika received the award for Entertainer of the year, while Ranbir walked award with the ‘youth icon’ award.

When one of their recent hit tracks was played, Deepika was left alone on stage, while Ranbir dragged journalist Prannoy Roy on to the stage. While Roy returned back to his seat, ex-couple Deepika and Ranbir danced on stage.

Deepika Padukone, Kangana Ranaut at NDTV Indian Of The Year Awards 2014

Deepika Padukone, Kangana Ranaut at NDTV Indian Of The Year Awards 2014

Deepika and Ranbir dancing for song Badtameez dil

Deepika and Ranbir dancing for song Badtameez dil

Aamir Khan with Deepika Padukone

Aamir Khan with Deepika Padukone

Kangana Ranaut at NDTV Indian Of The Year Awards

Kangana Ranaut at NDTV Indian Of The Year Awards



  • Where is The owner of Kolkata Knight Rider? These awards are fake. We Global Khan fans will boycott NDTV Indian Awards forever.

  • Amir doesn’t attend filmfare , as he couldn’t get much awards and his contemporary srk got more awards. THAT’S CALLED “PERFAKETIONALIST”

  • Can’t wait for this awards.@indicine nipun&babaji ka thullu both r same person.you should accept 1 name

  • @sexy These are not movie awards. So Mr Ace Perfectionist attended.
    Filmfares are worthless. After few years noone will attend the ceremony. Only Srk will attend as he is publicity hungry and award buyer.

  • Kangana Ranaut said that it was very special as she got a once in a lifetime oppurtunity to receive award from Aamir khan.

  • amir khan’s using the boot having heel of much height,still he comes near the shoulder height of DP.I think complan boy @sky couldn’t gave advise to use complan,that’s why amir is suffering from this height problem.however centre of attraction is DP and next RULER of bollywood RK.I think no one even know amir attended there as he banned in most award function,lol.also KING KHAN need not to attend again as already NDTV and president pranab mukherjee awarded SRK as “THE GREAT GLOBAL INDIAN LIVING LEGEND”among all actors in INDIA.no one interested in complan/bournvita/revital fed star,lol.

  • Aamir roxXxXx

    Nice for Kangana to get an award from the God Of Acting…!

    Deepika looks cute next to Aamir.

  • @indicine
    @sss and @ononto are same person,you should accept 1 name…

    Why all you SRK fans are so much Dramebaaz?
    BTW are you from Kenya?..coz your username looks like a kenyan surname..lol

  • Lolllll.
    Isn’t the some same people here who are aprreciating NDTV are calling it fake few months back when SRK was Awarded Greatest Global Living Legend from Pranab Mukherjee sponsored and telecasted by NDTV ???…..:-D

  • Only @aamir_khan’s work will be remembered even after 100 years — Naseeruddin Shah
    Haters Ab Bhonkna Start Kro.

  • Aamir is himself is a big award given by God to Film industry. Look at haters they are comparing this With film awards. @sss i could suggest Aamir for this but as he is now 49 yr old and according to research its been proven than human being height increment stop at the age of 20-21 at max. That’s why i suggested you for the complan drink because if you are below 20 than it will increase your height unless it will definitely took your IQ level from negative to At least positive. As far as Aamir his Intelligence is well known that how he made Srk his dog while just pulling leg of him. You should thank Aamirians like me as we calling you complan boy rather than Dog. That’s a difference between you and me. And for your kind info i still against Aamir’s those comments about Srk, but you kiddo still in hunt of the meaning of f@ck word. Lol.

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    complan star:what ever.did you know acting?I acted in so much good films,I gave 100,200,250cr club.

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    complan star:enough!!!!!!!everyone could buy award.these are cheap and couldn’t have any value.acting is important and not awards.

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  • Lol.. Shahrukh already hav been awarded the most prestigious award by ndtv.. n tingu fans are doing jumpin jumpin jhapak as they got an oppurtunity to see aamir getting an award(which is once in a decade event.. Though I would hav said ‘lifetime’ but I m sure within next 10 years he wil get a life time achievement award too…hihihi)

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  • Is it Lily putt standing beside Deepika? Since when Amir started believing award? Why he attends award when his fans are mocking on it. Some of his fans are calling Amir is himself as an award. Good joke keep coming few more

  • Hahaha, @sss kiddo you made my day, the conversation of Complan star aka @sss who try to enact as Aamir with Global superstar aka srk was laughable. But you forget to add bottom line which is Complan star:i am the one who counted my self no of times that you had 3.7 billion fans and if Aamir had to say than it should be “global star still your are my dog”. Complan really works for you atleast you are trying to use your brain. Soon your mind will start to use in right direction. Aise hi complan ki advise thode di thi.

  • Legend Khan is a huge fan of SRK…..just see the name…..LEGEND KHAN…..Need to say more ????…..:-D

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