Aamir Khan’s Statement: Not supporting AAP or any other party

Aamir Khan has released a statement to the media and has reportedly written to the Election Commission of India, stating that he is not endorsing any political party and has also asked for action to be taken against Arvind Kejriwal’s Aam Aadmi Party.

A poster is being circulated on social networking website, which features Aamir Khan, former president APJ Abdul Kalam, Malayalam actor Mohanlal and cricketr Kapil Dev. The poster suggest that the icons of the country are supporting the Aam Aadmi Party. However, it is unclear whether the image was released by the AAP itself, its supporters or someone from the opposition.

Aam Aadmi Party - Aamir Khan

The poster that is being circulated on social media

A statement released on Aamir’s behalf read “Aamir Khan from day one has made it clear that he will not be endorsing a particular political party. He is not supporting or campaigning for any political party.”

In the recent past, Salman Khan too had released a statement to the media asking the Arvind Kejriwal led party, not to use songs or dialogues from his film.

“My film has nothing to do with the Aam Aadmi Party nor with any movement. If the system is corrupt, let the aam aadmi raise his awareness instead of blaming others. I fail to understand why the aam aadmi needs leaders to guide him. I would appeal to all political parties including AAP not to use my dialogues on Aam Aadmi in the film” Salman had said.



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    It’s very honest of Aamir Khan that he clarified that he is not supporting any particular party.

    I am new to politics discussion, I found the worst thing about Indian politics and Indian public is that majority of public became FAN of a particular politic party like a film star. They support them blindly without thinking any positive or negative aspects of that party or the politician.

    It’s really very bad for any Democratic country.

    Never misuse your power of vote, it’s the biggest power a person get in democracy.
    Never vote on the basis of RELIGION, LANGUAGE, REAGION and most importantly don’t just follow your parents at the time of voting, you think your own then choose the best candidate to vote.

    I am voting first time this year, and as I saw in last 15-20 years along with both big parties (BJP & Congress) almost all parties are more or less corrupt.
    And I think ArvindKejriwal and AAP party are very much honest towards our country and the people of our country.
    So I think either AAP’s solo governance should be there or if it’s not possible this time then AAP must be in the governance with any other party, so that there will be a strict control of AAP on another governing party.
    In worst case if AAP is not there in governance, then also AAP will do very good from opposition side, we must know the opposition party is also as much important as the governing party.
    And I will vote for AAP without thinking that whether they will win or not, at least I will be happy that I voted for the best, remember EVERY VOTE MATTERS.

    I am not saying you guys to vote any particular party, but must think about everything positive and negative then choose the best according to you.

    And yes must do two thing before voting,
    first watch the last and the most important episode of “Satyamev Jayate” this Sunday 30 March, 11am.
    and secondly must read the preamble page of or constitution and feel deeply what it says what it wants.

    After all we all are proud Indians, we all love our country and we must take our country to a right path.

    Love you.

  • Very good statement he will definitely give his valuable and precious vote to the right candidate and i believe he will vote for the Candidate not for the party . This Sunday will be the last episode before the break then the show will be telecasted in July . Well done Aamir and keep up the good work .

  • Fortunately i don’t live in Mumbai North West region from where KRK,Rakhi sawant and Mahesh manjrekar r candidates.

  • You should support amir,dont b diplomatic ,are u scared that u will get in any controversy,of u r really scared than why to do blah blah by saying i wont fear for any thing,

    aam admi party is the best one i will surely vote for dizz party ,congress=bjp

    no political party in india is good or even neutral they always think abouth them self@

  • Its good Aamir clarifies these false news, i appreciate view of AAP but they are thoroughly immature to govern the nation, its shown by them in Delhi govt. So i am not admiring AAP at this situation and their deeds.

  • @sameer he is appointed as national icon by election commission for creates awareness in youth for maximum voting. So his image should be a neutral person not as favoring any party. That’s why his statement were send to election commission. Think first before attack on someone.

  • I neva liked aamir n salman.. N seeing dere hatred against aap um gonna hate den even more.. Bloody diplomats

  • amir is well known for social publicity and that’s why he doesn’t need promotion before release for his film,all these actors like amir and parties like aap made to make people fool.

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