Aamir Khan’s Dhoom 3 Poster

The last promotional poster of Dhoom 3 featuring none of the than Aamir Khan, who plays Sahir the ‘clown thief’! The theatrical trailer of the film will be launched at an event tomorrow, it is expected to be out on the internet by around noon (3oth).

Dhoom 3 is scheduled to hit theatres on 20th December, the weekend before Christmas. The film will have more than 3 open weeks at the box office.

The founder of the 100 and 200 crore club, could break into the 300 crore club for the very first time.

Aamir Khan Dhoom 3 PosterAamir Khan Dhoom 3 Poster



  • Great ending lines Indicine ! you guys are the best! Aamir is indeed capable of breaching that 300 mark in India..Aamir, Srk , Salman& Hrithik are the biggest potential candidates with each film to cross 300 crores..Hrithik has the best chance in 3 days with KRRISH 3 , Followed By Aamir , Salman & SRK with HNY! KRRISH 3’s first day will be huge iam expecting 35-38 crores day 1…my predictions
    Krrish3- 255 crores
    Dhoom-3 –Anything is possible if the content is good
    JAI HO- 250+
    PK- 300+
    HNY- 300+

  • Liked the name Sahir.Sahir is very cool name given to the character of Aamir khan in “Dhoom 3”.Sahir,Aaliya,Jai,Ali coming tomorrow.

  • he has been holding his pee since the teaser came out. now its completely out of control. hop 20th december comes soon.

  • There is a Mask on Aamir khan’s hand.So now Aamir has “Mask” also along with rocket speed “BMW bike” and black “Hat”.Great accessories of Aamir.

  • Dont worry SRK fans, SRK will beat Dhoom 3 and PK records in 2017 or something…..
    and then Aamir will break SRK record in 2-3 months lol

  • This is just a glimpse of fireworks which are on their way slowly and steadily…we all have huge expectations from the theatrical trailer and we hope it delivers..
    All the Best to the team of Dhoom 3

  • SRK will fight with another IPL watchman to promote his HNY but it will still do Ra.one type business in the best case
    SRK should leave Bollywood as his wrinkles make it difficult to watch his movies lolz
    Or play grandpa roles

  • I expected something much better,Aamir in this poster is looking very low of confidence.
    Worst of all the posters.

  • I’m somewhat disappointed with the D3 posters. They aren’t as visually appealing.

    Excited for the trailer though. :)

  • Sahir, however, is a brilliant character title. I named my nephew Sahir in 2011, so there’s a connection already. :)

  • SAHIR and JORDAN are Twins in this movie

    As for the rumours Aamir is playing Double role in the movie

    But anyways pic rock easily into 250Cr+ club minimum max depend on trailer content hype etc but Aamir and Kat is above all

  • Should we believe this one

    Revealed: Aamir to time travel in ‘Dhoom 3’?

    Apparently, Aamir Khan will be seen travelling across times in his upcoming action film

    There is no set formula for the kind of roles that Aamir Khan signs up for. The buzz is that yet another instance of that is apparently evident in his upcoming film ‘Dhoom 3’. Sources close to the project say that the star will be seen travelling in time, a detail that is being fiercely guarded by the team.

    To avoid any information from leaking out, the sequence has been shot apparently very discreetly. Says a source, `Aamir will be seen in a never-seen-before avatar, for which a lot of efforts had to be put in by the crew to portray the change in scene correctly. The entire team has been tight-lipped about it.`

    According to insiders, the teaser of the film that was released was made keeping in mind not to reveal too much about Aamir’s looks. The spokesperson of the production house says, `We do not discuss our storyline. Please wait and watch.`

    Courtesy: Mid-Day.com

  • 3 open weeks….it should break evry possible record on the books… if it fails, den Amir is not a superstar…

    As this movie has got everything.. past track… biggest franchise…. most awaited movie of Bollywood till date correct me if I’m wrong… Imax release…. and yest most important 3 open weeks, which SRK can only dream of…..

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