Aamir Khan’s Dangal passed with ‘U’ certificate, no cuts

Aamir Khan’s upcoming film ‘Dangal’ was sent to the Censor Board of Film Certification (CBFC) earlier this week. The board has passed the film with a ‘U’ (universal) certificate without any cuts.

The runtime of the film is 2 hours 45 minutes (165 minutes), which is a little longer than Aamir’s last film ‘PK’.

Check out the runtime of the superstar’s last few films:

  • 3 Idiots: 170 minutes
  • Talaash: 139 minutes
  • Dhoom 3: 172 minutes
  • PK: 152 minutes
  • Dangal: 165 minutes

The runtime of Dangal is on the longer side compared to the average length of most movies these days, but 165 minutes is acceptable as exhibitors can keep the ‘turnaround time’ between two shows under 3 hours.

Directed by Nitesh Tiwari, Dangal releases in theatres on December 23 2016.



  • Amir is extremely overrated. I hope dangal fails to cross 200 cr BO. This Guy doesn’t look good in supporting roles let alone leading role.

  • I think it will not cross 300 cr Mark this time..bcs after raees trailer people are morr excited for raees rather than dangal.

  • I think it will not cross 300 cr Mark this time..bcs after raees trailer people are morr excited for raees rather than dangal.lifetime 250…

  • Where is raj kumar hirani or aditya chopra? Without them, amir khan is nothing, so movie will be flop like dhobighat in domestic.

  • cash crunch , not-commercial enough , sultan jaise hai , all these stupid reason won’t stop dangal and aamir

    i smell another atbb
    another hgoty
    and possibly another landmark in terms of b.o – 400 cr
    and that is because i genuinely believe in aamir khan and in content of dangal

    Its a potential modern day classic and it stars aamir khan who is killing it in promos
    Man i can’t w8 for it….

  • Watched #Befikre
    One wOrd for this mahacrap , DISASTER .
    Mujhe to abhi tak believe hi nahi ho raha hai ke this film s made by mr aditya chopra.
    8 yrs baad u made this sh**t sir.
    Yrf already make numerous films like that n all of them r disasters .
    Bollywood s n real danger now i think
    Big directors r making this kind of nonsense films n on the other hand regional film makers r doing extraordinary stuff. Hollywood films r making their mark.
    Ranveer is good in comedy scenes ,
    Vaani kapoor n other cast s irritating.
    Music is good
    Story , writing , direction , editing hai hi nahi iss film mein.

    2016 s a disastrous year for bollywood i think.
    Iss saal 95 % se zyada film e bakwaas bani hai .
    As a bollywood fan i m hugely dissapointed.

    #Dangal s only hope left.

  • Everything spot on for Dangal
    Get ready to C another masterpiece from megastar Aamir

    Dangal Dangal
    Dangal Dangal

    Best of luck Dangal team from Salman fan in SRI Lanka

  • Way 2 Go…. Aamir will deliver another ATBB ….
    Great movies deserve Big
    I hope it will cross 300 cr & declared an ATBB
    If dangal cross sultan it doesn’t matter for me
    Salman has 2 big releases in 2017 …..
    Even indicine said tubelight & TZH r D only potential 300 Cr in 2017….
    Tubelight = Salman eid kabir pritam universal appeal

    I think TZH is bigger film …. After kick we never C our Sallu In high octane action romance comedy movie……. Actually it will work Salman Christmas yrf breathtaking action stunning locations Chartbuster music bit of romance & lot of comedy = TIGER ZINDA HAI
    no doubt in director dis time coz he delivered 300 Cr….
    Everything set for next Xmas….
    So I hope 300 Cr from dangal
    Best of LUCK……..

  • See the power of Aamir Khan even stupid haters r saying that dangal wil not collect 300 cr while others r struggling for 100 cr

  • Some idiots still depends on directors…… Before Sultan Ali zafar is a flop DC but now he is a SULTAN frame Ali Abbas Zafar….
    So don’t mind about director…
    Aamir name is enough
    Like Salman, aamir is a brand

    @Rajesh ….. If raees good den people will watch…. Insecure @ his best….
    Everyone praise DILWALE trailer too SRK kajol varun pritam rohit Masala genere biggest song of 2015 kriti industry Xmas = still below 150 cr
    Lol so don’t expect lot from raees….

  • I have been Noticing
    Whenever @indicine
    Published an Article on Aamir
    So many Users Crate fake to bash Aamir.
    I agree as DANGAL Release date is nearing,Insecurity level of Haters is Increasing as well
    You may hate him or bash him
    But How can you bash a Movie like DANGAL which is going to Inspire Crores of Indians??

  • Biggest self claimed Saint / patriot is coming without Raju papa and yrf
    No dhoom brand
    Saint ki asaliyat saamne aane wali h
    All time low buzz for Dangal as dhobighat

  • Waiting for this…..Movie of the year
    This is called classic cinema….
    Dont need any established actress….masala….item number….sunny Leone (Hahahahaha)
    Aamir and Salman always doing movies jis mien koi lesson zaroor hota hai….
    What is Moral of Raess???

  • 180 Crores at max. That too during Xmas.. No Hirani saviour…. No Dhoom brand… Boring and Zero Entertainment Value…

  • He even called his own father was like Hitler just to justify his hitler type father character in Mangal. SHAME ON HIM…

    And he has started saying Dangal is like Raju Hirani film… Missing his PAPA badly… Rofl Rofl

    Trying every possible to promote THE BORING MANGAL……

  • One upon a time, this perfaketionist criticized Amitji for his character in Black. He criticized Amitji & SLB for how they showed and treated the character of Rani in the movie. He said that Amitji beating Rani in the film could wrong messages to people.
    Now he is doing the same thing with his daughters and being harsh with them just to make them wrestlers to make his dreams come true. Any worse Dogla than him????

  • In 3 Idiots, he preaches that a youth should pursue a field of study and a career that they really enjoy doing them. He even went on to convince Farhan’s father about Farhan’s interest.

    Then, again, in a film like Dangal, he enforces his ambition to win something (which he could not in his lifetime) on his daughters (which they don’t enjoy when they were young) in the name of women empowerment. For a father, women empowerment means enforcing his ambitions on his daughters when he could not have a son to make his dreams come true. Irony!
    Isse bada dogla, duniya mein aur koi hai???

  • No craze at all .. I m listening only this words from everywhere .. Raees Raees Raees.. Overwhelming craze of raees .. Agar ye Christmas dangal ki jagah raees release hoti ..I bet it would have crossed 400 cr mark .. Dangal max will do around 225 cr .. Coz no craze at all of dangal..

  • this movie will be very entertaining,inspiration for sure. collection may fall short of 300cr as demonitisation in single screens,sunday on national holidays, but cant say anything as Aamir & Salman are two actors for which family audiences come in bulk.

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