Aamir Khan’s 10 crore bullet proof Mercedes S Class: Photos

Actor Aamir Khan, who received threats after the first season of Satyamev Jayate, has purchased a brand new Mercedes Benz S600 worth Rs 10 crore. The car is the most expensive in the film industry and Aamir is only the third person in the country after Mukesh Ambani and Prime Minister Manmohan Singh to own the special protection car. 

With the second season of the show going on air last weekend, Aamir purchased the bullet proof car as the second season of the show could deal with more controversial and riskier topics like corruption, governance and the upcoming Lok Sabha Elections.

The superstar was spotted driving his Mercedes S Class on the streets on Mumbai on Monday, with his wife Kiran Rao (back seat) and a friend. Check out the photos.

Aamir snapped driving his new Mercedes S Class in Mumbai

Aamir snapped driving his new Mercedes S Class in Mumbai

Aamir Khan snapped with wife Kiran Rao

Aamir Khan snapped with wife Kiran Rao

Aamir Khan's 10 cr bullet-proof car Mercedes Benz S600

Aamir Khan’s 10 cr bullet-proof car Mercedes Benz S600

Aamir Khan's 10 cr bullet-proof car

Aamir Khan’s 10 cr bullet-proof car



  • Aamir bought ‘mercedese benz S600’ its a bombproof car. He is 1st man in bollywood and 3rd man in india.
    Congratulation aamir sir.
    Best of luck for ‘satyamev jayte session2’.

    East or west, mr perfect is best.

  • The clause “Actor Aamir Khan, who received THEATRES after the first season of Satyamev Jayate” is as funny as the concept of the film ‘Yeh Hai Bakrapur’ and Ameesha Patel’s double roles in the film ‘Desi Magic’ under her banner hilariously named ‘Amisha Patel Productions.’

    And Satyamev Jayate…….

  • @Faruque At least Aamir didnt take 10-15 bodyguards to fight with an alone watchman like SRK in Wankhede LOL

  • aamir is the most selfish guy i can ever imagine in my life….. Dhoom3 will be the first action movie where there is no fight whatsoever and aamir not even touched the cheeck of abhishek….Full of double body roles… I wonder what actually Aamir was doing in the movie. And as usual he takes the credit of all….. Dhoom3 ran only based on hype caused by Hrithik’s Dhoom2…. Dhoom3 WILL BE THE WEAKEST OF ALL DHOOM SERIES WHERE ABHISHEK BACHAN CAUGHT THE THIEF FIRST TIME AND EVEN TWO AAMIR KHAN’S CANT SAVE THEMSELVES!!! SHAME!!

  • @Faruque, So, he should offer himself to get killed as he said he’s not afraid of dying? Isn’t it good to take some precautions? For example, an army man is ready to die for his country. But it doesn’t mean the army man should unnecessarily and blatant go among his enemies to get himself killed for nothing.

    @Romance whatever @Vera, how IDs do u have? We’ll see whether PK vs Bombay Velvet will be like Gadar vs Lagaan or not. At least, Aamir will not do something like SRK did. Did you forget SRK went to Jeetuji’s home and fell on his (Jeetuji’s) feet to postpone his film’s release?

  • Wow.What a fantastic car.Well done again.Only the 3rd Indian to purchase this bulletproof car and we r happy that u will be safe.Satyamev jayate.

  • @faruque Aamir is among VVIP’s of the country and he is not a lungi wearing common man like u so taking precaution is good thing even if he is not afraid.

  • @syed ‘Dhoom 2’ verdict was blockbuster and ‘Dhoom 3’ verdict is ATBB.So audience have already decided which movie is better.Face the reality that ‘Dhoom 3’ is the biggest grosser of bollywood history with outstanding 530+ crores worldwide.

  • jealous srk retards @Faroque & @Syed retards burning. @Syed : I think you know Aamir persnally more than srk n Aamir had taken you for nightmarish ride thats why you are passinng personal comments about him.

  • awesome man, now Aamir purchased most expensive car, great.

    @syed changed your comments, first you said Aamir’s movie can’t take record opening, but when D3 broke records on non-holiday weekend and after than became ww grosser of all time, now you saying Aamir is selfish and D3 collected only due to HR, interestingly K3 didn’t collect much due to that because if HR is solely responsible what is dhoom now than why Krishh not been bigger than Dhoom franchise, as it has only hr in them. Kitna jhooth bolega yaar?

    @romance nw_yr, yes that clash would be like Gadar vs Lagaan, one was classic other was atbb unlike Indian vs Asoka one is semi hit other is disaster.Lol, and don’t worry this time PK will be like Gadar while i wish BV will like Lagaan not like Asoka.i asked you a question tell how srk has 3.7billion fan, now got answer not from you but by some other as you included Bakras among in his fans..

  • @romance, yes dear don’t worry P.k. Will be both classics like Lagaan and blockbuster like Gadar hopefully, as Aamir already given movie of the decade in form of 3i, btw since srk signed HNY srkian thinks everything jokes apart from Srk, reason is srk got company of Joker’s director wife Farah khan. So poor fellow watch the trailer of Bakrapur rather than wasting our time here,have a good night.

  • good to see a thief nw has bought a car 4 himself after senseless robbery… tingu ur fans r ri8… u really r an ASS KHAN.\o/…..

  • @HNY will thrash d3 record and after that only SRK film will break that record,because dhoom4 is no more in the hand of tingu.

  • Rspct U #AmirSir..4 Me U @ #Salman Bhai Is Bst..U Nd Prtcsn..Mr N Mr..4 Ds Country U R Doin Such A Gd Jb..Rspct N Also #HatsOff Sir..

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