Aamir Khan with Adi Godrej and his employees: Photos

Aamir Khan, the brand ambassador of the Godrej Group, visited the Godrej campus in Mumbai to interact with more than 500 employees and their children. The superstar, spent more than 45 mins engaging in discussion on brighter ideas for the company, innovation and sustainability.

Aamir arrived with his wife Kiran Rao. Photos below, have a look.

Aamir Khan with wife Kiran Rao

Aamir Khan with wife Kiran Rao

Aamir Khan gets emotional

Aamir Khan gets emotional

Aamir Khan with Adi Godrej

Aamir Khan with Adi Godrej



  • No one else commented. Pity!
    Why’s Aamir teary eyed ever since Salman and SRK hugged and patched up? :D

  • Waiting for “Dhoom 3” trailer after “Krrish 3” trailer.Both movies will create history and will take Bollywood to the next level.

  • Thats why he is d best star of d world,a better human being….killing ppl n taking drugs r now fashion.Aamir is above these,love him so much.

  • i m wondering why yash production cast him in dhoom 3 his looks is for drama and romance movies he not look like action hero honestly he is good actor we all know but for this genre hirithik jhon srk (we all are impressd by srk acting in D2) is perfect … anyway still w8ing for the movie

  • Aamir is good for everything thats y he is Aamir Khan he will show now how stylish a villain can get ..Aamir is trendsetter iam sure this will be his finest act

  • dhoom3 dialogues-
    abhishek bachchan- chor ho pakdo jaoge….
    aamir- o teri, tum pakdne aaoge, hum tumahre ghutno k bich se nikal jayenge, uske baad katrina k goth me khelenge, dhoom macha le!!

  • @nipun I mean there ws no
    narration,story,songs in dat trailer and above all the vfx were similar 2 an animatd film.
    Nw evrybdy is sayng dat dont compare k3 wid hllywd films due 2 budget an all dat..
    If they didnt had that much money 2 mke a gud quality vfx loaded film,and now they are nt relsng k3 even in 3D.
    Y d hell they made Krrish 3 !!

  • Aamir looks so young in his 40’s while some Self-proclaimed-king who was detained at airport looks like a budddha!!

  • The most insecure fan is a srkian trying to be a Sallu Fan…! Lol

    You are a complete and utter nonsense…!

  • @day, krrish 3 trailer is bad ??? tell aamir to make a superhero movie within 100 cr budget with indian cast and crew and then comment bad about krrish 3. krrish 3’s success will take bollywood to next level.

  • dhoom 3 is totally a safe movie, no risks, already riding on the success of hrithik’s dhoom 2. no hard work needed from aamir’s side. backing from yashraj. while krrish 3 is a different movie which is trying to achieve something new, its an honest effort to take bollywood to next level. krrish 3 means much more to bollywood than dhoom 3.

    i respect hrithik and aamir both, both films will do record breaking business this year no doubt but please try to respect the hard work. had hrithik been in dhoom 3, it would have been a cake walk

  • Eagerly waiting for dhoom 3 Aamir you are the best I am sure dhoom 3 will create records this year.aamir will rock this year.

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