Aamir Khan visits Golden Temple: Photo

Bollywood superstar Aamir Khan visited the Golden Temple in Amritsar, days before he begins shooting for his next film ‘Dangal’.

The actor is currently in Ludhiana for the shoot of ‘Dangal’. The shoot begins from September 22.

‘Dangal’ is based on the life of wrestler Mahavir Singh Phogat and his daughters who are wrestlers too.

The movie also features Sakshi Tanwar, Rajkumar Rao and Gautam Gulati.

Aamir Khan visits the Golden Temple

Aamir Khan visits the Golden Temple



  • There is no such thing as perfection: Aamir Khan
    If being modest is an art, Aamir is picasso of it.

    And not like other self proclaimed Kings.

  • Last time when Aamir visited Golden Temple, his upcoming movie went to Oscars.
    Yes, it was before Lagaan!
    Hoping for another cult ATBB just like PK, 3 Idiots.

  • It’s such a great serene spiritual & beautiful place , we can clearly see that look on the superstar’s face. Nice pic!

    While iconic aamir is experiencing the spiritual bliss our cheap nataunki haklu item queen must be at the same time doing some langoti dance in some marriage to earn some money.

    The sequel to the crappy lungi dance song in ‘underwear bechnewale’ releasing this Xmas would be something like this : “All the haklu fans……do the langoti dance……langoti dance ……langoti dance……..langoti dance……langoti dance………..” :D

  • @ arjun kaPOOr ka only fan : Better think , why did Bombay Velvet’s lifetime collections did not cross HNY’s opening day collection !

  • From what I’ve heard, trade expects Dangal to release on 23rd Dec. 2016 which means Xmas falls on Sunday.
    But, Aamir is smart. He’ll release Dangal on 16th Dec. The content would work big time and being a solo release would retain most screens in 2nd weekend.
    Hence, with more holidays throughout the end of 2016, Dangal could recreate history!

  • greedy perfaketionist never goes even Temples/Mosques with out any reason.always hungry for publicity and did only attention seeking stunts in entire career and that’s why he always avoidededia and suddenly came up with crazy publicity seeking stunts.such a cheap and egoistic natured human I never seen ever like him who is not ready yet to spend even a rupee for poors.peoples like amir only lives for themselves and doesn’t care about anyone.

    dangal will show his real aukat with out any big director,big brand.now the camel came below the mountain.thus fanless overrated actor was never a star and now a depended star,lol.so many expectations but again dangal or changal will be a below mediocre movie with certain alien looks which is going to be beaten badly by THE KING OF BOLLYWOOD next year.FAN,RAEES will dangal pandey with out any doubt because in content oriented movie no one can be matched with KING KHAN’S LEGACY OF ACTING.

  • Awesome!
    The upcoming masterpiece Dangal is the most awaited film of 2016.Wrestler Mahavir Singh Phagot’s life story is really very inspiring and people of India and foreign countries must know about him.What I feel is that this movie is going to be another Lagaan or Rang De Basanti of Indian cinema in terms of content.Hope that it happens.All the best my dear Aamir sir. :)

  • @Fasal get a life. Aamir is most popular megastar in the world. Srk is nothing in front of aamir and Salman’s popularity and fan following. The so called billion bla bla bla fans are rumored which dont even exist in reality. But global emperor is biggest when it comes to fan following worldwide followed by another megastar Salman khan. But koyla queen is nothing in front of them.

  • @chuhe 01:35 pm : Yeah, and takla khan is so scared with the failure that he wants to conquer all the holiday release dates in a single shot. He gave an epic failure in the form of “Loser ho” which released on 4200 screens with increased ticket price. That failure gave a bold and clear message to Takla khan that he is just an another Tushar Kapoor without a holiday release. Takla khan was so shocked after this incident that he already captured both Eid and Diwali 2015, though his films didn’t even go on floor. And same is happening with 2016. Since Eid, Diwali and Christmas, all three were booked by SRK, Ajay and amir respectively, he became desperate to get a holiday release and thus , wontedly or unwontedly he booked his “Lultan” for Eid. I know this is just a publicity stunt by him and he will extend his Lultan to a later date.But even if clash happens, then he will have a worst debacle than Jaan-E-Mann this time.
    Also, worth to mention that same takla khan of yours didn’t release his movies in 2013, because Eid, diwali and Christmas were already booked by other superstars. So chuhe, before talking about SRK’s capacities go and check the daring of your darpok bhaijan.

  • @Hyederabadi eNViouS (NVS) 02:42 pm : He is not selling the black tickets in the multiplexes of Hyderabad, but he has talent and he is selling that for his livelihood. Nothing wrong in that. You start thinking about yourself what will happen if you get caught by the security personnel of that multiplex (where you sell the movie tickets in black). You will have to face all the criminal charges like your very own takla khan is facing since 2002. So be aware.
    Coming to your underwear wale remark, better start worrying about this Diwali’s Ashtha channel sanskari DVD release “Niel Nitin prem dada ko paayo”, because post the debacle of ” Niel Nitin starred marriage DVD” and after the storm created by Dilwale this Christmas, you won’t be in a position to buy an underwear let alone putting it on.
    So be cautious and attentive Hyderabadi :P

  • BTW Amir has worked a lot to attain a perfect toned body suitable for a wrestler kind of role. Instead of some fat khan, who despite having a fat belly, dreaming of a wrestler movie. Fun unlimited !! :D

  • @xzone,You rock big time man.”despite having fat belly still dreaming of a wrestler movie,ROFL.

    As usual fanless star’s fan @rew1 can’t understand why till now amir is called fanless!!!!!,ROFL.

    Fun unlimited,ROFL.

  • @7:56pm

    Its you who cant see the irony of queen having 3.6 billion fans who have never stepped foot inside a theatre to watch his craps…!

    Why have fans if they dont like your crapgiri movies- take your time n work it out at your own leisurely speed…!

  • Clueless complan boy again is scratching his empty air head at how a fanless actor can deliver 4 Highest Grossing Movies off all Time in 6 years when his Queen with more than 3.6 billion fans has only delivered 1 Highest grosser off all time n that too in 23 crappy years…! Its a mystery he will never solve friends…!

  • It seems empty brain zone is being victimised by two inmates at tihar named prem and ratan who abuse him with their dildos…! I request readers not to inform officials of this bullying as the loon deserves everything he gets…!

  • @SSS burn as much as you can you bullshit 2 RS mechanic. Aamir’s name is enough to kick your and your star’s ass. Your bakri can not cross 300 crores in his whole career and will always remain being megastar aamir khan in popularity and fan following.

  • @ 6:54pm:
    Hahahaha……queen fans are barking on Bhai’s holiday releases!!!! See moron, Bhai has 2 non holiday releases in last 5 years. But your 2rs chadakchap star has ZERO non holiday release in last 5 years. Which clearly indicates he is an another jayed khan of Bollywood without holidays. And Bhai’s biggest non holiday grosser collected huge 123cr (ready) and your queen’s biggest non holiday grosser collected less than 70cr. Your barking proves you queen fans think 70cr are bigger figure than 123cr…Hahahaha.

    One suggestion for you do your homework properly before barking anything rubbish…

  • @Aunt : 5 comments in a row which doesn’t make any sense except capturing the space of indicine comment section. Aunty Ji, Why don’t you care about your husband (Hyderabadi) and kids (Ultron the lunatic and Chuha) instead of wasting your time here at indicine?
    I do agree that you have enough time to construct a big paragraph (piece of shit), then splitting it into 5 differen comments and then putting it back on Indicine, but everyone is not as jobless as you no, to read all the five bullshits one after the another.

    Here is the comment writing mechanism of this agony aunt :

    First ten words about Tihar, Next ten words about electric shocks, next ten words about Ranveer overshadowing SRK, next ten words about criminal’s last few movies .
    Ok, how many words? 50 ?
    Yippee, let me split it into five different pieces of trash and let me put one SRK fan’s name in each with different time lines e.g. 25:62 pm, 32 Aug, etc.
    Grow up aunt, speak something new. People are bored of you and your torturous rant :D

  • @chuhe 01:07 pm : wow, your name only is “Rat” or your mind is also as smaller as rat?? You are comparing 2009 released movie with a 2011/12 released movie?? So for you criminal fans, 2009 and 2011/12 were same years. Right?? Hypocrisy at its peak.

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