Aamir Khan supports fight against alcoholism among women

Bollywood actor-producer Aamir Khan, who brought several social issues to the fore through his show “Satyamev Jayate”, has now lent support to the fight against alcoholism amongst women. He says women should be forthcoming about admitting their addiction.

Addressing a press conference by Alcoholics Anonymous, an NGO, Aamir said the problem is more complex in India as women never come out and admit that they drink.

“In India, the problem is more complex. There are so many modernistic issues involved with drinking that women would be afraid to even admit openly that they are drinking. Its a very difficult thing for them,” the 47-year-old said here Sunday.

“So, the fact that you (female reporters) have come here, will give them a lot of strength, lot of courage and with the media reporting about it, the message that it is a disease will come across. Even if you are a woman and if you are suffering, you need to step out and there is help available to you,” he added.

Aamir says eradicating the issue will take time, but it will have to be a continuous struggle.

“Certainly this is a struggle which is a continuous struggle. I don’t think that anyone’s step is ever the end of it. Its a continuous struggle that we all have to take forward and we have to be committed,” Aamir said.

Aamir Khan visits KEM HospitalAamir Khan visits KEM Hospital

Aamir KhanAamir Khan

Aamir Khan - KEM HospitalAamir Khan – KEM Hospital

Aamir visits KEM HospitalAamir visits KEM Hospital

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  • A true humanitarian who puts other before himself. Love you Aamir and may god give you the strength to continue supporting those in our society who need your help and guidance the most. Amen

  • When star are busy in counting money, this man sets example to all, that indian people gives you that stardom so its time to do something for them, love you Aamir you truly deserve respect and continue this social service which will help for someone.

  • on a recent trip to India, i was shocked at the number of women especially in the metro areas that drink. in a conversation with a college student, she said that if a women does not do do all these things, they are looked down on and called “bhainji’s.” i so glad that Aamir has decided to do something that is glaringly wrong with the so called ultra modern indian women. drinking means to ape the west. i live in the west and here indian women are conservative. it gives us a better quality of life.


    Aamir Khan is the only actor that I see as a icon. But, he should stop doing all these boring stuffs for the country. It is politician’s job dude. There are hundreds of actors in Bollywood who doesn’t care anything like this at all and you are the only one who keeps prioritizing it. It is not your fault, but who cares about the society? No one have time for it. WE WANT OUR BELOVED ENTERTAINING AAMIR KHAN BACK NOT A BORING ONE. WE WANT THAT CHULBULAY AAMIR BACK NOT THE SERIOUS ONE. You always keep yourself away from media and your fans. We rarely see you tweeting anything unlike others actors. These days, even your interviews seems lazy and boring. Look at other actor’s interviews, they talk fun things on what happened on the sets and even talk about their happy personal life. The only thing you talk about is your role in the film and the scripts. Honestly, we just want to see your on the screen not a good script which delays your every films. You were, is and will be the number one always. But, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE keep yourself away from these social works. It is disappointing your fans instead of pleasing. Start tweeting now onwards. Lastly, DO NOT DO SATYAMEVA JAYATE 2. Do more films instead. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE . Other actors are overpowering you. Actors like Akshay, ajay, ranbir are main threats to you. Salman and Shahrukh have kinda kicked you aside. COME BACK DUDE. BUT COME AS A ENTERTAINER NOT A PREACHER.

  • I am proud of Aamir – although he is using the people to enrich himself – he is giving back by the serving the community.

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