Aamir Khan plays a woman for a television commercial: Pics

After dancing to the tunes of Dole Dole Dil Dole in the 1995 film Baazi and playing a female characer in one of Tata Sky’s television commercials in 2008, Aamir Khan is all set to transform into a woman once again for a new commercial, where the actor will be seen playing himself.

“In the commercial, while researching the role of a woman, he dresses like one and visits his neighbour’s house, which leads to a comedy of error” says Aamir’s makeup artist Mickey Contractor, who is responsible for the superstar’s transformation in Baazi and the Tata Sky commercials.

Below are a few pictures of Aamir Khan who cross-dresses and quite easily slips into a female character. The TVC will be aired soon.

Aamir Khan looks like a lady for an ad

Aamir Khan looks like a lady for an ad

Aamir Khan in woman Avatar

Aamir Khan in woman Avatar



  • The commercial is looking very funny.”Dhoom 3″ still has 9 months to create dhoom so it is a nice little funny treat by Aamir khan for his fans after serious movie “Talaash”.

  • I shouldnt be saying this but needs must, Aamir kinda looks hot. Lol
    Plus he puts alot of B grade and some so called A grade Actresses to shame, clearly they have gone overboard with the notion that “Less Is More” whereas here “more clothing increases the intrigue”. Lol…!
    Anyway back to the wife before she gets the hump with me…! ;-)
    @Deepu wherever you are hiding, you must be secretly sulking at the fact that Aamir looks HOT and this clearly makes you feel jealous no doubt…! Hehehe

  • Wow , cute, hot blah blah blah all people like Navin, sachin find it awesome.
    No hatred towards aamir.
    But if the same get up was done by SRK then all wud have started barking rubbish. Don’t know wat kinda perfection do v find in this its just an ad.

  • Whenever he wants to show his so called versatility he gets nothing else to do except dress up as a woman! Flat and boring. Though better than his aged, botoxed face as a man!

    My god that took an eternity writing your pathetic name in BLOCK, next time take the Caps Lock of you rotten individual. :-P
    FYI if srk dressed up as a woman then he would like a ‘cross dresser/ tranny’…! :-P
    Nobody wants to see srk dressed as a woman except for maybe Kjo or Arjun Rampal. ;-)

  • @Deepu took you a day but you finally found your way here and no surprises to see you hating on Aamirs appearance again or his versatility.
    Look closely at Aamir as you can pick up on afew tips like how to look classy and yet sophisticated without being overstated…!
    Aamir roxXxXx in whatever he does and that clearly bothers a Loser like you. Shame on you but go Aamir go. :-)

  • Amir izz really lukin girlish…!!
    N @hawkeye u took words out of mah mouth…
    See navin started barking again…
    Ghantaa lallu’s mentle fan

  • @Damnnn…! Learn to spell properly or if you feeling lazy then use the spell check tool. How is anyone expected to take you seriously when:-
    1- you have an idiotic name indicating that you didnt give a ‘damn’ as to what ID you wanted.
    2-you cannot spell or dont care for good spelling.
    3- you just spouting rubbish.
    4- finally you are a fan of a loser gibberish speaking crapstar called srk.
    Really its a miracle you being getting away with the above for so long but in future have alittle ounce of pity upon yourself and try to make an effort atleast with you say or do.

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