Aamir Khan, Katrina Kaif shoot climax of Dhoom 3

With Aamir Khan playing the villain in the third instalment of Dhoom, the Christmas 2013 release is the most awaited film of the year. Sources close to the film say, several thrilling action sequences have been shot by the film’s stunt director Oliver Keller. 

We have a few pictures straight from the sets of the film, which was supposedly shot at the Verzasca Dam in Switzerland. Have a look.

Aamir Khan posing with Dhoom 3 stunt coordinator Oliver Keller

Aamir Khan posing with Dhoom 3 stunt coordinator Oliver Keller

Katrina Kaif on the sets of climax shoot of Dhoom 3

Katrina Kaif on the sets of Dhoom 3

Aamir Khan's stunt double at climax sequence of Dhoom 3

Aamir Khan’s shooting the climax sequence of Dhoom 3



  • Can’t wait for the movie. Aamir insists that Dhoom:3 should be the last installment in the series. Don’t know why? We want more Dhooms and Dhoom:4 with Akshay Kumar.

  • Climax is looking outstanding.Clearly it shows that Aamir khan will jump from this Verzasca Dam.It will be great fun to watch this scene on big screen.

  • No Abhishek bachchan and Uday chopra here in climax.Looks like Supervillian Aamir khan killed them already before climax.

  • In 2008 christmas amir created 100cr club with ghajni, in 2009 christmas amir created 200cr club with 3 idiots and this year christmas 2013 amir will create 300cr club with dhoom 3. And krish 3 will be another ra1 or kites in 2013 just wait and watch because 2013 is very exprementally year for hritic carear.

  • wtf is wrong with shekkar suman and romance express??
    even though you hate hrithik,we dont hate khans because we are not jealous of them…
    and we know any one can be succesful or more ,if they choose good scripts..
    but in your case ,you are clearly jealous of hrithik

  • All hail the body doubles! :D Look at insecurity of Aamir fans! Bashing Krissh 3 here! Hrithik is the original Greek god who made Dhoom series huge with Dhoom 2 – this is why other stars started salivating in hope of doing a Dhoom film. Rather it is a challenge for Aamir Khan if he can live up to the standards set by Hrithik!

  • Dhoom3 is final climex of dhoom series and no any chance of make dhoom 4
    because Aamir in this and Aamir will not leave any thing to make again

  • Aamir is looking like the Daredevil Khan if he pulls of the jump. Would have been nice to see the films action sequences shot in 3D but I will go along with Aamirs judgement for not shooting portions of the filmin 3D.
    It will be great in 2D regardless and after watching crappy 3D movies in past few years, that format is definitely overrated and rather abused by producers who hike up ticket prices and make our eyes sore. :-(

    @Deeper in Denial Deepu- welcome back and nice to see you switching your fascination from Aamir to Bollywoods hidden cupboard of actors known as ‘BodyDoubles’…! I guess these folks are new species in your world and havent been around for decades…! :-P

  • HR created dhoom lol BS of highest order..Dhoom is a brand in itself..Aamir will do wonders and will make it most memorable !

  • thanks for the post. well good to see amir in action, watch Srk in action in lux cozi toifa tomorow on 6:30 pm onwards at Sony Tv

  • Watch Toifa awards tomorrow and enjoy all the performances and the awards of Bollywood. It will be telecast on Sony TV at 6:30 pm

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