Aamir Khan in his ‘DANGAL’ look

Bollywood superstar Aamir Khan was spotted in his ‘Dangal’ look at the airport in Mumbai on Saturday. The actor will be travelling to Ludhiana to shoot for his upcoming film ‘Dangal’.

The actor was spotted in his ‘pepper and salt’ look and almost slipped unrecognised at the airport.

Known for getting into the skin of the characters that he plays on-screen, Aamir has been working hard on ‘Dangal’. He has gained nearly 30 kilos of weight and has also personally picked the actors who will be sharing screen space with him in the film.

Directed by Nitesh Tiwari, ‘Dangal’ releases in theatres during Christmas next year.

Aamir Khan spotted in his Dangal look

Aamir Khan spotted in his Dangal look

Aamir Khan in his Dangal look with Gautam Gulati

Aamir Khan in his Dangal look with Gautam Gulati



  • He doesn’t look good but it’s for the character. Most actors get into the character (either building a body or changing their looks) so aamir isn’t the only one. Akshay grew a beard for one of his roles and built his body, I didn’t see articles on that.

  • 2007 Aamir on Christmas= Superhit
    2008 Aamir on Christmas= ATBB
    2009 Aamir on Christmas= ATBB
    2013 Aamir on Christmas= ATBB
    2014 Aamir on Christmas= ATBB
    Aamir’s flawless track record on Christmas will continue in 2016, with another ATBB Dangal.

  • Interesting! Dangal looks like a classic wrestler movie. I’m sure it will be 100 times better than takla khan’s street fighting in “Multan”.

  • Looking much more healthier and wrinkless face compared to Mediawalle Queen Koyla!
    All the best sir. Challo iss saal Salman Hgoty agle saal Aamir. That’s how they dominate the box office both within and outside India. Aamir Ajay Salman powerful lead actors of their generation bhaaki saab bekhar. From a die hard Aamirian.

  • Outstanding look as wrestler.
    So finally Dangal shooting going to start.
    Biggest film of the 2016 is on cards. I hope again a quality masterpiece film from Aamir after PK.
    Best of luck Team Dangal.
    Aamir rocks.

  • At this point without seeing any promos
    i think dangal wil b a gud film with decent collctns nt a record breaker
    lifetime below 230

  • Wow..can’t even recognize him.Dangal will be a great film.
    To be honest I personally feel Aamir’s stardom is quite underrated.People credit his stardom to Raju or Dhoom franchise but I personally feel to work with the best directors and brands you need to be a great actor and a big star.And Aamir perfectly fits that bill

  • amazing how he is more of the character than a superstar with each of his films!

    just imagine this bulked up guy is the same not so big cute alien from PK!

  • @Ultron a lunatic: yeah, in the same way , this year’s diwali will be ruined by Barjatya’s marriage DVD while next year we’ll be blessed with classic Shivay.

  • Ha ha ha ha even thieves has better look than 2rs look of our perfaketionist.it looks like dangal will struggle to surpass 200cr this time with solo and with CLASH it’ll surely do 90cr as amir is a 90cr club(talash) actor,lol.


  • Only emran will rule in 2016. Only azhar will 100% break pk record on 13 may 2016.

    Current top 5 actors

    B.o prediction of this top 5 actors
    1.dangal-180 crs
    2. Sultan -185 crs
    3. Raees- 195 crs
    4. Fan- 150 crs
    5. Azhar- 360 crs
    6. Mohenjodaro- 125 crs

    So azhar will be heighest grossing movies of all time. Others:- joker kumar, koyla devgan, dappors and others kids I don’t care.

  • This movie will change good fate of the perfectionist to ill fate… He will lose a lots of fans with the release of this film…

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