Aamir Khan gains 22 kgs, learns wrestling and Haryanvi for Dangal

We all know that Aamir Khan is a perfectionist, but it’s probably his dedication and hard-work that has sustained his undisputed standing in the industry.

Apart from gaining 22 kilos of weight for his upcoming film, Aamir is learning the art of wrestling and also mastering the Haryanvi language.

Talking to the media during the launch of the PK DVD, Aamir said “I am learning wrestling and Haryanvi language for the film and this preparation will continue for some months. Then we will start shooting for the film. We are still doing the prep on it. I think in the next few months, it will go on the floors. We have not locked the date yet. Casting is being done”


Sources say, the film will go on floors in the month of May and release during the festive season of Christmas next year.

Aamir also said that he has turned vegetarian ”At this time I can eat anything. I eat whatever I like. I have turned vegetarian now, so I’m not taking non-vegetarian and also eggs. Except these two things, I am eating everything and that too in huge quantity.”

When asked about the weight that he has gained, Aamir said “Right now I weigh 90 kilos, which I need to be for my film, whereas during PK, I weighed 68 kg”




  • Aamir u can do anything u want to do man,gain 44kg instead of 22kg,learn chinese instead of haryanvi but dangal pandey is destined to flop.
    His look is amateurish! Should be a huge disaster.

  • Super flop of all time ……!! …
    No hirani this time …..!! …

    Only LEGEND SRK n akki rocks…!
    Flop Dangall…..!
    #Waiting_for_Gabbar ……

  • Aamir is so insecure,he had a gud chance of releasing his film on any non holiday but he did’nt.
    Cheap tactics will be used once again,prices will increase,tweets will come frm aamir after 2 yrs to persuade his foolish fans to watch dangal pandey

  • Dangal will be disaster like talash.
    aamir’films depend on only rajkumar hirani..
    2015 and 2016 belongs to akshay only akshay

  • Why not hindi.bhojpuri and hariyanvi are tough to understand for us.hope this time they add english subtittle for south indian audiance,at the time he speak hariyanvi.
    Indicine,is hindi speaking people understant hariyanvi.

  • Shameless Aamir cannot release a film without Raju Hirani, Dhoom brand or Christmas. Everyone knows what happened to his last film Talaash which had none of the above factors.

    Bhaijaan is best.

  • This is what we like about legend aamir different looks in each and every film others must learn frm him
    our bhaijaan is doing a role of a boxer in sulthan which also requires alot of preparation

  • @Ajinkya

    Ghajini, Taare Zameen Par, Rang De Basanti, Fanaa, Lagaan ye films Kya Hirani sahab ne banai thi? A poor fanatic like you can’t talk good about anyone! After Mangal Pandey all Aamir Khan films are either box office champions or critical acclaimed successes.

    A superstar is willing to spend 2 years for one film and psychopaths like you are chanting about his failure needlessly. Go home gentleman. You need medical help! I expected better from Akshay fans!

  • look at all the frustrated jealous stupid Akki fans abusing this film.
    the stupidest and fumiest thing is they are saying 2016 belong to Akki like seriously
    Akki got a chance last year. he released Holiday after IPL and this year he got Republic day holiday but he failed to benefit n both movies were only average at their best.

    No one trust Akki anymore. he should go back to Thailand. flopkumar.

  • I must say Aamir is a real professional and that is what i love about Aamir . Gaining 22 Kgs, learning Haryanvi and wrestling this just shows the comittment of Aamir . Aamir gives more than his 100% to a single movie . He brings good movies on Christmas . TZP, 3 Idiots were brilliant films released on Christmas . Ghajini and PK were also good movies released on Christmas . Dhoom 3 was completely crap and it is the 2nd worst movie of Aamir in the last 15 years after Mela . I don’t care how much money Dangal collects i just want a brilliant movie and a solid performance from Aamir . PK was a good movie but not great according to me . In Dangal Aamir is playing a old man which will be a challenge for him . The director of the movie is Nitesh Tiwari who has previously directed Chillar Party and Bhoothnath Returns . Both were simple and brilliant films . I am waiting for the casting of those 3 actresses who will play the daughters of Aamir in the movie . Expecting a solid movie from Aamir i hope he will disappoint . Happy Birthday Aamir in advance .

  • he is yet to confirm that he doing dhangal i don’t know why he isn’t conforming the whole world knows though

  • Gabbar,drisyam,shivvay,brothers,badshao,airlift,housefull3,golmal4,baby2,fetah singh.great line up for akshay and ajay.2015 and 2016 are the years of akshay and ajay along with khans.
    Brothers and golmal4 has good chance to cross 200 crore.

  • The top 5 comments belong too Aamir haters at comment section so there is no need to prove anything.
    Aamir is known for his hardwork,dedication and perfection, so there is no doubt that he will shine again with his performance as well as the movie too.
    Way to go Aamir, happy birthday in advance sir.

  • I think khans r nothing widout holiday. If u hv potential then release ur movies on non holidays. U people r so insecure.. Hats off to the man for all seasons Akshay kumar. Hro ,nd Ajju too

  • Dedication ! thats I like about Aamir .
    @Salman Khan we all now what happened to that Jai Ho.Talash was 100 times better than Jai ho.

  • That’s y he was giving d name PERFECTIONIST!! didn’t ask 4it…..they gave it!!
    Wish d movie best of luck! World Class Superstar!! Dedication upon dedication even @ d age of almost 50!!

  • Hrithik Roshan is roped for ‘The Departed’ hollywood remake..Vishal Bhardwaj will direct this movie..

  • ATBB guaranteed and I predict it will break PKs record due to Xmas release- Im super confident about that inevitability….!

  • Thats the difference between Content Rich Dangal and media hyped Content Superior ‘Rice King’ featuring our King…. For Dangal Aamir is even learning haryani to get into the skin of the character but for Rice King our King wont learn Gujarati – he will just speak in his run of the mill standard hindi stuttering out his dialogues and will no doubt impress his foolish immature fans to the extent where they start sending unsold dvd copies of the movie to the Oscars….!

  • at the time of aamir’s movie, ticket prices r high and for srk movie, rope, poison bottle, crocin, zandu balm prices r high…bhalaai ka jamana hi nahi raha ab..

  • @ gj007 :
    So you are talking about Aamir films which are 10-15 years old .
    May I tell something about about SRK films which are 10 years old ???

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