Aamir Khan and Imran Khan celebrate Eid with family: Photos

Like Salman Khan and Shahrukh Khan, Aamir also celebrated Eid with his family on Tuesday. The superstar was seen with his wife, Kiran Rao, and son, Azad Khan.

Aamir’s other two children Junaid and Ira were also spotted along with his ex-wife Reena Dutta and nephew Imran Khan.

Reena, Junaid and Ira also posed for pictures. Check them out!

Aamir Khan celebrates Eid with family

Aamir Khan celebrates Eid with family

Aamir Khan celebrates Eid

Aamir Khan celebrates Eid

Aamir Khan

Aamir Khan

Imran Khan celebrates Eid

Imran Khan celebrates Eid

Imran Khan

Imran Khan



  • Feel really bad for imran.from all the interviews and press interactions I hv seen of him he seems like to be a really humble,polite and clean hearted person.hope he comes back with a bang and gifts ymus films like jane tu ya jane na.I don’t want imran to join the league of actors who started well and then flopped badly like sahid,emraan,neil etc

  • In an interview to anuoam kher srk told that he wants both his children to become actors.I think aamir will also want azad to become an actor.so v cd well hv khan rivalry taken forwad by the junoir khans.

  • Oh no.Everyone is so confident about PK and we that pray welcome back release on same day and becomes Global blockbuster coz our kings happy new year will have some chance to.beat PK.We will support welcome back

  • So less comment on Aamir article…..kya hua Sachin11 lol. There is no interest for him. You see the difference between King Khan and Aamir.

  • SIR AAMIR!!! _/\_

    haters may cry that there are nobody moving around Aamir Sir’s house, but when it comes to BO, the real verdict comes out and even the most ardent hater ends up watching and loving Aamir sir’s movie!!! Hard truth to digest for haters..

  • Mmmmwaaahhh Azad looks adorable

    Aamir looks radiants as ever

    @aniel he doesnt have as many haterz n detractors as Thakur does so that speaks volumes about the respect he has amongst not just his peers but audience too. So hence his films are viewed by the vast audience unlike Thakurs movies which generally are restricted to only regional theatres in Paglapur…!

  • Aniel get a life. There is no interest for srk either. Srk looks old and ugly. No one is interested in srk.

  • No one outside his house except media? Two wives and 4 kids. One hidden in London with Jessica Hines. Aamir the so called family man!

  • @Navina…..go cry baby. Indicine…you are sure that Sachin11, Navin, Bulli, aren’t the same person?

  • @deepu, and srk the so called clean hearted family man who had many affairs specially the one with Piggy Chops. Where is piggy chops? What happened to srk the so called family man? And by the way Aamir doesn’t need crowds outside his house because he gives time only to his family and he is private person, and he has enough money. Why are you so burning your ass in jealousy, let your idol brake hum spake hai Kaun’s record. Ha ha ha. Forget aamir’s records, srk can only dream of.

  • @Aneil Aamir khan have least haters so less comments and maximum comments on Srk’s article r from his haters.lol

  • @Aneil i thought that u have some brain but by thinking that me and Navin r same person u proved me wrong.lol

  • @Sachin11…..what must i say about you…..you should play the role of the Joker in future Batmanfilm…Oh NO….he dies in the movies.

  • @Mr Bond
    What is there in Aamir to be jealous of? No looks, no character, no personality, no career before last 5 years.

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