Aaja Nachle Movie Review

Aaja Nachle Introduction:

There is no one really like her nor will there ever be. Charming, Beautiful, Graceful and with a smile that ruled millions of hearts worldwide – Madhuri Dixit weaved magic for more than a decade in Bollywood and after a 5 year long wait she makes her comeback. She is arguably one of Bollywood’s most talented and popular actresses ever. Directed by cinematographer turned director Anil Mehta, Yashraj Films presents Madhuri Dixit’s Aaja Nachle.

Aaja Nachle Story

Aaja Nachle is about a women’s journey back to her hometown to teach the importance of art and artifacts, rekindling lost relationships and bringing back to life the theatre where she learnt the lessons of life, love and dance.

Dia Srivastav (Madhuri Dixit) returns to her hometown Shamli from New York to meet her ailing guru (Darshan Jariwala). On reaching she finds out about the death of her guru and adding to her distress, she is informed about the Government’s decision to pull down Ajanta Theatre, the place where she was taught to live, love and dance. To fulfill her guru’s last wish Dia takes it upon herself to save the monument from destruction and bringing back to life the art of music and dance. With the help of her Guru’s friend Doctor (Raghubir Yadav), Dia takes up the challenge of putting together a show in two months time casting the people of Shamli.

Wining the hearts of the people of Shamli town, overcoming the offenses of politicians and a powerful contractor, finding her member cast and producing a theatrical show is not an easy task. How and will she succeed in saving Ajanta from demolition? This forms the rest of the story.

Aaja Nachle Review

The movie starts off slow, with the first 15 minutes being dull but soon gathers momentum. The audition sequence is interesting and also comical at times. Post interval the pace slackens and tends to get over dramatic. Although director Anil Mehta’s execution is good, the script lets him down. The characters in the movie, barring a few, don’t make an impact. The sequences had to be more intact and effectual. Madhuri’s character lacks appeal. Neither do you feel for the character nor do you feel like cheering her to victory. If only the pain of her mortification was stressed, her fight and her predicament would have emerged more personal and throbbing. Also even though she is visiting her hometown after 11 long years, she never really makes even an attempt to find out about her parents.

The last 20 – 30 minutes is boring and disappoint big time, the Laila – Majnu drama is too long. Cinematography is great, dialogues are interesting, the sets are mind blowing. Choreography by Vaibhavi Merchant is vivacious and commendable. Music by Salim and Sulaiman Merchant is just average, should have been much better as the movie in itself is a dance musical.


Madhuri Dixit shines throughout the movie with her pleasing beauty, unmatchable acting and dancing skills. She is just her charming usual self. Konkona Sen Sharma has set such high standards for herself that she disappoints. Akshay Khanna is excellent in his limited role. Rang De Basanti star Kunal Kapoor is natural and efficient. Vinay Sharma’s and Sushmitha Mukherjee’s characters were interesting and the two have carried their role with ease. Ranvir Shorey is fantastic. Darshan Jariwala, Irrfan Khan, Divya Dutta and Dalai (Madhuri’s daughter in the movie) are good.

Indicine Aaja Nachle Verdict

Aaja Nachle is not the perfect comeback vehicle Madhuri Fans would have been hoping for. Also the movie is never consistent, just entertains in bits and pieces. At the Box-office, Madhuri’s presence would ensure a good opening. Can it sustain? Don’t think it would!

Watch it once for Madhuri!

Rating: ★★½☆☆ Average



  • fantastic review..its a bad film and should be neglected by one and all.nothing amazing in the movie ..its the end for the lady ..in any case she is not in movies to hug and kiss her heroes so what the hell she can be in us of a ..bad film dont go

  • Aaja nachle’s title song has some substance,
    The first girl to the left of Madhuri Dixit is ROCKING!!
    She seems to have caught the limelight better than Madhuri herself…
    I think some director should seriously hunt this talent out for some movie.
    She seems to have dance flowing in her blood. That woman is some substantial Dancer!
    WHO is she??? She rocks the whole dance team MANN!!!

  • What a comeback of madhuri in industry.Among all the comercial and glamour films like Om shanti Om it has a different place. the subject of movie is a bit boaring but the performance of whole team is amzing.Its melodious songs give it more edge.At last the movie of the year.

  • I disagree with anyone says that Ajaa Nachle was a bad movie. It was a good movie, most of people watched it in our country (Bahrain) liked the movie. Laila Majno was the most scene which they liked and made them cry.

    Madhuri makes everything beautiful. She deserved to be the Queen of Bollywood, Ashiwariya Rai is a good actress but comparing her to Madhuri, she can’t compete Madhuri Dixit in her acting.

    Madhuri deserves to be offered best movies in Bollywood, I always admired her and considered her best coostar with Shahrukh Khan

  • varsha suresh u bitch .. watch the movie wid ur eyes open .. aaja nachle is a fan-tastic movie ..
    next time u open ur dirty mouth against that movie i’m gonna screw u bitch …

  • I fail to understand how could a masterpiece like Aja Nachle be stoned in such aggressive and artless language. Hey! if you don’t like it…go sharpen your sensibilities. The Laila-Majnu musical drama leaves a life-long impact on anybody who has the slightest inclination for art. The film may have its flaws…but they are HUGELY overshadowed by the rest of the novelty. Great Job…i have watched it more than, say, ten times…

  • I shall make you one thing clear that Aja Nachle was not a flop movie. if you consult box office, Aja Nachle was hit in overseas. The movie is equal to Raja. Again that movie was a average still the script was “not fully Okay” but still fine. Just because of Madhuri, the movie became an Averager she is still Female Amitab bachan!

    Madhuri still rocks in the Movie. Mohini to Dia……………………………………………………

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