Aaja Nachle Banned in Uttar Pradesh

aaja nachle

Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Mayawati has banned the screening of bollywood beauty queen Madhuri Dixit’s comeback film Aaja Nachle in Uttar Pradesh as she felt that a particular line in a song sequence was derogatory to a section of Dalits. Mayawati took immediate action and banned the screening of the movie on Friday, the day of its release itself. She has also sent a letter to the Prime Minister Mr Manmohan Singh in this regard and has requested for a nationwide ban for the screening of the movie.



  • Ridiculous.:o…..crazyyyy UP:? guys kaaam kam bakwaas zyaada. :P … any ways i bow to their irrelevant job profile banning movies rather than banning corruption and unparlimantory language they use and their yuckkyyyyyyyyy behaviour :bow: :p

  • the problem only the song so y must banned the movie :angry:the directors put the hard work n that mayawati so easily say ban the movie. :p

  • all you pakis are a disgrace banning the movie is gud for the enviroment so why u fuckers in a bad state its gud for the animals teri madi lang

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