Aaj Zid Song Video – Aksar 2

Arijit Singh and Mithoon bring to you the most sensual song of the year ‘Aaj Zid’ from ‘Aksar 2’ – the second film in the ‘Aksar’ series of films featuring Zarine Khan in the lead.

After making her debut in ‘Veer’, Zarine’s career hasn’t really gone the way most believed it would. The actress, who was earlier seen in ‘Hate Story 3’ and a couple of other ‘sensual’ song videos, is now relegated to what’s called the ‘genre of no return’ in the industry.

Check out the ‘Aaj Zid’ song below:

Song Video: Aaj Zid
Music by Mithoon
Lyrics by Sayeed Quadri
Singer: Arijit Singh



  • Why don’t they go to porn industry, just know to sell sex and earn their invested money & gf-bf’s in our country will help these movies to earn rs in crores… Clumsiest truth…

      • that’s what his meaning indian people will make it earn like they did hit the movies which were nearly like porn

  • This is the most sensual song of the year ? Really ? Hate Story 3 songs were 10 times more sensual than this. Any half decent soft-porn bollywood movie of the recent past has way more sensual songs n scenes. Any Sunny leone item number is more sensual than this crap. Julie-2 will have much more sensual scenes n songs.

  • @INDICINE, What is the reason to avoid any news & update about ‘POSTER BOYS’. Is ‘Poster boys’ a more small movie than ‘Aksar-2’ or ‘Aksar-2’s star is more popular than Sunny Deol ??? Remember that 2 time national award winner Sunny Deol is most talented & successful actor of Bollywood we have. Plz try to respect all actors not only Khans, kumars & kapoors. Thanks…

  • Aksar 2 music will surprise everyone.
    Apart from this song,another CHARTBUSTER song is on the way which is in the trailer.

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