The Xpose Review

Himesh Reshammiya keeps coming back to contest the box office elections by releasing one self-produced film after another. He just doesn’t quit. So after multiple defeats in different terrains with films like Aap Ka Suroor, Karzzzzz, Radio, Damadamm and Khiladi 786, he is now back with The Xpose (the title is deliberately typo ridden we are told). Expectations admittedly aren’t huge. But is as it as bad the trailers have made it look? Let’s dissect.

Story: Ravi Kumar is a South Indian film Superstar who was previously an inspector. He has now landed up in Bombay to capture the film industry booths there as a leading hero. He is an arrogant narcissist and most of the people who meet him loathe him. The twist arises when an actress plunges to her death, which we are told is a murder. There are a plethora of suspects who could be responsible for the murder? So it is up to our hero Ravi Kumar (Himesh Reshammiya) to find out the main culprit through his special exit poll. Is he able to find the murderer? The answer is as predictable as you are thinking of right now.

Review: The campaign manager of the film (Ananth Mahadevan, the director we mean) is going for a special status with this film of his. The its-so-bad-its-good kind of a cult status. And to a large extent he is able to manage to do that. The Xpose lacks a coherent screenplay, a fluid tone and most of the sequences feel like they have been jumbled together to form a film. Just like a few parties make a coalition to form muddled governments. There are numerous references to the Bollywood of 1960s. Some of the referenced might not go down well with the bollywood bigwigs who were active in that era.

The Xpose’s sets are highly influenced by that of the recent Hollywood hit The Great Gatsby. They are stylish and provide the only laudable aspect of the laughably unimaginative film of the year. The editing is highly inconsistent. The Xpose would have done well with a good soundtrack but it falls flat there too. Himesh really should not have been juggling so many departments of the film.

Acting: The Xpose is basically a platform to showcase the talents of its hero and producer Himesh Reshammiya. The close-up shots of him throughout the film make you squeasy and uncomfortable. Himesh’s lean frame suits his character as much as Eskimos are suited for the temperatures of India. This is not to say that the film would have become better without Himesh in it. No, it would have still remained as terrible and as unintentionally funny as the end product suggests. The other actors in the film are decent. Yo Yo Honey Singh debuts in Hindi cinema with The Xpose and he looks wicked and conniving from the get go. It is hard not to impulsively think of him as the killer! Irrfan Khan and Adil Hussain are in this film probably only because of the fat pay cheque that was promised to them. Zoya Afroz and Sonali Raut are cringeworthy in their respective roles.

Conclusion: The Xposť sets new standards of awfulness. It provides plenty of unintentional laughter through the dialogues spoken by Himesh’s character. Some of the dialogues are so ridiculous that they point to an inner conspiracy by the dialogue writer to troll the filmmakers. If you are in the mood to play with the sanity of your mind, The Xposť would be a perfect choice for you.

Box Office: The Xposť is going to take a below average opening. We think the public mandate will be against the film. Although, a few viewers might check it out just to see and experience the awfulness of it all.


  • The end credits
  • The sets
  • Unintentional humour through the dialogues


  • Himesh Reshammiya the lead actor is so out of his depth that you can’t help but feel sad for him
  • Pretty much the whole film
  • No consistent tone, fluidity and editing is evident

Rating: ½☆☆☆☆



  • HOLLYWOOD SUMMER kick starts with Amazing Spider Man2….And BOLLYWOOD SUMMER kick starts wid XPOSE……lol….MATLAB HADD HAI….Why and what Does Himesh thinks before releasing his flicks…..God save him…..Btw saw Godzilla…..Its mind boggling…..Amazng…!!

  • Half? ? ? ? ?too less! However, i loved a track “dard e dilon ke kam ho jate,main aur tum agar hum ho jaate” from the film.

  • In whole Modi euphoria we forget yesterday The most awaited film of all time starring biggest star of global Himesh, and most promising young actor Honey singh released yesterday. In the movie we have seen what global star Himesh can do what actors like Big b,aamir,srk,ajay,hr can’t do and that’s is our himesh doesn’t know acting so he not even trying to do. In this film himesh has exposed his grand acting skills. My heartfelt condolence to all including indicine who wasted their hard earned money on exposed performance. Indicine also taking fun as for positives they said “the end credit”.

  • It is not that bad as u r saying. It is better than many films u have rated 4 stars such as gtpm n yjhd.

  • It falls in the same category its-so-good-that-its-bad of films like Jaani Dushman, Mission Istanbul, Himmatwala, etc.
    Such movies earn cult status too.

  • @Moron chapter close how can a great film be a 1 time watch only
    btw your username will be more funny than the movie

    I have some stupid srk and sallu fans writing nonsensical things on Akshay sir’s articles.They will get a reply

  • Himesh is sure to get a Filmfare nomination for best actor and win it. His acting in Xpose was astoundingly stupendous. Every single word he says send shivers down the spine.
    When he made his entry audience clapped and gave a standing ovation. Unbelievable craze.

  • YYyy??? u r insulting ur self…vid this kind of “out put” “Hr”….. plzzz plzzz…. movie bana na chod do….. music pe concentrat koro…….

  • “The Truth” is @Aeeyy this article is about the review of The Xpose so ur comment about Akshay sir is irrelevant!

  • @Aeeyy where i said grt movie, r u blind
    i only said ki entertaining movie.
    its cool suspance thriller one time watchable now all clear baby !!!
    Akshya fan Aeeyy sucks yrr

  • I went somewhere and had to wait for someone so out of choice watched the movie Xpose. I am totally surprised that I liked the movie and even more suprised by the above review. I went with zero expectation, perhaps that why I liked the movie. It’s atleast an above avg movie and entertaining one too. It’s a crime thriller and a very different film. Himesh did descent job and his puch dialogues are spon on. Movie is just 2 hours long and didnt got bored for even a sec. Every actors did a descnet job especially yo yo honey singh. Dont believe the reviews instead go n watch the movie, I guarantee u would like it.

  • @indicine..tell the person who posted the article, not to include KHILADI 786 in himesh’s list. its not his film. secondly, it collected 85 crores with a hit tag and profit for distributors. please remind him. when you include, dont disgrace other actors for the mistake they haven’t done!!!

  • this film is still better. hny and kick will give this film very tough competition for the worst film of this decade and i am sure hny will come out victorious and will emerge as the worst film.

  • indicine…ur review not acceptable movie is good only d last 10mins s nothing coz suspense bohot jaldi aur asani se open hojata hai…otherwise dialogues r good better than jai ho, krish 3 & dhoom 3…

  • if someone would watch this crap of Himesh Reshamiya.. only for his great song “Dard Dilo ki”

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