2 States Second Week Box Office Collections

2 States has collected Rs 84.83 cr in its first two weeks at the domestic box office. The film has emerged as the biggest hit of the year (ahead of Queen) and the second highest grosser of the year, behind Jai Ho.

With the release of ‘The Amazing Spiderman 2’ yesterday, the business of 2 States was affected in metro cities and also at multiplexes in smaller cities.

The film will find it difficult to cross the 100 crore mark, as business has dropped quite significantly today.

2 States First Week Box Office Collections

  • Friday – 12.28 cr
  • Saturday – 11.89 cr
  • Sunday – 13.45 cr
  • Monday – 6.12 cr
  • Tuesday – 5.58 cr
  • Wednesday – 5.31 cr
  • Thursday – 5.49 cr
  • Total – 60.12 cr

2 States Second Week Box Office Collections

  • 2nd Friday – 3.54 cr
  • 2nd Saturday – 5.38 cr
  • 2nd Sunday – 6.5 cr
  • 2nd Monday – 2.28 cr
  • 2nd Tuesday – 2.55 cr
  • 2nd Wednesday – 2.11 cr
  • 2nd Thursday – 2.35 cr
  • Total in 12 days – 84.83 cr

Verdict – Super Hit



  • A job well done.

    Not a big fan of the book but the movie adaptation was very good so kudos to the whole team.

    Big Super Hit indeed.

  • TASM I saw Tuesday week back n it is an Amazing Film (pun intended)

    It will set cash registers ringing this weekend but hopefully 2 States comes back strong monday onwards n gets close to 100 cr mark.

  • As I said earlier, it will be affected by TASM-2 and struggle to cross 100 crore, still above 90 crore is huge for it.

  • This proves that Salman is a waste actor who cannot score big with highest release print…shame on him

  • Salman’s Jai Ho record safe until may be 6th june (or) salman’s KICK. Anyway 2states can’t cross 100cr but story very good of 2states. ok.. Salman ki chaila next time 100cr.

  • I’m so sad for “its entertainment”. Its entertainment going to another JOKER. Akki sir please prepone that film. I’m big fans of you sir.Akki sir please note it, In Aug 2012, ETT after release JOKER. Result you know sir.Again in Aug 2013, CE after one week release OUATMD, result you know sir.And again and again in Aug 2014, KICK release on 27th july after 12 day release its entertainment, unfortunatly fall in Aug, that means Aug is unlucky for Akki. So please Akki sir prepone is better sir.

  • Congratz… Alia arjun karan sajid n chetan
    PS- chetan sir a huge fan of ur novels.. Plzz do write novels once in a year so that we can read it n also see it in a screen adaptation(our imagimations meeting the reality)

  • @king You guys think about beating Ready lifetime as Srk crossed 125 crore only once
    while Salman crossed 150 crore thrice.
    Also ETT grossed 198 crore in 2012 while CE earned 207 crore in 2013 so not much big difference.

  • @Syed : If shame on Salman for giving 110 cr with one movie then what will be srk for failing to go beyond 120 cr with 3 festive releases?? shame ka baap on srk ????

  • Out of Last 6 releases of salman 4 was remakes nd srk’s all were original including in 1 movie kissing to u r salman GF wo bhi nå rah payi srk ke bina nd in Award function salman srk se bolata he ki meri film ka naam lo ki lo ki begger salman:-P

  • @shawn : He didnt beg but made srk chant Jai Ho. It was srk who always need star appearances in his movies n cheap publicity. Yes srk tasted Salman’s left over (Kat) in JTHJ !!!!!!

  • For some morons, Salman’s two biggest grossers ETT & DABANGG are neither remakes nor sequel. Hence Salman proved he can give Blockbusters without remakes/sequel !!!!!!!

  • True fan if u take ett 198cr official number then u should take ce 227cr official number.

  • @Aashkaran
    dont ask them to do so…because their logics for srk are different and for salman totally different….salman failed to cross 200cr even after 3,4 eid releases and when CE did …they used to say even Raj Pal Yadav can do such collections during Eid…so what proved…….HAHAHA ………

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