2 States Box Office Collections in 3 weeks

2 States is just Rs 3.58 crore short of the 100 crore mark, which it should manage to cross by the end of its 4th week at the box office. The film has performed phenomenally well both in India and the overseas markets where it has collected around Rs 31 crore in 3 weeks.

2 States is the biggest hit so far this year, while Jai Ho (Rs 112 cr) will remain 2014’s highest grosser. The next film that can realistically challenge the two films is Akshay Kumar’s Holiday which releases in theatres on June 6th.

2 States First Week Collections

  • Friday 12.28 cr
  • Saturday 11.89 cr
  • Sunday 13.45 cr
  • Monday 6.12 cr
  • Tuesday 5.58 cr
  • Wednesday 5.31 cr
  • Thursday 5.49 cr
  • 1st Week Total 60.12 cr

2 States Second Week Collections

  • 2nd Friday 3.54 cr
  • 2nd Saturday 5.38 cr
  • 2nd Sunday 6.5 cr
  • 2nd Monday 2.28 cr
  • 2nd Tuesday 2.55 cr
  • 2nd Wednesday 2.11 cr
  • 2nd Thursday 2.35 cr
  • 2nd Week Total 24.71 cr

2 States Third Week Collections

  • 3rd Friday 1.58 cr
  • 3rd Saturday 2.6 cr
  • 3rd Sunday 3.28 cr
  • 3rd Monday – 1.04 cr
  • 3rd Tuesday – 1.18 cr
  • 3rd Wednesday – 1.02 cr
  • 3rd Thursday – 0.89 cr
  • 3rd Week – 11.59 cr

Total Collections in 3 weeks 96.42 crore



  • @true fan,who said you DON is a failure franchise????????


    until and unless you didn’t have seen the climax,you have to remain silent only barking will not help you loser’s fan.

    @sky,why you’re thinking as yourself the smartest?did you think SRK’S 3 ATBB are useless so as his 7-8 BLOCKBUSTER,lol.the most important thing is neither sallu nor amir gave blockbuster after raja hindustani and KA.SRK’S most films remained in 7.5-8IMDB and some films crossed 8.unlike almost films of amir in 90’s remaine below 7IMDB,lol.bo situation hardly lasts for 1year,what about KING KHAN remained NO.1 from 2000-2008 in both domestic and overseas?SRK is more successful than amir even did more films than amir and that’s THE FACT.your star depend upon salman’s fan he didn’t have fans even more than akshay kumar/ranbir kapoor and that’s another FACT.while SRK didn’t gave at least a flop whatever from a long decade unlike dhobi ghat/talash,lol.

  • @sss(ass),
    2000- Hrithik
    2001-Sunny Pagi
    Dont tell foolish lies that Srk was always #1. Hehas always been a senapati in front of King Aamir and King Salman.

  • Ofcourse Don and Don 2 were failures both critically and commercially.
    Dhoom 3>>Dhoom 2>Don2
    Don 2 was spoilt by Srk’s overacting in every scene.
    And inspite of being a mainstream action film it did only 102 crore. lol
    Amitabhs likable Don was replaced by irritating Don by Srk.
    Salman should have done Don role, he exudes unbeatable CHARISMA due to his amazing PHYSIQUE and COMMANDING PRESENCE.
    Imagine Salman from Bodyguard/ETT/Dabangg standing in front of Srk’s Don……
    And Srk jumps on the top seat of train like in CE lol.

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