1920 London Posters: From the director of Rustom

Check out the first look posters of ‘1920 London’ starring Sharman Joshi, Meera Chopra and Vishal Karwa in the lead. It’s the third film in the fairly successful 1920 horror series – the previous two films were titled 1920 and 1920: The Evil Returns.

The theatrical trailer of 1920 London will be out today evening. The film releases in theatres on 6th May.

It’ll be interesting to see how 1920 London has shaped up, because the film has been directed by ‘Rustom’ director Tinu Suresh Desai.

1920 London First Poster

1920 London First Poster

1920 London New Poster - Sharman Joshi

1920 London New Poster – Sharman Joshi



  • Good posters and looks like a good horror film!!
    But why is the film being advertised as a film directed by Rustom director? What will they do when Rustom become Chustom because of Mohenjo Daro???

  • I enjoyed 1920 evil returns in theatre it was good..looking forward for this..i am also waiting for the conjuring 2 i like the first one of my fav horror movie.

  • I really loved sharman joshi when he doing movies like 3 idiots & Golmal.. but now a days he is doing so many crap movies like super nani, gang of ghost & Hate story 3… it Also affected loos of her fan following…And Also this movie is also look like another crap…
    #fasal kerala

  • Horror movies made in Bollywood are funny rather than being creepy and terrifying . I have not seen both the movies but I have heard that 1920 was a pretty good movie . 1920 London the title sounds good . So Tinu Suresh Desai will have 2 movies in 2016 . 1920 London will showcase what kind of talent Desai has because if this movie is good than Rustom will be something to watch out for . It will clash with Civil War which will severely dent the collections because people are waiting for CW since a long time . As for the posters the 1st one is good but the 2nd one is looking hilarious rather than being spooky .

  • Excellent posters… Expecting a chilling and creepy background score.. Hope thry actually try and scare the audience and not just show a ghodt romance story.. I expect it to at least have one or two super horror scenes and the more terrifying the better..

  • Rustom director will rock even if the film turn out to be crap because the story is writing by vikram bhat and rustom will have master directd like neeraj pandey

  • No intrst in supernatural power horror movies, neither of bollywood or Hollywood. They are very boring nowadays with cheap thrills .

    I like high tension , gory human horror movies like Texas chainsaw massacre, saw,hostel,Joyride,Wrong turn but bollywood can nvr make these types of movies evr. :(

    Nh10 was a good movie but tht too was a copy of Hollywood flick ‘Edan lake’ .Copy cat bollywood .

  • BTW these are God posters. Good rustom director.

    But with vikram bhatt involving in it means another copied idea from Hollywood movie .

  • i did not watched 1920 and 1920 The Evil Returns bcoz i am afraid to watch horror movies hehe…
    But just love the music of previous two movies and expect same from the thirld part of this series good music

  • Brilliant Posters ! Hope the movie is good !

    Why bollywood couldn’t make great horror movies like the Conjuring ?

  • All those who are bashing Bollywood for Not so great Horror Film making & Comparing with Hollywood Pls Just check Hollywood’s Release Schedule In Hollywood every Month they have atleast 3-5 Horror Films.

    70-80% are Flops or Average due to Very low Budget.

    They have average Ticket Rates of 9-10$\around 650Rs but in India our average Ticket Rates is only 2-2.5$.

    In India we don’t have a strong FAN base for Horror Films & who are talking about Conjuring pls check its budget Very High for a horror Film.

    So,Indian makers are adding Sex or Seductive scenes to Sell a Horror Film at BO.

    BTW 1920 & Evil Returns both had good songs & were very popular at TV & without Sex & London is Also looking like an Horror Film without Sex or Seductive scenes.

    I’m a Horror Film Lover & From Posters I’m getting Positive Feelings.

    Let’s hope for the best with 1920 London.

  • looking forward to this! same director as Rustom! Sharman is coming back after Hate Story success plus Meera is Priyanka, Parineeti’s cousin, excited to see her in her first lead role in Hindi!

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