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  • i am best singer and very best actor please give me one chance sir please one chance sir please one chance please sir one chance please

  • I would love to work with you guys, a big fan of your site.
    Do let me know if there is any opportunity related to Content Writing.
    I write blogs about Movies and Cricket. Bio:

    Vignesh Rajagopal

  • Hello SRK sir,

    I am a Single mother blessed with a female child aged 4.5 yrs named Baby Shreemayee. I am badly in a need of educational help for my daughter. My DV and Divorce matters are onn, and due to that, i cant concerntrate on my carrier of advocacy coz nobody is giving me a job in a law firm due my pending matters in different Court’s.

    I and my daughter are residing with?my widow mother, where our basic needs are also not survived. I have a elder brother who is partially deaf and wearing an hearing aids, my younger sister is completely deaf and mute. My father was an LIC advisor and in his commission our house is running with very low income.

    I have only one dream for my darling daughter Shreemayee that I should give her a best life and a best Carrier so that her life becomes successful.

    For her educational needs I need your help as well as I need a job in a best law firm with my convinient time so that I can concentrate on my and my daughter Shreemayee carrier. Please give me an appointment to meet you up Sir, will be really great full to you sir.

    Please do call me on my cell no at 9833997896.

    Thank you,

  • I m searching Films distributors in Delhi or U. P.

    If any reference, please call me.

  • hi indicine team i have written a article based on movie reviews.i would like you to read it and may feature it as a guest article in your website. Please let me know how to send the article to you

  • Please write an article on the emergence of Aamir Khan as an institution, as you have given this tag to him in a recent “Ask Indicine”

  • First of all, let me just say it off the bat, this is my favorite site and you all are an inspiration for me. I eagerly wait for every article. You could say I am a bit obsessed with box office collections. Good days for me are when objectively good films succeed and one of my most anticipated weekly events are your live Question and Answers’ sessions.
    I am not trying to flatter you or get a good first impression, those are genuine feelings towards your site.
    It would be an amazing opportunity if I could contribute or help you in anyway possible.
    I know the chances of you noticing this may be slim as you all are a crazy busy bunch, but fingers crossed hopefully I can give back to the site that has been a significant part of my free time.
    Thanks in advance,
    Malhar Dave
    An avid film geek and a follower of your site

  • @indicine, in your last q&a, you had mentioned that srk may have a release before his dwarf film. I understand that you don’t wanna divulge much before the news is public but please provide some hints at least, without revealing much.

  • Can we release our film by directly going to film territory circuits..How can we release our film circuitwise in India ? Say some parts of Mumbai and Delhi, Rajasthan, UP etc

  • Hi there,

    I hate to bug again but I just want to know if there is any chance we can make a deal with you.

    We can talk and work something out.

    I am willing to pay a fair amount that will work for the both of us.

    Hope to hear from you


  • I’m a freelancer well versed with content writing, graphic designing, statistical presentations, social media marketing, whiteboard animations, infographics, search engine optimization.

  • Dear Indicine Team,

    I am huge fan of Indicine and missing Indicine from last year, even I also wanted to join your team and will start the Indicine with boom, please reply me
    I am eagerly waiting for your reply
    Thanks and regards

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  • sir or madam if you do not want to run this side please contact me on my mobile 9888551866 i will continue your website on partnership

  • Hello there,

    We’re interested in advertising on your site.

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