Dancers’ Union extends help to Mukku Raju

Mukku Raju was extended a financial assistance of 1 lakh for his hard work in training film dancers.

The Andhra Pradesh Film Dancers and Dance Directors’ Association extended a financial assistance of Rs 1 lakh to noted choreographer and artiste Mukku Raju. A meeting was held at the association’s office where the amount was handed over through a cheque to Mukku Raju. The association president P Ravikumar and secretary B Kirankumar say, ‘Mukku Raju is one among those who strived to bring the Telugu industry to Hyderabad. He worked hard to train film dancers in the State and even spent his own money for their boarding and lodging expenses. It is because of him, several dancers were eking out their living. His services are unforgettable.’ Replying to the felicitation, Mukku Raju says, ‘I really worked hard for the dancers who came to Hyderabad to settle in film industry as dancers. Because of my efforts several artistes were able to settle as dancers in the Telugu films.’ Treasurer of the association Srinivasa Rao, founder of the association Somaraju also participated in the felicitation function.


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