Yeh Half Girlfriend Kya Hota Hain?

When a quintessential Bihari boy (Madhav Jha played by Arjun Kapoor) enters the esteemed St Stephens college in Delhi, amongst many things like language and class differences, he battles with a new-age issue.

A new, unexplored relationship status that he finds himself in the middle of. So what is this ‘Half Girlfriend’? A space somewhere in between? Half-way there? Almost there, but not quite. Deep, but not deep enough… what does Riya really mean when she states she’s his ‘half girlfriend’?! What is this new relationship status?

Poor Madhav… maybe you can help him with some answers?

What stands out in the short video is the background music and Arjun Kapoor’s dialogue delivery. Watch the ‘question promo’ and tell us what you think in the comments section below:



  • A relationship status where both can enjoy 😉 to the fullest without being committed & loyal…this is some sort of hypocrisy status we can say

  • Epic blockbuster for sure the background music has soul in it the excitement is increasing day by day

  • Looks like it will b Hit…and then people will start saying Arjun ki bigger star then Akki…as of today who r calling Varun Dhawan is bigger then Akki…

    Let Akshay do a movie like Rowdy Rathor or Welcome and then we will see if Akshay can break record of Judwa 2 as some r expecting to open at 20 cr.

  • Looks like it’s an original script jst like 2 States not stolen from any foreign movie .it will surely work ..originality always Works !

  • How he is holding book while reading it,no one hold book in this way,too close to killed half of my interest to watch this movie,another half interest will get killed by Shradda s innocent overacting.They should have sign Siddharth Malhotra.He is not very good actor but atleast he is good looking.

  • When you have been either forever single or friendzoned and you are asked such ridiculous questions.
    Half girlfriend is a term coined by Mr.Chetan Bhagat when he was sitting on his sofa and was thinking about a title that would’t need any modifications when adapted as a movie.Simple

  • It’s nice.. good music and nice acting.. but he’s holding the book too close to his face..

  • Ppl complaining be is holding the book 2 close 2 his face when he isn’t even reading from it

  • Half girlfriend means she takes whhatever she wants from u like money,atm,i phone,late night bike ride,dinner in big restaurants, shopping on expensive malls and still says maine tumhe oos nazar sey kabhi nahi dekha.we r just frens.u r my best buddy..usse jyaada kuch v nahi..

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