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After a poor 2009, Akshay Kumar returns with Sajid Khan’s Housefull. The trailer releases worldwide tomorrow with Karthik Calling Karthik, but has already been released on the internet by Eros International.

The initial minute and a half of the trailer looks good, but soon turns into a typical Akshay Kumar mad-cap comedy. His character though looks pretty interesting and it would certainly be a treat to watch three gorgeous leading ladies share screen space (Bachna Ae Haseeno – Garam Masala, anyone?).

Check out the trailer and tell us what you think.




  • There will be two more similar films this year….. Hehehe. Khatta meeta and Tees maar khan (farah is overrated director). Have a feeling that it will be a super disaster.

  • As indicine said i liked the first 1 min of the trailer too. was expecting something different… next minute is was back to slapping, jumping and falling.. BORING!

  • Hopefully the film will be funny, no doubt about it. BUT can I say without any Akki fan jumping on my back. He needs to do something different. Its become so repetitive that its becoming annoying.

  • howly sh!t !!! r yu kiddin me??? i thought sajid said it’l b biggest AK hit ever…hahahaha. now who would trust these ppl they just claim anythin. I dont see it workin at the BO, big disappointment :S

  • superb trailer.akshay looks will be the first blockbuster of 2010.king kumar rocks…….
    @vix just wait and watch will be the biggest ak hit

  • roooocking promo dont know what haters waant akki is there to entertain us and he does that quite
    more often than other actors and thiis just looooks so coool

  • yeahh he has action replayy , patiala house & to Khatta Meethaa wich is a satire with some light hearted comedy.
    Also the HouseFull promo is not loud and looks reallly entertaining

  • couldn’t agree more with indicine. the trailer seemed promising as long as the three ladies went on introducing their mr. right…at this time i was expecting a comedy which would be based on some intelligent humor…but as suneil says…then the usual slapping and screaming began.

    Anyways its just a trailer…I seriously hope the movie is more entertaining than the trailer itself.

    All the best to Aki and his fans :)

  • ist half is relatively good but not so much is the same type of movie as that akshay always gives.some scenes looks like DDD.according to me the film will be average.AKSHAY is a gud actor but he does not choose the right i just want to say to AKSHAY that CHANGE WE NEED.

  • Review Housefull Trailer…

    meri biwi teri biwi , teri biwi teri biwi meri bahan , teri hone wali biwi meri bahan, yeh har baar har aurat teri biwi aur meri bahan bak jati hai. aur teri hi kismat kharab hai.

    last dialogue is very funny and it shows whole story.
    1st one minute movie really looks good, scpecially back ground score is very melodius. but 2nd minute shows tipical Akshay Kumar movie.
    Sajid Khan is genius person and i hope he will make something different like Heyy Babyy.
    Heyy Babyy was also looking like same in Prmos but after watching it was complete different movie.
    Hope so with Housefull sajid will repeat same thing.
    story looks like Garam Masala , that 3 girls in a same house with lot of confusion and lots of Golmaal.
    i love Golmaal type movies that try to hide some thing.
    Last dialogue is superb by Ritesh
    meri biwi teri biwi , teri biwi teri biwi meri bahan , teri hone wali biwi meri bahan, yeh har baar har aurat teri biwi aur meri bahan bak jati hai. aur teri hi kismat kharab hai.

    3 /5

  • Suvran

    It’s not that we don’t love these superstars but we have to accept that except amir khan there is no one who knows about story telling. It’s all about a shahrukh khan movie or an akshay kumar movie. But shahrukh has full media with him so it won’t cost him a penny and he will always remain in the top with his 5 star rating lobby.
    But one thing is confirmed for akshay kumar is that very soon he will lost his superstar status.
    It’s pitty for so many akshay kumar fans (and even I also love akshay kumar) but the fact is he knows nothing about a story telling or script knowledge just like salman. From now on each and every film of his will be either an avg or a flop. Last year he got 3 avg hits but this year will be even worser. His film will start getting flop status instead of avg hits. Not a single hit film he will have this year.
    Because we know that each and every movie of his are same slap mad comedy and the more painful thing is that with no comedy in it.
    We love him but we must accept that he does not have the knowledge of making good films. He has the talent and the looks but may be it’s getting too late and this year’s failure will be the hightime or a last chance for him. His next films like khatta metha & tees maar khan are same slap mad comedy and if he sign another this kind of movie then those movies will not even surpassed 20 crore net in the market.
    Are you listening akshay? from whom your are getting the support for doing these same kind of movies again & again. They are not ur wellwisher, they are demons of your life.
    One word to summarise- Akshay kumar will lose his superstar status by the end of this year completely. Painful but it’s fact and he has to start from scratch once again. Good luck akshay for that juncture. And may be he will then………. but don’t you think it will be too late then to gain the stardom once again.

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