Ungli Review

Rensil D’Silva’s Ungli oozes mixed vibes about it. On one hand it has been directed by the man who wrote the excellent and decade-defining film Rang De Basanti, and on the other hand it has been plagued by a delayed release, low buzz and an outdated feel to it notwithstanding the recent dance number by Shraddha Kapoor. Is Rensil able to redeem himself after Kurbaan? Let’s find out.

Story: Ungli is the story of 4 young people turned vigilantes called Abhay, Maya, Goti and Kali (Randeep Hooda, Kangna Ranaut, Neil Bhoopalam and Angad Bedi). When they see injustice around them, they cannot contain themselves and try to serve justice to the perpetrators in their own unique ways: making corrupt cops eat money. Literally. Their cases keep getting high profile and the government intervenes. ACP Kale is put in charge (Sanjay Dutt ironically playing a police officer). Kale forms his own team and enlists the help of his protege Nikhil (Emraan Hashmi) to infiltrate the gang. Nikhil succeeds and later realizes that he enjoys serving vigilante justice more than he hoped.

Emraan and Shraddha Ungli song Dance Basanti

Emraan and Shraddha Ungli song Dance Basanti

The screenplay of Ungli may be filled with glaring loopholes and the dialogues may seem out of place but Ungli is saved by its pace which doesn’t falter except on a few occasions. Rensil holds the film together throughout the duration and ends it well with a very good climax. However, the plot of Ungli had the potential for the film to be a cult classic and it falls way short of that. The film is a missed opportunity and is a year or two too late.

The technical aspects of Ungli are decent for its genre. The action scenes are slick, the cinematography maintains the edgy tone throughout. The costume design is also appropriate. The editing could have been a little sharper. The music of Ungli is good. The background score goes well with the film.

Ungli could have worked a lot better had the acting been up to the mark. Being an ensemble film, it was largely dependent on the cast and the chemistry between the actors. Emraan Hashmi plays the same old self-confident character that he plays in all his films and does a good enough job. Sanjay Dutt is good. Kangna Ranaut’s role is just too short and an actor of her caliber deserved a meatier role. Randeep Hooda goes through the motions. Angad Bedi and Neil Bhoopalam try their best but are unsurprisingly, not up to the mark. Neha Dhupia looks her part.

Conclusion: Ungli had a very appealing basic premise, but is bogged down by stupid sub-plots and illogical twists. The pace is good and the film keeps you hooked till the climatic high but this offer is only redeemable if you are patient enough to sit through the first hour.

At the box office, Ungli has taken a poor start. Even lower than the other release ‘Zid’ at places. Emraan’s last few films have had very limited appeal towards his audience, especially those at mass-centres. The fact that he returns to the Bhatt camp with ‘Mr X’ is good news!


  • Novel story and even pace
  • Emraan Hashmi and Sanjay Dutt
  • Technically Ungli looks slick


  • Loophole filled script
  • Kangna Ranaut should have had a bigger role
  • Ungli has its moments, but had the potential to be a much better film.
Rating: ★★★☆☆


  • I will watch it soon..have’nt watched any hindi film since HNY..

    Ungli should have been promoted better,trailer was good..the buzz is too low.
    I think it will open less than Raja Natwarlal

  • Film has been panned by most of the critics. Also the opening has been below average. This has been the worst November for industry as all 4 major release on friday have been flop or disaster. (Ungli also expected to meet the same fate).
    People are now waiting for PK only and all other pre-release are just coming and going. I seriously doubt the fate of Action Jackson as well there is just no hype for the same as well. All eyes are on PK now.

  • movies was great it deserves 4/5.climax was outstanding whole theatre was cheering in climax.people loved the it will sure shot hit.

  • Overall movie is good.
    But i think emraan has small role to play. Whenever, he came, he lighted up the screen with amazing dialog delivery. His role was like extended guest appearance just like akki in shaukeens /omg.

  • Ungli is the kind of movies who will depend on word of mouth in urban centers and it might do well at box offic.
    The were many fans like me who questioning about why no promotion of ungli??
    So let me share a brief history about the reason why Dharma and Karan totally ignored about Ungli.

    Marketing Manager: I have many unique promotion ideas for Ungli.
    Karan Johar: wait! we are not going to spend another rupees for this film.
    Marketing Manager: but why?? ungli is our film.
    Karan Johar: yeah its our film but I already except that its failure because of Emraan.
    Karan Johar: my biggest mistake was when I casted my film Emmy as a lead actor. if I knew all his films will flop before Ungli, I would not cast him.
    Marketing Manager: its not your fault sir. Lets focus our next project.

    Emraan: talking to his manager.
    Emraan: I don’t know what to do?? Karan is not answering my calls.
    Manager:don’t give up. Call him again.
    Emraan: callin Karan.
    Karan Arjun: Hellow. who is this??
    Emraan: its me Emmy.
    Karan: what do you want??
    Emraan: I wanna discuss with you about ungli promotion.
    Karan: sorry but we are not going to promot Ungli
    Emraan: I know you are not happy but listen to me, I have a great Idea.
    Karan: say it. I don’t have much time.
    Emraan: we will contact some famous websites like @Indicine and ask my fans to participate the contest then we will give my fans t-shirts and CDs.
    Karan: your fans??? hahahahahah.
    Emraan: erm erm I mean me,Sanjay and Kanguna.
    Karan: oh Yeah, that sounds good but t-shirts is not,you have to meet some of them.
    Emraan: good idea sir.
    Karan: my marketing manager will call you. by for now.
    Emraan: Hellow thanks karan.

    Karan: is calling Kangana.
    Kanguna: listen Karan, you wasted my time before for flop movie. I will not promote so don’t waste my time and your time.
    Karan: no, listen the reason I call you is to say sorry for the mess. You are the biggest actress today and it was wrong to cast with you oppsite an actor like emmy, sorry
    Kangana: oh, it is ok.
    Karan: I promise you, you will be part my future plans.
    Kanguna: thanks.

    To be Continued..

  • Emraan: talking to his manager.
    what do we do?
    Manager: listen Emmy, you are a superstar but you need to change your attitude and forget your arrogance.
    Emraaan: what??
    Manager: listen, everyone is cashing these days on Salman Khan’s name like Arjun Kapoor and Shaid Kapoor. have you seen the new song of Tevar?? its already superhit. why don’t you say something good about him in front of the media??
    Emmy: I am also a Superstar and I did that before.
    Manager: you just said that you would like to work with him and that is not enough.
    Emraan: ok, will think something interesting.

    Manager: calling Emmy’s wife.
    listen mrs hashimi, Emmy’s career is sinking, please tell him to stop being arrogant and saying that he doesnt Watch Hindi films otherwise he will lose his three fans.
    MrsHashimis: he is stubborn but will talk to him

  • I think Nov is very bad period for movies
    gives too many disaster movies like happy ending, gori tere pyar me, bullet raja, kill dil, guzarish, too many…
    hope ungli will not come in to this league…

  • This movie is one of da best works of Emraan! Go watch it! I personally feel that they should have promoted it on an even more bigger scale, this movie deserves to be watched by everyone!

  • DC comics should contact my talentless Arjun kapoor as he has declared himself as Superman,it should be great fun to see my fatso arjun flying in air.

  • some actors whom I usually admire are nowadays disgusting me, actors like ajay saif and emraan hashmi why are they always saying they don’t watch hindi films and they expect indian audience to watch their movies.aj yesterday said he hasn’t watched ddlj if they don’t love their profession they should at least shut their mouth.Iam not indian but I still admire their films and culture.

  • Very tough condition for Ungli i read about ungli starting, ungli starting slow like The Shaukeens but better than Kill/Dil and Happy Ending

  • @Rockow, Ajay never said that he doesnt watch Hindi films, He said that he haven’t seen DDLJ..so if he said that then that doesnt mean he doesnt watch Hindi Films.

    Ajay is those actors who are proud to be part Bollywood and everyone respect him.
    there is a reason why he didnt watch DDLJ and all SRK films so get your facts right before you comment here.

  • Ih dekho, Emraan ka ik aur flop! Bad luck chalat rahi oka! Ab Ajaywa ka kya howat hay ih dekhna padega.

    Action Jackson looks interesting but after a disastrous November Hirani will rock in December!

  • @roccow… so wats wrong if they don’t watch Hindi movies or certain movies… they have bin delivering blockbusters/super hits for more than 2 decades without watching hindi movie!! so thats an extra kudos/bonus for them!! wats your own?? for ajay and saif case how can u say they don’t love their profession?? u were probably a kid or started weren’t born when ajay and saif started ACTING!!
    pls this is ungli review page! not Bollywood actors lingua franca or personal hobbies page!!

  • I to didn’t watched ddlj honestly it is too booring,Ajay u saved your time ,and it is running by just one paid theater for guineas record

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