Tezz Review

Director Priyadarshan, best known for his comedy films, returns with an action thriller tilted Tezz. The film stars Ajay Devgan, Anil Kapoor, Zayed Khan, Boman Irani and Sameera Reddy.

Story: Tezz is about Aakash Rana (Ajay Devgan), an illegal immigrant who is deported back to India from UK, because he is working without a permit. His pregnant wife Nikita (Kangana Ranaut), a british citizen, is left back.

A few years later, Aakash returns back to UK and teams up with Aadil (Zayed Khan) and Megha (Sameera Reddy). They plant a bomb in the London – Glasgow passenger train and ask the government for 10 million Euros. Stuck in the train is the teenage daughter of the railway traffic controller (Boman Irani). Aakash informs them that the bomb will be triggered if the speed of the train drops below 60 miles per hour.

Tezz Review


  • The action sequences in Tezz are extremely well choreographed and shot, easily the best Bollywood has ever seen. Although the actors are a little too old to make the sequences believable, Hollywood stunt designers Gareth Milne and Peter Pedrero (Harry Potter, Quantum of Solace) deserve all the credit.
  • Priyadarshan has directed the film pretty well, even though the film tends to drag a bit towards the end, the film is fast-paced, sleek and adrenaline rush is guaranteed.
  • The performances are good. While not even close to his best, Ajay Devgan delivers a believable performance. Anil Kapoor looks fit, but a little too old to be performing such heavy duty action stunts. Boman Irani is good as always. Zayed Khan is strictly okay. Sameera Reddy has a small role, but credit to her for performing some of the difficult stunts. Mohanlal has a small role. Kangana Ranaut has about 3 scenes. Inclusion of Mallika Sherwawat’s item number makes absolutely no sense.
  • The cinematography and background score is fantastic.


  • The story is flawed. The extreme step that Aakash takes is hard-to-digest. If all that he wants is to get back to his family, his wife could have simply returned to India after he was deported. But planting a bomb in a train, killing several cops and then expecting sympathy for the character from the audience? Wasn’t it his mistake in the first place, when he was an illegal immigrant? Wonder what the writers were thinking.
  • The ease with which the security is breached and the men behind the crime manage to escape the cops is again very hard to believe.
  • The music  - apart from the title song – is strictly okay.

Overall, Tezz is worth a watch for the action sequences and the thrill that it provides. The story though, is the films biggest flaw. At the box office, Tezz has opened to low occupancy at multiplexes, due to the release of Hollywood superhero film The Avengers. The collections are better at single-screens. To recover costs, the film will rely heavily on word-of-mouth.

Rating: ★★½☆☆



  • I have seen it,it was okk, not even close to Speed…but because of big Avengers collections would be surely affected…my frnds also planned to watch Avengers rather than Tezz

  • I saw avengers what a film yaar.guys dont miss it its awesome movie.i give 5 out of 5 to this excellent film

  • bollywood cannot make action thrillers they lack the ability to handle such films, they should stick to bhai action of some sort, because the industry needs some realistic change not to run towards action where they cannot deliver. They will end up losing the people who would rather watch english films than waste their money in such wasted stories

  • Watched both tezz and the avengers.. Avengers is a big winner.. Watched tezz for ajay n anil but its a waste.. Waste of time n money.. Watching avengers again would be much better.. Tezz will be a big FLOP..

  • We would post detailed review later, in the meantime we would say that it is pure action thriller.

    Do not get into mixed thinking should we see it or not.

    Comparing it with Hollywood story line may not be fully justified as the film has sufficient ground to stand on its own.

    Showing to packed cinemas.

    Take our word, action sequences are really impressive and quality does reflect. Sound editing is very crisp and rubmles the sub-woofers. Film rolls at a lightning pace…………its fast ——TEZZ

    A Big screen action flick, would keep you hooked to the cinema screen.

    Ajay Devgan, the gentleman of action cinema genre—-

    Just watch it without a thought. Trust us. ****

  • Tezz is a movie we must appreciate mainly due to its action, speed and nice music.

    Remain focussed on action, it is superb, sometime you feel intriguing things are happening in background, but they further the pace. There are tense moments in the film which mounts suspense.

    The filming has ingredients of a Hollywood actioneer but it would not be correct to suggest that Tezz has been copied in totality from The Bullet Train (1975), Cassendra Crossing (1974) or Speed (1994). However, element of inspiration is there. Speed looked very impressive in 1994, but now if you watch speed now it looks quite dated and feeble. Whereas Tezz is a blend of modern film making (action class) with combination of some ideas of the past movies with thrills which a todays movie goer wants so just forget that its concept is borrowed from past movies.

    In an action film the moving camera from various angles counts and you would notice these elements in TEZZ coupled with fine digital sound editing.

    We were through out satisfied with the presentation as TEZZ being an action film would hold the audience.

    Very Good. Recommended.

  • We saw Tezz. Good action flick and super single melody by Rahat. Will keep U involved.

  • This is fantastic movie directed by Pria darshan . i love TEZZ For its realistic actions done b ajay dvgan . i just love ajay devgan !!!!!!!!!!!!

  • The film Tezz is an action film, Action sequences and aerial zoom shots are mind blowing good. I saw Tezz with my hubby. I am unable to understand what is the yard stick to measure a reasonably good thriller. (.)

  • The Film Tezz has quite less dialogue between the main-stream stars. Tension is between Ajay Devgan and Anil Kappor with backdrop of personal life of Ajay. Tezz is a fast paced fun and interesting to watch without a dull moment, and quite doing well in Karachi, but why it is not appreciated where it was made, strange….

  • Tezz initially sounded like an asinine idea and relying more on luck than dexterity, and it does have main characters, Ajay Devgan and Anil Kapoor and we did like it. The director seemed to require more strategy and tact when the source material is known. .

    One dialogue by Ajay Devgan is well delivered followed by after attempts to blow the train. Irani played a hot-headed, station /control room in charge who is not appreciated by Anil on formation of major decisions to save the train and passengers.

    The train-navigation, cruise and control by most of panic stricken staff members have a feeling of realism but as you know the plotter is always smarter and this we observed in TEZZ.

    Anil Kapoor’s crusade to hunt the bomb planter at times missed from a very close range and sometimes he missed the wanted guy right under his nose leaving, him muttering to himself and this is one element which would be

    TEZZ essentially resemble some of the films made on the subject of high speed train disasters but still manage to develop its backdrop which furthers the film at a fast speed leaving less time to judge the inspired elements and the actual which came on the screen.

    There is very less music in TEZZ and one main trek by Rahat is nice with smooth lyrics, and it is cinematographed well on the lead actors. The Back ground score of this film is typically set for an action film. Digital sound effects are perceptible in the hall, coming from the multi channel sound recording and surely exciting.

    Fight sequences, high speed chases were extremely well shot, and quality of the film production is above average.

    Despite some of the shortcomings as some critics tried to show still we strongly believe that the movie would thrill the audience who appreciate the action genre. CineCircle

  • I don’t like Tezz’s action and advice all of you to watch “avengers” besides of this film.AVENGERS what a action film.

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