Sultan continues to garner outstanding television ratings

Salman Khan’s Sultan, one of the most watched movies in theatres last year, is on a phenomenal run on television. The film has garnered 47,06,000 television viewership ratings, even though it was aired for the 6th time on television.

The total number of people who have watched the film on television has crossed the 4.5 crore mark, which is in addition to more than 3 crore people watching it in theatres.

While we await the television premiere of Dangal, Sultan is currently the most watched film of 2016

The BARC Viewership ratings for the 7 airings of Sultan is as follows:

  • First –  1,13,10,000
  • Second – 60,85,000
  • Third – 55,66,000
  • Fourth – 48,64,000
  • Fifth – 98,02,000
  • Sixth – 47,99,000
  • Seventh – 47,06,000


  • Good thing about Sultan is that its based on multiple sport types.
    Indian style wrestling and foreign style ring fight.
    Its kept the interest alive throughout the movie.

    And also the songs were good and I still hear to ‘bulleya’, 440 volt, jag ghumeya , etc.

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    And What About Dangal?
    Still Running in 12th Week,Completed 84Days
    Please @indicine
    Make an Article on Dangal Records
    Covering Domestic,Overseas,WW,
    Weekend,1st Week,2nd Week,3rd Week,FFs,Distributor Share,
    Circuits Records.

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  • Sultan’s 7th airing ratings >>>>>> Fan, MJD, Airlift, Rustam etc premiere ratings.

    #Too much funnn!!!

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  • The fifth airing of Sultan was around 1 crore – which was more than the World Television Premiere ratings of all films in 2016 – barring Sultan itself.

    Conclusion : Salman Khan is not only the boss of box office but also the baap of Television!

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  • TV ratings……….

    Fan Premiere- 34 lakhs
    Dilwale Premiere- 67 lakhs
    HNY Premiere- 80 lakhs

    SULTAN 5th airing- 98 lakhs.


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  • Re Sultan !!!! Theatres mein hi nahin………TV ka bhi Sultan hain !!!!

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  • Box Office
    Fan Following
    Tv Shows
    TV ratings for movies
    Social Media

    Salman Khan is the Sultan of each and every category mentioned above!

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  • Salman Khan India’s Biggest Superstar Ever Waiting for TUBELIGHT and TZH this year 2017 insha allah

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  • It still not down still above Fan world TV premier rating
    Only Dangal has a Chance to get close or beat Sultan

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  • Still expecting Dangal to do better numbers as it is more relatable to family audiences especially the women who imo control the household remote…!

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  • Bollywood’s Top Actors on Television (2016):
    1. Salman Khan – 154 million viewers.
    2. Akshay Kumar – 93 million viewers.
    3. Shahrukh Khan – 84 million viewers.
    4. Aamir Khan – 73 million viewers.
    5. Amitabh bachchan – 52 million viewers.

    Source: ZAPR NediaLabs

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  • I don’t think Sultan an all time classic but the viewership suggest the craze for numerouno superstar Salman. Currently Salman has no competitor. He is way ahead from the rest.

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  • Bollywood’s Top Movies on Television (2016):
    1. Bajrangi Bhaihaan – 64 million viewers.
    2. PRDP – 59 million viewers.
    3. Kick – 55 million viewers.
    4. Dilwale – 51 million viewers.
    5. Chennai Express – 50 million viewers.

    Source: ZAPR Nedia Labs

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  • He is the ultimate super star of All time. 2017 will be the biggest year of his Legendary career.

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  • Salman Khan Is To Varun Dhawan Shahrukhan Is To Ranveer Singh While Aamir Khan Is To Ranbir Kapoor So Let Just Be Prepare For The 3 Of Them But Ranbir Will Be Great

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  • Though a big Akki fan but at the same time a big bollywood fan, bahubali and robot 2 is going to give serious threat to bollywood, And only bhai can save this industry before it becomes from national to regional…

    Hope tubelight and TZH to gross minimum more than 100 crore from what bahubali and robot 2 gross worldwide respectively….

    And next year TOH and Drawf to continue the trend and take the collection to new heights…

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