Star Screen Awards 2010 – Nominations

The Star Screen Awards Nominations for the year 2010 are out. Check it out. 

Best Actor

  • Aamir Khan (3 Idiots)
  • Amitabh Bachchan (Paa)
  • Ranbir Kapoor (Ajab Prem Ki Ghazab Kahani)
  • Ranbir Kapoor (Rocket Singh Salesman Of The Year)
  • Saif Ali Khan (Love Aaj Kal)
  • Shahid Kapoor (Kaminey)

Best Actress

  • Priyanka Chopra (Kaminey)
  • Priyanka Chopra (What’s Your Rashee?)
  • Vidya Balan (Paa)
  • Kareena Kapoor (3 Idiots)
  • Katrina Kaif (New York)
  • Deepika Padukone (Love Aaj Kal)

Best Film

  • 3 Idiots
  • Dev D
  • Kaminey
  • Love Aaj Kal
  • Paa

Best Director

  • Rajkumar Hirani (3 Idiots)
  • Vishal Bhardwaj (Kaminey)
  • R. Balki (Paa)
  • Imtiaz Ali (Love Aaj Kal)
  • Anurag Kashyap (Dev D)

Best Supporting Actor

  • Rishi Kapoor (Love Aaj Kal)
  • Rishi Kapoor (Luck By Chance)
  • Abhimanyu Singh (Gulaal)
  • R Madhavan (3 Idiots)
  • Sharman Joshi (3 Idiots)

The Best Female Supporting Actor

  • Arundhati Nag (Paa)
  • Divya Dutt (Delhi 6)
  • Gauhar Khan (Rocket Singh Salesman Of The Year)
  • Neha Dhupia (Raat Gayi Baat Gayi)
  • Shahana Goswami (Firaaq)

The Best Actor in a Comic Role

  • Om Vaidya (3 Idiots)
  • Paresh Rawal (De Dana Dan)
  • Sanjay Mishra (All The Best)
  • Vinay Pathak (Raat Gayi Baat Gayi)

The Best Actor in a Negative Role

  • Boman Irani (3 Idiots)
  • Kay Kay Menon (Gulaal)
  • Mahesh Manjrekar (Wanted)
  • Manish Chaudhari (Rocket Singh – Salesman Of The Year)

Best Music

  • Pritam (Ajab Prem Ki Ghazab Kahani)
  • Pritam (Love Aaj Kal)
  • Pritam (Tum Mile)
  • A. R. Rahman (Delhi 6)
  • Vishal Bhardwaj (Kaminey)

The Best Background Score

  • Amit Truvedi (Dev D)
  • Shantanu Moitra, Atul Raninga and Sanjay Wandreker (3 Idiots)
  • Vishal Bhardwaj (Kaminey)
  • Illayaraja (Paa)
  • Salim Suliaman (Rocket Singh – Salesman of The Year)

The Best Female Playback Singer

  • Kavita Seth (Iktaara – Wake Up Sid)
  • Rekha Bharadwaj (Genda Phool – Delhi 6)
  • Shreya Ghoshal (Zoobie Doobie – 3 Idiots)
  • Shilpa Rao (Mudi Mudi – Paa)
  • Sunidhi Chauhan (Mere Sang Chal Zara – New York

The Most Promising Debut Director

  • Ayan Muherji (Wake Up Sid)
  • Nandita Das (Firaaq)
  • Pankaj Advani (Sankat City)
  • Zoya Akhtar (Luck By Chance)
  • Shivajee Chandrabhushan (Frozen)

The Most Promising Newcomer Male

  • Amole Gupte (Kaminey)
  • Chandan Roy Sanyal (Kaminey)
  • Navin Kaushik (Rocket Singh Salesman Of The Year)
  • Om Vaidya (3 Idiots)

The Most Promising Newcomer Female

  • Mahie Gill (Dev D)
  • Kalki Koechlin (Dev D)
  • Jesse Randhawa (Gulaal)
  • Gauhar Khan (Rocket Singh – Salesman of the Year)
  • Giselle Monteiro (Love Aaj Kal)


  • Sources say 3 Idiots has received 21 nominations and there will also be a new category called “Most Paisa Vasool Multiplex Star ” which apparently Katrina Kaif has already won.

    Most thought Abhishek Bachchan would win Best Supporting Actor for Paa, he hasn’t even been nominated here. Good to see Om Vaidya (Chatur from 3 Idiots) getting 2 nominations. Navin Kaushik (Nitin from Rocket Singh) too gets the much deserved recognition.

    Great to see Dev D nominated in Best Film category. Also thought Shazahn Padamsee deserved to be nominated over Gauhar Khan.

    Post your predictions below.


  • Here are my predictions:
    1.Best Actor-aamir for 3idiots/shahip kapur for kaminey

    2.Best actress-Katrina kaif for newyork/priyanka for kaminey

    3.Best film-3 idiots

    4.Best director-Rajkumar hirani

    5.Best supportin actor-Rishi kapoor for LBC/Madhavan for 3 idiots

    6.Best female supportin actor-Arundhati nag for paa

    7.Best Actor in a comic role-Omi vaidya for 3idiots(WHY ISN’T SANJAY DUTT OR AJAY D NOMINATD FOR ALL THE BEST:$)

    8.Best Actor in a negative role-KK Menon for gulal
    9.Best music-Pritam for tum mile

    10.Best background score-Amit trivedi for dev d/salim-suleiman for rocket singh

    11.Best Female
    Playback-Kavita seth for iktara(wake up sid)

    12.Best debut director-Zoya akhtar for Lbc/ayan for wus

    13.Best newcomer male-Omi vaidya for 3 idiots/naveen kaushik for rocket singh

    14Best newcomer female-Mahie gill for dev d

    15.What about most promising SINGER MALE and they haven’t even nominated 99 in the best film category..:-o


  • What stupid nominations by Star Screen…. Ranbir not for Wake Up Sid but for APKGK…. Phew….

    Rishi Kapoor again Nominated 2 times…. Kapoor Monoploy Anyone?? Haha.

    Neha Dhupia for Raat gayi Baat gayi… The Movie is Yet to Release ;-)

    Best Actor Looks like will be Given To Mr. Amitabh Bachchan or Shahid…. If Shahid performs then 100% Shahid.

    Aamir won’t accept it for sure….

    Amitabh bachchan Should get it in My Opinion.


  • the only really bad thing that i can find in these nomination and suprisingly only one is that Abhay Deol shouldve been nominated for Dev D….am very glad that Anurag Kashyap has been nominated for best director….great nominations for the first time i am satisfied….


  • Kareena’s nomination for 3 Idiots is also a shocker. She had NOTHING to do in the film, her first appearance was 45 minutes into the first half..

    All it takes to earn a nomination, is being a part of a hugely successful commercial film. Sad.

    Since Vidya Balan is nominated for Best Actress, it would be interesting to see if she wins it. She should have been nominated in the Best Supporting Actress category though.


  • For Best music I ment ( Pritam for Tum Mile not for 3 Idiots)
    Hey Indicine team i was wondering if u guys r GOING TO MAKE THE POLL OF BEST HINDI SONGS OF 2009, please answer my question.


  • Salman not nominated…what a bullshit!!!!!and i said earlier…song tere naina not even included…another bullshit…these alll r bullshit award…go to hell


  • look wat i say doesnt really matter. but why da hell haz neha dhupia and vinay pathak been nominated wen der film hasnt even released.

    dont even get me started bout Salman not even nominated in any of the categorys.

    well all of uz Salman fans. he will NEVER win an award. dis year SRK and Hrithik who normally alongside Big B win da award. didnt even make a film, only Big B wid da brilliant PAA.

    Indicine i am bout 95% sure dat Shahd will win for Kaminey. he wz excellent dont get me wrong but coz he will perform. hence da award also goes to him. will be interesting to see.

    good luck to all. tbh i am sad Sallu hasnt even been nominated but i do hope he performs. can u Indicine plz confirm da performances/ acts. thankx


  • 1) Best Actor–Aamir Khan (3 Idiots)

    2) Best Actress–Priyanka Chopra (Kaminey)

    3) Best Film–3 Idiots/Paa

    4) Best Director–R. Balki (Paa)/Rajkumar Hirani (3 Idiots)

    5) Best Supporting Actor–Rishi Kapoor (Love Aaj Kal)

    6) The Best Female Supporting Actor–Gauhar Khan (Rocket Singh Salesman Of The Year)

    7) The Best Actor in a Comic Role–Omi Vaidya (3 Idiots)

    8) The Best Actor in a Negative Role–Kay Kay Menon (Gulaal)

    9) Best Music–Pritam (Ajab Prem Ki Ghazab Kahani)/Pritam (Love Aaj Kal)

    10) The Best Background Score–Vishal Bhardwaj (Kaminey)

    11) The Best Female Playback Singer–Shreya Ghoshal (Zoobie Doobie – 3 Idiots)

    12) The Most Promising Debut Director–Ayan Muherji (Wake Up Sid)

    13) The Most Promising Newcomer Male- Om Vaidya (3 Idiots)

    14) The Most Promising Newcomer Female–Mahie Gill (Dev D)/ Giselle Monteiro (Love Aaj Kal)

    INDICINE- wat bout best playback singer male??? I FEEL it shud go to sukhwinder singh for Dan te nan


  • Lol at indicine..u r mad..u praise devd here bashed it in other article..btw they r nominating vinay pathak in a movie which is not even released..NO GANI BHAI NOMINATION FOR NEGATIVE any other award screen also sucks.omi vaidya in a comic role hahahaha..ranbir for ajab rather than abhay…


  • @Indicine team

    how come they did not nominate salman, I am not salman khan fan, but the movie was great and he acted very well, stupid and bullshit awards, due to these reasons Amir refuses to attend these events, I have seen Kaminey , it was really average movie, did only 40 carare life time business with distributor share of 20 carore, and Shahid acted really above average, he has not learned use facial expressions which is th essence of good acting, he acts by dialogue, he was strictly above average ib th eacting in Kaminey, but Salman really used his facial expressions in Wanted and rode the movie on his shoulder and the biggest hit of 2009 after 3 idiots, and another stupid nomination is Ranbeer for stupid comic movie, he should have been nominated for wakeup sid not for brainless movie like AGPKGKm shows the incredibilty of these awards


    Shahis acted very average by not showing his facial expressions, salman showed facial expressions and rode the movie on hois shoulder to super hit, only few actors use facial expressions when act,
    SRK,AAMIR, Hrithik, AjayDevgan,
    Salman has extraordinary stardom but he did act very well in wanted, there is no need of promoting Kaminey for that much, if keep happening I am 100% sure another Khan will refuse to attend these shows, then I will see how these events will be successful without Salman and Ammir(who already does not attend(, dont forget Salman and AMMIR viewer ship is so strong , people just watch those show to see them, thats truth and facts, and if SRK joins them, these shows will be over, no one wants to see ABHISHEk doing overact in th eshows and dancing with his wife (same moves all the time) and acting like big league star, he is not even close to Ranbir and shahis now, so @idicine team , please input justified comments here about wanted
    lastly “I AM NOT SALMAN KHAN FAN” but very honest viewer


  • PAA was good movie and Amitabh was OK, but dont forget he used Makeup to be look like that, he did not act like a child with his original face, he leveraged the MAKEUP makeover, if you guys remember, There are two established but non-wriiten rules in almost all the film industries in the world are
    1)if any actor uses makeup or any technology to oversize his acting skills can get best actor award e.g CHACHI 420 by Kamal Hasan

    supporting reason: thats why AMMIR acted in Mangal Panday with original look, also acted in 3 idiots by staying in the hostel to learn and feel of boyish look, not by using makeup technology to look younger, also Hrithik will be working in “GUZARISH”

    2)Any remake of the movie, the best actor award can not be given to main lead, e.g AMMIR KHAN in GAjini

    point is I am not saying salman should get best actor award for WANTEd but film had potential to be nominated for many reasons in other categories unlike APJGK and overrate KAMINEY


  • honestly speaking, we know Amithabh is an excellent actor, he has been in the industry for +- 40 years, the same with Rishi Kapoor. i think they should do the same that Lata Mangeshkar and Yash Chopra have done. They should ask not to be nominated for any awards and allow the younger lot the opportunity to win. An award is there to motivate you. I am tired of seeing Amithjhi and clan (together with Rekha) year in and year out sitting in the front row waiting for their awards – very boring indeed. If these changes are made probably Bollywood would receive more respect for the fantastic movies made. The slump is due to the audience being very bored.


  • @ Asim. some good points but i do disagree wid some.

    yep Amir doesnt attend and i have realised dat salman has started to miss some ov dem. he attended all da iffa awrads but haz missed da last 2. he said he will alwayz try to make it for iffa. (hmmmmm). leave acting aside, i know Salman is not da best dancer. Govinda, Hrithik, Shahid r better. but Salman has a certain style wen he performs. and he does rock da stage wid his style and da songs dat r available for him.
    man i only watch dese shows to see him perform. even SRK, Akki and Hrithik r good. i honestly cant stand da rest. especially wen some oder actor is embarrasing himself by dancing to a Salman track.

    plz Salman perform at dis event. i was gutted wen u never performend at iffa.

    QUESTION TO ALL. i think dis years iffa may be da worst yet. we know its a Bachan event (i have nowt against dem btw). but Amir wont come, SRK no release he wont come, Sallu most likely wont come due to no chance of award and da bachans. Akki is not gonna get an award dis year so he wont come unless he performs. Hrithik will definitely not come coz ive never seen him at an award function unless he gets an award. WOW dats some big name who mite not come to 1 ov da biggest award events in Bollywood.



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