Shefali and Harmeet – marriage ends

Shefali Zariwala (of ‘Kaanta Laga’ fame) and her husband Harmeet Gulzar (Meet Brothers fame) are no longer together. The grand weeding that took place a few years ago meets it end. Harmeet Gular confessess that there was never a major fight between them and has no clue as to why they are splitting.

Our sources reveal that Shefali and Harmeet have had problems for a long time now. And when Harmeet was out of town, Shefali just left the house without informing him. When he came back, he was surprised to know that she has left him for good. What really shocked Harmeet was that Shefali and he never had a major fight. Even tough Harmeet tried calling her many times, Shefali refused to take his calls. Harmeet only got to know of Shefali’s intention when common friends told him that Shefali wants to divorce him .

Harmeet confirms, “Everyone has been calling me to ask about my marriage. But, I have always chosen not to speak anything about my personal life. To be very frank, I have no clue what exactly went wrong with our marriage. I was not even in town when Shefali left the house. I didn’t want to say anything as whatever I had heard was from her friends and Shefali and I never had a talk about this. However I guess it’s about time, to say that we have split and our marriage is over.”

When asked about reason for the split, Harmeet says, “I have no clue. We did have some misunderstandings but nothing major or serious happened between us. I guess someone has brain washed her and I am not very clear why we broke up.”

When we tried contacting Shefali Zariwala, her father picked up the phone saying that she was shooting and not available for comment.

Source: mumbaimirror



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