Shahrukh Khan Magazine Cover: Outlook Turning Points

‘Global superstar’ Shahrukh Khan is featured on the magazine cover of Outlook Turning Points, published in association with The New York Times.

For the collector’s edition, Khan writes on ‘What it means to be a Muslim in the post 9/11 world. And what India means for the world as a Muslim power”

The 72 page collector’s edition of Outlook Turning Points is available on news stands for Rs 50.

Shahrukh Khan on the cover of Outlook Turning Points magazine

Shahrukh Khan Magazine Cover: Outlook Turning Points Global Agenda 2013



  • Well the “GLOBAL SUPERSTAR” itself explains how huge he is!!!!!!!!!!!!I doubt if they even know other actors from bollywood!

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  • nobody stops salman and aamir on the airports.they only stops srk bcoz of his looks.

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  • Finally after some very bad photo shoots, this photo is very good at his age! Wish him the best to be able to perform better!

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  • (What india means for the world as a muslim power) he is saying india is a islamic country. Because of these comments he lost everything.this is not good for him

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  • The Global issue has the Global superstar on the cover! Befitting! Aamir, Salman fans can keep pretending SRK is over or was a nobody. The world knows the reality. SRK is no longer limited to small box office battles in India. He is a GLOBAL ICON! The KING!

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  • Good srk fans no longer claiming that srk is the king (it is right as he is not the king. No one becomes king by proclaiming himself king)…Instead downgraded him to global star.
    And yeah this tag of global star is same thing like saying srk has 3.5 billion fans around the world. The fact is he has less followers around the world than salman in social sites.

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  • Aamir was on TIME magazine and SRK is on a shabby magazine in New York so SRKs fans proclaim He is a Global Superstar all of a sudden. Poor fans- SRK couldnt buy a FilmFake Award this year for himself so you guys have nothing to really shout home about so you latch on to this farcical news and use it to proclaim More lies about SRK. Next week SRK will be on the front page of the Berlin Daily (non existent publication) and SRK fans will claim this shows SRKs growing stardom in the world and he is still King. Lolz

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  • [email protected] says:

    anti-srk fans hello how are you? is everybody ok? you have seen the world seeing him as? ha ha ha ha ha salman or amir or hrithik or any actor in bollywood are limited to india. He is the Global Superstar. To reach this level it will take the other guys alot of many years of hardwork And alot of crapy masala films!!!

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  • @Navin

    Beta ji SRK was on the cover of TIME magazine way before Aamir in 2004 and he made it as Time’s Asian Hero not like Aamir who was on desi South Asian edition and made it for just a TV show. Never try to compare small time Aamir with the KING. King Khan has completed what others have just started.

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  • @[email protected]

    Lol at your rationale. Next week SRK will appear on some playboy cover with Sunny Leone but you and other SRKians will say:” Wow SRK is popular even in the Playboy Bunny Mansion too…”
    Dude there are some magazines that Aamir, Salman, Hrithik or Akshay are not interested in but SRKians just want to see SRK in anything just to make a song and dance about it. Praise be to SRK indeed, the Global Superstar sorry Global Porn Star.
    PS I do believe that Sunny Leone will Definitely come out on TOP in the scene every day of the week.. :-P

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  • “What India means to the world as a muslim power”, really? How relevant is that title? Why should the world care about the “muslim power of India”? What, if any, is the contribution of muslims to the country and the world – bollywood stars/films, underworld goons and terrorists?

    INDIA is INDIA despite the muslims.

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