Shahid Kapoor completes 14 years in the Hindi Film Industry

Actor Shahid Kapoor has completed 14 long years in the Hindi Film Industry and most of his achievement has been critically with films like ‘Kaminey’ and ‘Haider’ winning over the elite critics of our country.

Commercially, his debut film ‘Ishq Vishq’, which released on 9 May 2003, did fairly well at the box office. Sooraj Barjatya’s Vivaah is the biggest hit of his career. Now, the actor completes 14 years in the industry and Sasha as his fans fondly call him, took to Twitter to commemorate the occasion.

“Thanks peeps for the many wishes. 14 years of doing what I love. Beauty of cinema, you always feel like a student. Too much to learn” Shahid tweeted.

“Too much to achieve. Too little time. Time to put my blinders on and run like there’s no tomorrow. Gratitude and love. For believing in me” he added.

Shahid awaits the release of ‘Padmavati’ which is scheduled to release later this year.

His career below:

MovieRelease DateCollectionsVerdict
Ishq Vishk9 May 20037.8Average
Fida20 Aug 20049.6Flop
Dil Maange More31 Dec 20045.5Flop
Deewane Huye Paagal25 Nov 200515.1Flop
Vaah! Life Ho Toh Aisi!23 Dec 20055.8Flop
Shikhar30 Dec 20056.7Flop
36 China Town5 May 200623.1Semi Hit
Chup Chup Ke9 Jun 200613.8Average
Vivah10 Nov 200632.8Blockbuster
Fool N Final1 Jun 200717.8Flop
Jab We Met26 Oct 200732.5Hit
Kismat Konnection18 Jul 200823.7Flop
Kaminey14 Aug 200943.1Semi Hit
Dil Bole Hadippa18 Sep 200924.2Flop
Chance Pe Dance15 Jan 109.7Flop
Paathshaala16 Apr 201011.2Flop
Badmaash Company7 May 201036Average
Milenge Milenge9 Jul 20107.1Flop
Mausam23 Sep 201133Flop
Teri Meri Kahaani22 Jun 201230Flop
Phata Poster Nikhla Hero20 Sep 201339Flop
R Rajkumar6 Dec 201367Hit
Haider2 Oct 201452Average
Shaandaar22 Oct 201543Flop
Udta Punjab17 Jun 201660Average
Rangoon24 Feb 201721Disaster
26 Movies14 Years670.5 croreAvg 25.8 cr
per film


  • This is a poor record for such a talented actor. Proves that having mere talent is not enough to be successful. Hope the film choices improve over the next 14 yrs.

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  • His whole career seems to be a DISASTER…though he had a few critical successes…
    He has been in the industry for 14 years but his highest BO collection is 67 crores(R Rajkumar) only…😂…lol

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  • Shahid Kapoor completes 14 years in the Hindi Film Industry
    Still his films did not crossed 80cr+.
    most unlucky actor.He has everything to become top star.
    his acting talent,Handsome look,Body,Dance.
    padamavti is not his flm.RANVEER singh is the main highlight of the film.
    Best of luck for his career.but i think time up.

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  • The question is whether had he made a mark ? Of course he’s a terrific actor ! But why not commercially viable… His rough look now-a-days is not going well in his core fanbase which consists of young ladies and college students… His script sense is acutely passive, owing to which he had rejected a few films which turned out to be big grossers while his Art movies appeal to a section of Elite only… Where would his career go from now after Padmavati ?.. We’ll see… I have all the appreciation for his hardwork and wish him good luck, he’s unlike Hrithik, who goes to Papa Roshan after giving flops…

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  • He is Most Talented Actor….
    He must do commercial films.
    Till date Family Audience only identify him from VIVAAH.
    It’s very unfortunate that he has many flops to his credit.
    Best Luck for Future

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  • Shahid is a good actor but in his 14 year long career he haven’t learn which type of films audience want to watch
    younger actor varun have more sense than critic star Shahid

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  • likes of Emraan hashmi has had a much better impact than likes of Shahid kapoor and arjun kapoor in their career. the sum total of hits of these 2 combined is much less than emran’s. also fan following wise and acting wise, emran’s much better than these 2 Kapoors.

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  • Shahid’s career has been very unusual . There are many stars who are not known for their acting but in his case he is appreciated for his performances but he has not been able to cement his place in terms of stardom . Apart from acting he is quite handsome, good physique and brilliant dancer but still he has been unable to strike a chord . He has given brilliant performances in JWM, Kaminey, Haider and Udta Punjab and I hope he will be amazing in Padmavati . He still has age on his side but with each passing film he is just going down and down . !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    @ Indicine In 2014 you made an article and declared Haider as Hit and last year you declared UP as Above Average/Semi Hit . Why you have changed the verdicts ? Any specific reason please let me know .

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  • Thi is a fact that oneo the most talented actors in the country has completed 14 years bt had not yet delivered a huge blockbuster. . And youngsters like rabir raveer varun and even sushant is delivering big grossers. .. shahid can only blame himself for his failure. . Because he chooses to o films wih directors like vishal bhardwaj who can not make films thqt appeal outside 10 cities… why is he spoiling his career… in this case he should follow salman khan.. who after a period of flops.. has now emerged as the rajnikant of bollywood. . Only due to hia choice of doing mass appealing films…I hope ahahid will now learn from rangoon failure

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  • The title of the article should be shahid kappor completes his career after 14 years.
    After Rangoon nobody is interested in him

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  • There were so many FLOPS on his list that I actually started to believe I was looking at the career of Flopshay Kumar…! :-P

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  • He is great actor
    My best film of shahid kappor is
    1) kaminey
    2)chup chup ke
    3) haider
    4) jab we met
    5)udta punjab

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  • More flops, 2 hit films, one blockbuster in a span of 14 years. Ha ha ha. Atleast, he now has a ‘puppy’ which he keeps posting her cute pics to still remain in news. Smartless dude!

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