Scared of losing or coming second: Shahrukh Khan

Addressing the audience at the 40th National Management Convention organised by the All India Management Association, Shahrukh Khan attributed his stupendous success to the fear that he has of losing or coming second. The actor also said that it is the fear of failure that constantly pushes him to work harder, more than he needs to at this stage of his career.

Khan said “I am scared of losing. I am scared of coming second. I am scared of not making it big. So, I have such a fear of failure that I work harder when even I don’t need to. I work longer when I don’t have to.”

“I never rest on my laurels because I feel that this will be taken away one day. I have this fear that if I don’t work hard enough I will lose what I have attained and not be able to continue to do so. I don’t have blood pressure, neither am I a heart victim, but I need to just work hard.”

“Failures also get you to find who your real friends are. The true strength of your relationship gets tested in the phase of strong adversity. I lost lots of friends post Ra.One, apart from losing a lot of audience too. And after Chennai Express, I haven’t made any new friends but I have a whole new set of enemies now.” Shahrukh added.

The superstar also tweeted late last night after the National Management Convention.

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  • Hmm! !
    But for me,srk ,hro and amir are always top3 actors.
    Along with box office,they know what “acting” is.

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  • Heart Touching Words Sir. The Most Humble, Down To Earth & Crizmatic Nicest Human Being on the Earth is the one & only Sir King Khan SRK.

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  • Also, post Ra.One his biggest enemy was Sirish Kunder, fortunately or unfortunately he is husband of Farha Khan.

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  • He really is an Inspiration. He always speaks something that provokes thoughts.He certainly is the most intelligent ,Educated,Hard working Actor of all time.||Respect Always||

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  • @indicine prison break ,x-man movis director said that he would like to work with srk u did not publish artice on that

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  • Welll said shahrukh… !!
    All d best…. N i wil pray u work even more harder.

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  • Also he qouted that Aamir and Salman helped him achieving his earlier success by rejecting DARR and BAAZIGAR respectively …

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  • Only 3 actors from outside of industry who have made their mark are
    1:Shahrukh Khan
    2:Akshay Kumar
    3:John Abraham

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  • Great words sir srk he is very humble,charming,handsome and very soft spoken ,iam realy shocked when his haters say that his haters say that he is very bad person But one He even quoted that aamir and salman help him in earlier succes but can any one tell me why aamir reject baazigar and darr.

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  • He has fear to become second
    because Srk never comes second
    srk is always first at box office and acting too …..
    he is the king….

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  • After Many said that srk’s days are over
    we beleive him
    now after CE success haterss are crying to success of king khan
    the proves that Bollywood was never made by copying, bollywood has it’s own unique ness
    he smashed all copy cats in this industry and once again prove that success comes with hardwork
    not by cheating others script
    Hats off King khan

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  • Sad news for srk because he fears of becoming 2nd but good news for his fans amitabh bhachan tops Screen survey 2013 srk at 2nd position.

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