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Alcohol consumption is associated with having fun and a way of enjoying life. But alcohol abuse or irresponsible drinking can have severe implications on your health. Even occasional drinking can sometimes be life threatening.

This week’s Satyamev Jayate discusses the serious issue of Alcohol Abuse. Even renowned writer and lyricist Javed Akhtar spoke about his own battle with alcohol.

  • A well known journalist Vijay Simha was one of the victims of alcohol abuse. It requires a lot of will power to return from a state where his addiction to alcohol separated him from his parents forever.
  • Psychiatrist Dr Ashish Deshpande says ‘alcoholism is not a habit, it’s a disease’.
  • A guest on the show, spoke about how he spent more than 40 lakhs to cure himself, but later found free help from ‘Alcoholics Anonymous‘.
  • ‘Alcohol has a tendency to increase it’s intake over time’ – Javed Akhtar
  • ‘People come to me for advice saying your intelligent, sensible. But I ask myself, why did it take 27 years for me to realize I was doing such a foolish thing’ – Javed Akhtar
  • ‘In all my adult life, I have never committed a mistake without alcohol’ – Javed Akhtar
  • ‘It’s been 21 years, I haven’t touched alcohol’ – Javed Akhtar
  • The biggest danger lies in occasional drinking as they tend to drink in excess.
  • India doesn’t have strict laws against those acaught with drinking and driving, sometimes killing innocent people on the streets. Should it be considered as an act of murder?
  • A common Indian drinks much more than a common alcoholic in overseas. Infact the gap is huge.

This week’s question – Should the law against drunken driving be made more stringent and stronger action should be taken against those who drink and drive?

If your answer is YES, type Y and send it to 5782711. If you don’t agree, type N and send it to 5782711.

Each SMS will be charged at Rs 1 . The money collected will be donated to Muktangan, a alcoholic rehabilitation center

For more ways to donate, click here or visit the official Satyamev Jayate website.

Watch the July 1st Episode of Satyamev Jayate (Episode 9) with subtitles, hosted by Aamir Khan and tell us what you think



  • well, another yawning episode. Only the first episode was good. I am not surprised that the TRPs is not even 3. This is just like the movie with lots of critic’s accolades bt a Boxoffice failure.

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  • I guess then, you should stick to watching brainless movies like bodyguard, rowdy rathore, which do well in boxoffice and don’t waste your brain in watching shows like Smj.

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  • People like xerox without any identity will continue to hate, but even if one life gets saved, then the effort that Aamir Khan has put into the show will be well worth it.

    Personally, I loved today’s episode of Satyameva Jayate. All aspects of alcohol abuse was covered and Aamir’s interaction with the guests was perfect. Even though he’s a brilliant actor, you could actually see that we feeling deeply for the person opposite him. The chat with Mr Anand will be etched in my memory forever, it was heart-wrenching.

    Me and my mom watched it twice. First on the TV and repeat here on your site. Thank you very much.

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  • Xerox – it’s ignorant morons like you who stop the country & society from evolving. Not sure why human beings like you exist.

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  • I salute Amirkhan that after a decade a good show is on television i think everyone wil be benefit by watching SATYAME JAYATE

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  • Xerox, I think you are not human are you? If you were then you should have liked the show. You are watching this show for free and many people get benefits from this show not only in India, but accross the Globe. I am not indian, but I like the show and I really appreciate this man, Aamir khan for his effort and also his team. They spend money and time and you spend nothing but still get benefits from the show.

    You did not understand Ghandi properly, who is your the father of your nation how could you understan Aamir khan. You people only like money, cricket and films that is your life.

    very sad when I see negative comments about Aamir khan show.

    You have to appologise for yawling comments.

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  • Dear Xerox, its saddens me to see that people like you still exist in this world. Its people like you that force the older generation to look at the younger generation with contempt, and think of us as a reckless irresponsible lot! Your comments only reflect your ignorance and lack of having the sensitivity towards the society that you yourself live in! Well, its unfortunate you arent capable of processing content with any depth and can only enjoy superficial nonsense!
    Alcoholism is a serious issue that affects more people that you might be aware of. It is shows like this aims at making the general public aware of the cracks in our society that we have tried to cover up for years. I, as an Indian want to salute Aamir Khan for taking the initiative to conceptualise a show of this nature. It has truly been an eye opening experience during each show. There is so much wrong that has been done to our society and it is time now to make things right! Acceptance is only the first step towards making a difference in the long run. It will always be easy to point fingers and sympathise with those who were wronged, but I as a young citizen of India feel inspired to make a difference in myself to stand up for whats wrong and appreciate and applaud honest efforts!

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  • Pl. do program on Al-anon (a fellowship of the relatives and friends of alcoholics). It would be helpful to the family-members and can also save so many lives.

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  • I have read above all the comments really really feeling to fly in air to see so many people are puttng there hands forward with aamir khan…really proud of young n big ctizens of INDIA……change should come from mind then half of the problem is solved We all are sure,we gonna do it guys…..and I salute you sir aamir ji….thanku…

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    GOOD DAY….




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  • dear sir
    can u provide me to ur rehabitetion center’s adderss and phone no. in mumbai

    thanking you

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  • Hi,
    plz provide me helpline no. and address of Rehabitation centre for alcohol drinkers in Maharashtra.
    Its quite urgent so plz reply soon on my mail.

    Thanking you.

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