Sarkar 3 and Meri Pyaari Bindu Box Office Collections

Both new releases – Sarkar 3 and Meri Pyaari Bindu – have been rejected by the audience. The failure of Sarkar 3 was expected because the film wasn’t good enough and the audience weren’t interested.

But there was hope that ‘Meri Pyaari Bindu’ would grow and outgross ‘Sarkar 3’ over the weekend. That hasn’t happened.

The occupancy for both films was low throughout the weekend and the outstanding run of ‘Bahubali 2’ meant that the audience simply did not care for the new releases.

Meri Pyaari Bindu Collections:

  • Friday – 1.75 crore
  • Saturday – 2.25 crore
  • Sunday – 2.50 crore
  • Total Weekend Collections – 6.50 crore

Sarkar 3 Collections:

  • Friday – 2 crore
  • Saturday – 2.25 crore
  • Sunday – 2.5 crore
  • Total Weekend Collections – 6.75 crore


  • Bahubali rules. Aamir Khan desperately promoteda Dangal in China because he is afraid of Bahubali. Sala Chutiya if aamir will promote Dangal in Mars. Bahubali will beat that too. Wait till Bahubali 2 releases in China then lets see where will he go next.

    JAI MAHISMATI……………….

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  • Parineeti’s comeback vehicle failed. I really like her. Want to see her on big movies.

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  • Current bollywod top Stars-Amir Salman Akshay Varun!

    SRK,hrithik,shahid,saif in same league if we only look at profit of their movies…😂

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  • I was planning GOG2 this week, but the plex near me were screening these two boring movies…..and I missed it…….what a waste……getting too bored to go out in hot sun to the next plex 5kms away :-) ….will wait for DVD.

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  • Indicine bhaiya ..lage haath bahubali ka weekend collection bhi release Kar dete …. In dono se jyada hi hota

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  • Amithab old arrogant man sud realize he is no more and sud retire frm movie. His whole family is arrogant and swagger. Ash is beautiful but not gud frm heart she is just another version of her arrogant mother in law jaya bachchan. She didnt even posted her daughter pic in social media till 2 years WTF she thinks of herslf she purposely did that to increase curiosity towards her. No offense to her kid but she is not cute like we all expect as an ashwariya kid. Learn from srk how cool is he when he dont hesistage to put little abram stills every now and then. i am not srk fan but i like yhe way he understands his fans wills and gives em importance.

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  • @Bahubali 3

    Bahubali was rejected in China.
    So,no excitement for second part there.

    We should be proud of both films rather than abusing each other

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  • Downloaded & saw both craps💩 Trust me when I say downloading was the easier part😜 Watching was like torture as expected😭 Saved my money for Alien: Covenant & King Arthur😎

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  • @Boyzone
    This article about film collection of latest realese which include Sarkar 3. You don’t give your comments on Amitji & Aish. It’s their personnel choice whatever they do that’s include story about Aradhya. After all they’re human being. She’s smart and wise. She don’t want to spoil by all this media spotlight. She’s just growing up they need their privacy. So, Boyzone stop criticize the artist.

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