Salman Khan with Sana Khan: Mental shooting in Hyderabad

Bigg Boss 6 contestant Sana Khan, who has been signed to play one of the two female leads in Salman Khan’s Mental, posted a picture of herself with the superstar himself.

Tweet: “Good times in Hyderabad :) Memories for life :)”

Salman Khan with Sana Khan during shooting for Mental in Hyderabad

Salman Khan with Sana Khan during shooting for Mental in Hyderabad



  • Offcourse,it will be huge.
    About this pic,i think sana is looking better than her other pics and salman ,as always hunk.

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  • Nice pic. Dashing sana and cool salman waiting 2014 january where salman made history with another atbb

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  • same old expression on bhai jaan’s face, wonder hw he carry this same old expression all the time(no matter he is acting or not).


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  • Viewers will go mental after watching this Mental.
    Just check the track record of Sohail Khan and judge the ‘calibre’ of this so called director.

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  • Eagerly waiting for this movie. Surely has to be one of the best movies ever made in indian cinema history and is sure to make history whenever it releases!

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  • Salman bhai is looking very handsome and this pair is biggest pair after salman and katrina

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  • hit like if u think i m the best salman fan on indicine & dislike if u think salman is worst actor in bollywood.

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  • King khan is only SRK! First salman khan should learn some acting from any kid. He is a big zero in terms of his acting talent. Mental is a telugu movie named stalin..its way back in is such a shame to work on the subject where telugu film industry feels it should attract audience in 2006 and bollywood thinks it is the genre for 2013!!!! This movie will be the biggest flop as i have alreqdy seen the movie.

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  • Ok challo, hit like if srk is the most hated actor ever in bollywood history or dislike if you think he is the most irritating & over hyped over-actor ever in bollywood history.

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  • never excited for a salman khan movie…even saif ali khan make more sensible movies than “our bhai”

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  • @beingsallufan…hahaha..u rock man…if there wud be any award for best comment, then it will definitely go to u…indicine…plz think abt

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  • so here we go….a 50 yr old father with his 25 yr daughter….wat a scene yar..really this will be a huge one…bt i think suraj barjatya shud direct this muvi instead of sohail…it shud be promoted as a sequel of “vivah”, with sallu replacing aloknath and sana replacing amrita…then it will be a sure shot blockbuster..:P

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  • @beingsallufan: hit like if you think SRK is worst actor hit dislike if you think SRK is copy cat of all great actor like BIG B and YUSUF KHAN.

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