Salman Khan in ‘Ode To My Father’ remake, Ali Abbas Zafar to direct

Bollywood superstar Salman Khan will be seen in the remake of South Korea’s 2nd highest grosser ‘Ode To My Father’. CJ Entertainment has sold remake rights to Atul Agnihotri’s Reel Life Productions.

The film will be directed by ‘Sultan’ director Ali Abbas Zafar.

“Some stories fill you with sense of purpose. Ode To My Father is one such story and a fine example of Korean cinema. The Hindi version will only borrow the essence of the Korean film. We are happy with the association with CJ Entertainment and look forward to associate with them on many such projects in the future” Agnihotri was quoted as saying by Screen Daily.

‘Ode To My Father’ is about a young boy’s promise made during the chaos of the Korean War to take care of his family, which ends up spanning 60 years of turbulent modern history.

The remake will be set against the August 1947 partitioning of the British Indian Empire into India and Pakistan. An estimated 14 million Hindus, Sikhs and Muslims were displaced during the partition, seen as the largest mass migration in human history. In the Punjab Province riots preceding the partition, it is believed that up to 2 million people were killed in retributive religious genocide.

Yoonhee Choi, head of international sales & distribution at CJ Entertainment, said “It was so impressive to learn that such a kind of story that is based on Korean history can be adapted to India’s history as well. It’s even more exciting since the legendary Indian filmmaker Ali Abbas Zafar and actor Salman Khan will be participating in the film”

Via Screen Daily



  • Legendary Actor – Salman Khan, Yes!
    Legendary Filmmaker – Ali Abbas Zafar, Big No!

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  • What a Story!!!!
    But Why Ali Abbas Man??
    The Film Should be Directed by Kabir Khan or They should hire a Better Director.
    ATBB Guaranteed!!!

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  • I haven’t watched the Ode To My Father. But as I’ve read, it is the adaptation of a Korean film based during the partion of the Korean Peninsula. And it’s Hindi Adaptation will be based on the partition of India and Pakistan.
    If it’s well made and hits the right chief with audiences, it will be humongous. As I said, Humongous…

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  • Earlier heard Kabir Khan to direct it. Anyway, Ali Abbas is also a very good choice.
    #Another Blockbuster on cards!

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  • Oh my god i wish it must be an action packed classic movie as it is giving me a gadar vibe.

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  • Anyway, I am waiting and excited for Tubelight and TZH first. Long to for the adaptation of the Ode To My Father…

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  • If the over actors like the big goat does this adaptation of this film and makes a film, he won’t even admit it, let alone crediting the original filmmaker and buying the copyrights from him. E.g. Swades (adaptation of a Kannada film) and CE (cocktail of several South Indian films)

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  • Bhai why are you doing remake your family will destroy your stardom. Again a war drama movie may be released in 2019 eid

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  • @Indicine, any reason why you called it a remake when the producer said “the Hindi version will only borrow the essence of the Korean film?” Please clarify.

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  • Looks very interesting
    Kabil or any senoir director would be more justice to plot

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  • Salman is a perfect example of a big brother. Arbaaz (Dabangg) — Sohail (Ready) — Atul (Bodyguard) — Arbaaz (Dabangg 2) — Sohail (Jai Ho) — Atul (Adaptation of Ode To My Father) — Next ??? Arbaaz or Sohail?? I hope Dabangg 3 doesn’t happen.
    The adaptation of Ode To My Father will be many times better than Dabangg 3.

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