Salman Khan announces the return of ‘Sairat’ star Aakash Thosar in ‘FU’

Bollywood superstar Salman Khan has launched the teaser poster of ‘FU’ which features ‘Sairat’ actor Aakash Thosar in the lead. The movie will be directed by Mahesh Manjrekar.

Salman posted a picture and said “‘Sairat’ throb Aakash Thosar is back with Mahesh Manjrekar’s ‘FU'”

The picture also highlights the release date (2nd June 2017) and invites the audience to meet him on 14th April at 11:35AM.

Aakash Thosar made his debut in ‘Sairat’, a Marathi musical romantic drama film, which released in 2016 and went on to become the first Marathi film to cross the 100 crore mark.

FU First Look

FU Teaser Poster




  • 100 crore milestones
    Hahk – Hindi
    Sivaaji – Tamil
    Magadheera – Telugu
    Pulimurugan – Malayalam
    Sairat -marathi

    First 4 films had biggest crowd pullers of the industry and all were biggest budget films in respective industries till then.
    Hahk – sallu and sooraj
    Sivaaji – the shanker and the Rajinikanth
    Magadheera – rajamouli and cameo of chiranjeevi
    Pulimurugan – Mohanlal

    Don’t know about sairat

  • Why salman why u are promoting such dumb actor film & I know ur friend is director of the film but this bad actor sorry not interested about this film .

  • most consistent actors Carrier in Bollywood
    1 Shahrukh Khan
    2 Amitab bachen
    3 Aamir Khan
    4 Harithk
    5 Salman Khan
    6 Akshay kumar

  • @Mahesh
    U talking about domestic business or worldwide? Coz Pulimurugan and Sairaat were the only films that crossed 100 cr in domestic market.

    If I am not wrong domestic collections of Hahk- 68 cr
    Magadheera- 70-75 cr

  • @Yousaf
    about consistent
    Aamir & Salman have at least ATBB in three different decades (in fact Salman has ATBB in every decades since 80’s)
    Aamir & Salman have at least HGOTY in three different decades (in fact Aamir has 2 HGOTY in every decades since 90’s)
    Salman has HGOT(decade) twice 80’s & 90’s
    Aamir has HGOT(decade) twice 20’s & *10’s
    Aamir has most number of ATBB(6)
    Salman has most number of BB(11)
    Akshay has most nomber of Hits(14) & SuperHits(8).

  • sorry. correction
    Salman has 3 ATBB in three different decades not 4 (Maine Pyar Kiya in 80’s , Hum Aapke Hai Kaun in 90’s & Bajrangi Bhaijaan in this decade)
    Aamir has 5 ATBB not 6 (Raja Hindustani, 3 Idiots, Dhoom 3, PK, Dangal)

  • @Aamir Khan power
    Do you know consistency
    Shahrukh Khan 1992 to 2000
    10 clean hits including 2 all time
    blockbuster 1 blockbuster
    2000 to 2010 the era where every
    actors struggling including Salman
    and Aamir Amitab
    but Shahrukh 12 clean hits including 4
    2010 to 2017 Shahrukh bad decade
    started but still 6 clean hits including
    1 all time blockbuster
    while Salman Aamir both saw success
    after 2009 so there are lack of consistency
    in both OK Aamir power if you dumb fan
    of Aamir or Salman go to Google with
    open eyes then tell me

  • Another Golden Hearted gesture of Salman… I wish all the success to FU movie. #Proud of you Bhaijaan!

  • @6:58pm

    Wo sab toh thik hain but WTH that ‘Harithk’ means… illiterate dumb???

    Most consistent actors are…..
    1. Salman Khan
    2. Aamir Khan
    3. Amitabh bachchan
    97. Tushar Kapur
    98. Jayed Khan
    99. Uday Chopra
    100. Shahrukh Khan.

  • @Aamir Khan Power salman doesnt have any ATBB in 2000s decade. So don’t say he has ATBB in every decade since 1980s. Both aamir and salman have 3 decades each in which they delivered ATBBs.

  • This loser none actor is nothing in front of national awards winning megastar akki bhai. Akki is real Megastar of bollywood who doesnt need eid holidays and other holidays. His name is enough to bring huge crowds to theaters. This 4 foot actor can never match real action hero akki bhai.

  • @2:08pm

    Still Salman has delivered ATBB in 3 different decades….80’s, 90’s and this decade. But your gigastar has ATBB in a single decade only. So, who is more consistent who has delivered ATBB in 3 different decades or someone like your gangu teli who has delivered ATBB in a single decade only?

  • @yousaf : So what ? Now SRK is even struggling get a solo release and give a clean Hit when Aamir and Salman are consistently delivering Blockbusters. As per your logic, after 10 years this era should be called as super consistence for Salmir and they will be surely be above SRK considering over all career.

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