Sabse Favorite Kaun 2010 – Winners

The Lux Sabse Favorite Kaun 2010 awards ceremony was held today, after a voting campaign spanning across 30 cities all over India and also votes sent via the official website and SMS.

More than 170 million votes were received. Here’s the list of winners.

  • Sabse Favourite Hero – Akshay Kumar
  • Sabse Favourite Heroine – Priyanka Chopra
  • Sabse Favorite Comic Actor Male – Sanjay Dutt
  • Sabse Favourite Comic Actor Female – Divya Dutta
  • Sabse Favourite Naya Hero – Jackky Bhagnani
  • Sabse Favourite Nayi Heroin – Shruti Hassan
  • Sabse Favourite Film – Ajab Prem Ki Ghazab Kahani
  • Sabse Khoobsurat Ada – Priyanka Chopra
  • Sabse Favorite Gaana – Dhan Te Nan (Kaminey)
  • Sabse Favorite Style Icon – Hrithik Roshan
  • Sabse Fit Star – Shahid Kapoor and Bipasha Basu
  • Sabse Tez Sitara Male – Ranbir Kapoor (Not included in the voting, chosen by Jury)
  • Sabse Tez Sitara Female – Asin Thottumkal (Not included in the voting, chosen by Jury)
  • Sabse Favorite Jodi – Shahid Kapoor and Priyanka Chopra (Not included in voting, chosen by Jury)


  • In SFK awards, only few selected ppl goes who are actually the winner.. It’s very fixed.. Those who will perform will get the awards… Voting is just for namesake in SFK

  • Wow! my n fav.actress-ASIN received award..Thts cool really cool!!!Happi to see the list.ASIN n AKSHAY u rockss…Hope u two will be in 1 film in near future

  • @masa: he dosent get this award for any movie rather he is general publics favourite . despute all the efforts of crtics and media public once gain proves them wrong

  • Masa:THis is most popular award …not for best actor of any movie….Even akshay movie r not doing well in 2009 but his popularity is still best among all…Hip hip hurray

  • heheheeeeeeeeeeeee,
    i m laughing abt all these awards.
    all awards are fake.
    akshay and priyanka award r fixed
    fit star—-shahid,bipasha ,this is rediculous.
    performers are the winner.
    sfk is very wrong,fake,fixed and stupid award

  • ye award dne waley award key naam ko kharaab kartey hain. they r biased.
    in logon ney to jaise award ka naam kharaab kar diya.

  • sfk…………..
    akshay ko ye award farha khan and sajid khan key karan mila hai.
    becoz farha n sajid hi is award ko manage kartey hain.

  • sfk and other awards………….
    in awards walon ne to jaise salman ko award naa dene ki kasam kha li hai
    bt we all public know very well tht
    real sabsey favourite kaun-salman khan hai
    one n only
    salman khan.

  • @Prity—-Salman is also fav.but akshay is 1 step ahead…..donot worry ,salman khan will get in future!!!

    Breaking news:(Source

    Oops! After steering clear of each other’s paths for many years, Salman Khan and Aishwarya Rai coincidentally bumped into each other earlier this week.

    The ex flames are quite deft at looking through each other, but this time neither anticipated the close encounter that happened in Mehboob Studios where Ash was shooting director Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s film Guzaarish and Salman was filming the promos of his upcoming film Veer.

    They bumped into each other when Salman was stepping out of his car, chatting with someone on phone, while Ash was walking towards her vanity van. According to eye-witnesses, the two did look at each other and froze in their tracks for a moment.

    No words were exchanged. No hello or hi.

    Ash immediately stepped into her vanity van while Salman continued talking on the phone. The duo appeared to make a light of the incident.

    However, Salman was unusually quiet on the sets after the incident. He just focused on the shoot.

  • yaar salman is the best icon i ever seen onscreen…. no award 4 salman khan… itni age me
    sabse fit salman,
    sabse smart salman,
    sabse badiya actin salman ki,

  • Wooow I Am happy 4 Akshay, thanks Indicine i think 2 days u turn positive to Akshay after the article of “there is no stoping Akshay kumar” and now “sabse favorite winner” i hope u will keep posting positive report 4 the all actors.

  • ya its a good to akshay, after a draw back from chandni chowk to china and 8*10, but it’s kambaqt ishq and de dhana dhan was superb in these year.
    He has done superb work in these two movie and ya specially BLUE…… Akshay lookes rock in BLUE….Best of Luck Akshay…. for fimlfare and screen and stardust and zee cine awards.ok by best luck again

  • In this site,i agree tht salman khan fan r there but doesnot mean tht he is most popular…I know he is very popular but fact is even akshay movie has been avg but look at the opening of every movie,it has cross 20+ weekend….He has huge fan !!!!Fan donot vote thinking of he has given flop or avg.but from their heart …..So Akshay fan r more in India ….good to see but i know Salman will surely comes on 2 or may be close to 1……Both akshay n salman rockss.

  • thats foolish yaar
    sfk ppl give awards to those who perform on the event
    thats strange,silly and totally absurd
    good actors like srk n aamir won’t get any award n ppl like akki win
    besides priyanka is ok for one award but not for 2 man
    katrina is the best , she should have won something
    i m damn sure that these awrds are fake…..

  • Rightly said sudeep , these guys calling the award a fake are jealous . in know many people around me who have voted . atleast its not based on jury rather based on public opinion

  • Guess these awards are a pretty too early…as in – the year is not yet completed and the most awaited movie of the Year – “3 Idiots” hasn’t yet been released and how can you take votings and then give away the awards (esp. the Sabse Favorite Movie of the Year award) as well??? N then how can you just like that have some Jury awards when the awards are supposed to be – “Sabse Favourite” – which means public opinion…..N finally….Priyanka being voted as Sabse Khoobsurat Ada – sounds a bit weird and no one else but Katrina Kaif truly deserves that award…….All these awards are just to quench individual egos and grab some media attention…..

    N ofcourse….WHO CARES???!!!!! Give it to whom ever you wish……

  • Riya:Do u know wht i too feel award is fix in india..but this is not the critics award of jury award.I also voted akshay n salman 9 times… This award mean how much power actor is SRK,aamir or salman ,they all have less fan than akshay in india!!!!!!!May be akshay have 1% or 2% bigger fan than other…Salman ,i agree he have very fan even in village/rural areas..he is also crowd pullar. But fact remain is akshay has become very popular in last 3-4 year

  • I m surprise that asin get award but i m happy!!!!!She is good actress n now she should select good script n her future looks promising though

  • People listen– one person had sent 12000 SMS`s in favour of AKSHAY. so u ppl voting 4 times or 10 times will not do much. Der was a special award for tat guy who sent d max votes. Hope this will clear some doubts. If still need to argue den am out of here..;)

  • Where is salman khan who did best in this year. Akshay got 3 flops and 1 average in this year and still he is sabse favourite hero…………….. how could this possible

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