Race Movie Review

Race Review

Introducing Race

Race directed by director duo Abbas – Mustan is a fast paced action thriller. Abbas and Mastan are known for films like Khiladi (Akshay Kumar), Baazigar (Shahrukh Khan), Humraaz and many more. Their forte is the thriller genre. After duds like 36 China Town and Naqaab, they are back with a powerful starcast consisting of Saif Ali Khan, Katrina Kaif, Akshaye Khanna, Bipasha Basu, Anil Kapoor and Sameera Reddy. The hype over the past few weeks has been immense. Does it live upto the expectations?

Race Story

Race is a story of two brothers Ranvir Singh (Saif Ali Khan) and Rajeev Singh (Akshay Khanna) – one of them plays to win, while the other one plays to defeat. Set against the high-flying social fabric of modern South Africa, it is also about betrayal and greed, intrigue and revenge.

Ranvir and Rajeev are biggest bookies in the horse racing circuit. Ranvir is ignorant of the fact that his personal secretary Sophia (Katrina Kaif) is head-over-heals in love with him and falls for Sophia (Bipasha Basu), an Indian Model. Ranvir and Shaina share a good rapport but fate unites her with Rajeev, a chronic alcoholic.

Being high all the time, Rajeev fails to connect well with his wife Shaina. And in a moment of truth Ranvir and Shaina come close to each other and an affair begins. All hell is broken loose when Rajeev suspects his wife of double crossing.

A Murder is committed.

Robert. D. Costa (R.D) (Anil Kapoor), a detective is assigned to find the truth behind this murder and arrest the culprit. The clever R.D is assisted by Mini (Sameera Reddy), a sexy but dumb girl.

Who is the culprit? What is the motive? The story unfolds itself slowly in a series of unexpected twists and turns and a nail-biting climax.

Race Review

What works for Race is that you can never predict exactly whats gonna happen next. Just when you think, this could be the last twist in the tale, it surprises you with another twist. There is almost a twist in every reel!

Directors Abbas – Mastan deserve credit for their execution, they succeed in holding your attention throughout the movie. The direction is complimented by the screenplay although the impact would have been much better had the story been more convincing. With so many twists and turns, the viewer after a certain point could get confused as to whose with who. Also it gets a little tedious to sit through.

As far as the editing is concerned two songs can be easily chopped off for better impact. The music is brilliant, Pehli Nazar Mein stands out. Dialogues are superb. Cinematography brilliant!

Race Performances

Saif Ali Khan delivers a powerful performance. His expressions, intensity are top notch. Saif has come a long way in the last few years, undoubtedly one of the most under-rated actors in Bollywood today.

Akshaye Khanna always manages to stand out in Abbas-Mastan movies, no different in Race. He is superb.

Anil Kapoor provides some much needed comic relief in the second half. As RD, who keeps eating a different fruit each time, he rocks. Some of his dialogues are hilarious. Some of his dialogues are hilarious.

Amongst the girls, Sameera Reddy stands out in a short but sweet role. As a dumb girl, her chemistry with Anil Kapoor is great.

Bipasha Basu is HOT especially in the song Allah Duhai Hai. Performance-wise Bipasha is good. Katrina Kaif looks gorgeous, but in the acting department strictly average. She needs to work on her dialogue delivery.

Race Verdict

Overall, Race is a well made thriller and delivers what it promises. Great music, good performances, high on style, lots of action, twist and turns every 20 mins. What more could you ask for?

At the box-office, Race has loads of things in its favour. It’s also the first major release since Jodha Akbar, which released more than a month back. With a wide release (700+ prints in India), the movie should easily recover its investment in two weeks.

Rating: ★★★½☆ Three and half stars (Worth a watch)



  • the performance and music is good,but story is average, anil and sameera are looking dumb in the film, akshay khana is brilliant in the film and saif also perform well,bipasha and katrina is looking beautiful but the performance is average,over all its a good time pass movie but not a big hit.

  • well not bad but Jodhaa Akbar is much much better!
    not as brilliant as i expected it to be from ads…

  • Well frankly I thought that the comedy department could have been better. I felt that the dialogues between Anil Kapoor n Sameera were way too silly! Like trying really hard to make u laugh but absolutely run of the mill jokes..Sameera was looking silly trying to act like a blonde..This apart this movie is definitely worth a dekho sheerly for Saif(amazing screen presence) and Akshaye(some grt acting especially as the wicked guy). Though there are lots of twists and turns the movie is not boring and keeps the attention going! The ACTION sequences deserve a special mention (clap clap)..as it was very stylised. Both Bipasha and Katrina have some amazing clothes too..
    So pls watch it as u def won’t feel like walking out of this movie!!!

  • Amazing ! Much more thrilling n with lots of twist n turns one can even think of.. Saif has done wonders with his role. His body language perfectly suits his character! Dialogue delivery is wonderful ! Akshaye is specially made for Abba-Mustan movies, Nobidy better suited this role ! Bips, Kat are good ! Anil Kapoor had done a good job of intensifying the plot and confusing the audience… Well Done !

    Kudos to Director Duo Abbas – Mustan !

  • well…i was gonna go watch Race tomorow n was really excited bout watchin it but some realli arrogant guy called Kams has jus ruined the movie for me..u can see his comment above..i read it and it had spoilt the movie for me cus now i know what happens..so ders no point in goin 2 watch it now..Kams ur so stupid for ruinin da film for us..am sure other people are thinkin the same too…well anyway hope ppl enjoy the movie..i kno i wont cus i wont b watchin it cus of some stupid guy called KAMS!!!!!

  • Mindblowing Direction from Abbas Mustan. Fantastic Thriller. Superb and excellent performance by Akshaye Khanna. He acts the negative role effortlessly. It is Akshaye Khanna’s best performance yet again after Humraaz.

  • I did like the movie……..its really nice worth watching twice thrice more….Saif is too good …..everyone did gr8 job even music makes you dance…………overall GR8 more……..

  • Great movie. It rocks. Akshaye Khanna’s exceptional performance stands out in Race. He rocks too. He plays the character of Rajiv Singh with élan and with great aplomb.

  • kams….u are a real spoilsport….was going to watch the movie tomorrow…look wat u have done….is there any way of deleting kams” comment so that some other viewres do not end up feeling deprived of watching this much hyped movie?

  • Well, I didnt like the movie much. too many twists and turns for my liking.. And it gets too confusing after a point..

    Best thing about the movie was Saif Ali Khan and Anil Kapoor! Both rock!!!

  • I watched the movie today morning and liked it…..its really good…but you can watch it only once coz if you know what’s going to happen you can’t watch it again… And kams did a bad job in revealing the climax…thank goodness I saw the movie before that…

  • come on guys. this film was quite a OK OK film. i got the akshays intention when he leaves saif’s hospital room for a phone call. after few twist, i could almost imagine every twist. the tricky part of such story is that, when u look back u should not see any fault, and after getting to the climax, you should be surprised by the script that made you fool and not misleading. look at Sixth Sense and you will be amaze at the end. and when u look back, there is not a single scene which is misleading.
    ex. when saif asked bipasha to push akshay instead of him (according to akshays plan). then, if his real plan was to hang himself with the help of anil kapoor, he will never say that kind of dialog to bipasha.
    if you think about it, there are so many drawback to this story
    anyways whoever wants to see this film, best of luck. bare youself with anil and sameera’s faltu jokes.

  • i agree with mazzah, kams has ruined the whole thing! i am stil gona go n watch it 2mr cant wait. dnt giv a shit wat he’s wrote. youre meant 2 write a review of it not the storyline of what happens in the movie. neway hope hu ever watches it enjoys it.

  • the movie is really gud……worth watching………..good performance by all
    saif has really done well all songs in the movie are gud.


  • to Mister Shamil!!

    have you lost your mind?its a horrible movie,there goes your credibility,its because of people like you that Bollywood keeps churning out such trash,it puzzles me when actors sign their contracts for the movies after reading such trashy scripts and plots,at least they get paid for it(they dont have artistic integrity you see),,watch the movie again you nitwit and grow some logic and bash it like its supposed to be bashed for being an insult to my intelligence and to anyones intelligence who’s over 3 years old

  • OMG!! Really surprised seeing such positive replies the movie received.
    Man , the movie shud have been named “TWISTS”.every scene u find a twist and i feel it was unnecessary.
    they could have used some of them and made a better movie with little more action.that i think would have been nice.

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