Peekay (PK) First Look – Aamir Khan

Rajkumar Hirani’s PK (aka Peekay) went on floors last week. The film starring Aamir Khan is scheduled to release early next year.

Below we have on-the-set pictures, which gives a glimpse into Aamir’s look in the film.

The actor was also spotted on the sets with his 1 year old son Azad Rao Khan.

Pictures below! Do tell us what you think!

P K First Look - Aamir Khan

PK Peekay First Look – Aamir Khan

Aamir Khan with his son Azad - Peekay on location

Aamir Khan with his son Azad – Peekay on location



  • wow.outstanding pictures.what is aamir khan wearing in the 1st picture.”PK” is a sattire but it is also looking like a laugh riot along with a social message like “3 idiots”.surely another atbb in the making.

  • Hahahaha…. 1st pic is a pleasant suprise! P.k stands for “PERFECTIONIST KHAN” and by the looks of it, it is already pretty interesting.

  • OMG.. We indians are such hypocrites.. If the same look was done by SRK, ppl would call him what not, ans his jealous haters find the same a masterpiece with aamir. God save our country.

  • Wish you a very happy birthday to Abhishek Bachchan, a good actor caring husband,son and father and especially a good human being, hope he will get success in future that he deserve.
    an industry where stars and some non stars arguing with each-other, try to prove themselves better than other, Abhishek is one who is blessed that he is son of Big B, a gentleman we never heard his issue with any star whether it is Srk, Aamir or his contempories like Hrithik, john and young brigade like ranbir, imran khan or others even he maintained good relation with Salman who was Ash ex-boy friend its rare in bollywood hats off to him that he never lost his cool in front of media when he was thrased by media many occasion due to poor performance of his films.
    although he is not very good actor as compare to other but a good human being

  • @star you don’t need about India & Indian mentelity, when India have Aamir,Salman,Srk,Ajay,Akshay and BIG B kind of experienced Talented icon and Hrithik,Imran,Emraan,Ranbir,Abhishek,John kind of young brigade the future of Entertainment industry is secure.
    and you are commenting on P.K. which is most awaited movies of today which has comeback of Aamir and Hirani duo, same team of 3 Idiots and don’t worry when Aamir signs a script its always good that’s y all r waiting for his movie whether someone like him or not that’s y most of people like this first look because they all think that A masterpiece is being created and hope History will written again by this Magician… Peace

  • i agree with star if the first look done by srk
    these schizo ppl will call him g a y but if salman or amir did it they will welcome that openely what a double standard hypocrite esp this nvs and tejas and sachin 11

  • Aamir looks like a crazed confused about his sexuality kind of guy. Doing all drama to add shock value. Hope Raju Hirani saves him after his flop phase.

  • @star
    We are not hypocrites my srkian friend. Aamir fans know Aamir can pull of that kind of look and look ‘normal/good’ doing it too. Its nothing new for his fans to see Aamir try new looks. For instance Baazi 1995 he pulled of a similar look and looked great. Its called acting and being a perfectionist. The difference is that if your SRK was seen trying a similar look then it would mean only one thing:- he has just spent the night at Kjos pad… ;-) ;-)
    PS- PK will break any records that Dhoom 3 breaks this year and go on to set a new benchmark for Hindi movies, forget 200 cr but a new 300 cr club will be founded by Aamir and Raju Sir.
    Aamir roxXX
    Hey @star, especially for you, bhai roxXxXx

  • @Navin, My comment was not on PK but on the pathetic haters of SRK like you.. As far as Aamir being a perfectionist is concerned,we have seen it last year in Talaash haha.. He chose a script which even a new comer would have known is stupid.. And our nation’s IQ is low that any garbage thrown at them from aamir, they will suck it up but even they found talaash to be too much..

    Vidya is way ahead of aamir when choosing intelligent scripts and Kahaan the thriller is a glorious example of it… Poor aamir should have released it in some other year, not when you have the best thriller of all time seen by people.. Hope aamir corrects himself and doesn’t over under-estimate his audience… But this being india, he is very safe :)

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