Pakistan bans Naam Shabana after release!

Pakistan has banned the theatrical screening of ‘Naam Shabana’, even though the film was passed by the country’s Censor Board. While no reason for the ban was given, there are reports that the film was banned due to its terrorism angle.

“The Pakistani authorities seemed fine with the film. But a day after the film released they woke up to the fact that the theme of terrorism could reflect badly on Pakistan” a source close to the film said.

Last week, Aamir Khan decided not to release the industry’s biggest grosser ‘Dangal’ because the Pakistani Censor Board wanted the Indian National Anthem and National Flag to be edited out.



  • After passing the film from censor board they must have seen indian critic reviews so they decided not to release it

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  • Respect to Aamir
    and some people call him anti national

    I remember Airlift was released without Indian Flag in pakistan

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  • This is one of the major reasons why this country is considered one of the shittiest in the world!

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  • Is country ko e ban kardo..
    In bagh milkha bagh they showed national flag of Pakistan and no one said anything.. pakistan really is the most intolerant country in south asia

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  • /* Aamir Khan decided not to release the industry’s biggest grosser ‘Dangal’ because the Pakistani Censor Board wanted the Indian National Anthem and National Flag to be edited out. */

    A big slap on the face of those bloody politicians and their blind followers who called Aamir an anti national, pro Pakistani guy!

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  • Any Bollywood films should not be released in Pakistan.there are 200 countries in the world.why we need to release films there ? Only to earn few crores ? There should be no relation with Pakistan.

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  • SRK’S JABRA FAN is a Pakistani gaddaar kut ta…isko bhi saale ko ban karo hara aami ko

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  • And there is so called desh bhakt akshay kumar who released airlift in pakistan after cutting the national flag scene…

    where is “intolerance” aamir khan refused to release dangal because of national abthem and national flag respect….

    ab to samjh jao bhakto akshay me desh bhakti sirf patriotism k naam pe paise kamaane k liye hai…

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  • now its time to take some harsh disizn…
    why to release our movie in pakistan??
    We have 192 more countries where we can release our film…

    “Na samjhoge to mit jaaoge ae hindusta walo…tumhari daastan tak bhi na hogi daastano me”

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  • Doesn’t matter. I don’t want any Indian film to release in Pakistan, we don’t need revenue from there.
    Domestic and other overseas countries are enough for the revenues.

    @tiger I think Aamir has come long way from intolerance controversy. The way people accepted his movie Dangal last year is an example that at the end, people are expecting good film and works from actors not their political views. Though there are still some people who questions Aamir even now. But at the end, Aamir has trust of audience with him.

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  • @12.08 very true.

    Dont know why Pakistani feels so uncomfortable with anything related to India. You dont want the flag? But can you hide it from audience that its not an Indian movie??? Probably the most retarded censor board any movie industry can boast of. Sad but true

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  • Pakistan decision makers are really an insecure bunch of losers…….a countrys flag …its anthem quakes dem in dr boots….mayb dy think dr awaam will bcum india sympathizers ….
    And for naam shabana …Terrorism angle….haha really ………so Pakistan wants to shield its people from on screen terror portrayal coz in actuality dey cant …rather wont do anything concrete ……cant think of any other reason ….

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