Meri Pyaari Bindu Trailer: Chapter 4

A new day begins with a new chapter from ‘Meri Pyaari Bindu’. It’s the fourth trailer from a total of 5 – the last chapter will be released tomorrow.

Watch below:



  • They are copying this chapter concept from dear zindagi.Thats stardom of srk whole bollywood copies him but there is only one srk

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  • Nice. Parineeti deserves better. She should choose scripts wisely. This one has low buzz, hope it does well commercially.

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  • Trust me..This is one of the most pathetic way of promoting.. It’s completely annoying…I thought this will be a good movie and will earn in the range of fun laga or haisha..But now it turns out ..It will be yet another disaster….

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  • Guys stay positive………..
    how abt all srkians take it as one point scored by srk to set a trend of chapters …..though he was doing a cameo……and it wasnt his idea

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  • Awsmmmm this 1…Pari at her best….and 2 very talented Bengali Actor & Actress are there…Film will be a fun to watch i think!!

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